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Management of Creativity in Journalistic Work in Media Organization: Analytical Essay

The articles examine concerned of management of creative journalistic work in a media organization. It is draws on the literature and research about creativity management, the author emphasizes that there is scarcity of in-depth research evidence on process of creativity management. The article is based with empirical research with a case study that investigate and explores the experience of set up an international media corporation. Developing new personal competencies and skills are vitals factors given that many journalist felt that...
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Issues of Creativity Enhancement: Critical Analysis

To initiate any scientific investigation, a researcher needs to collect factual information. Based on that factual knowledge; the researcher can understand where there is a gap in knowledge. This process gives birth to the problem, which needs to be solved. A problem is engendered on the ground of the existing gap in knowledge about the concept or contradiction in existing concepts. It leads to several investigations for a better understanding of the concept. The roots of the word ‘problem’ lie...
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Importance of Creativity in Education Essay

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to critically analyze the pedagogical perspectives on play and creativity, by exploring the role of the adult in these areas. Initially, I will explore my own pedagogy by discussing now the influences of my personal and professional experiences have impacted this, whilst taking into consideration the values, attitudes, and principles which have shaped my practice. In this essay, I intend to explore the pedagogy of play and creativity and its place within the...
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Contribution of Surveys to Understanding of “Dark Side” of Creativity

Introduction. Creativity is defined as an individual’s ability to produce new or original ideas, have insights, discover, construct and transform objects, which are distinguished by experts for its unique scientific, social, aesthetic and technological value.[footnoteRef:1] Traditionally creativity was thought to be present to a few people as such could not be studied scientifically. Creativity has both positive and negative purposes.[footnoteRef:2]Therefore the aim of this paper is to show how different surveys have contributed to understanding the `dark side` of creativity....
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Creativity Crisis Essay

The Creativity Crisis: Should creativity be sacrificed? The Flynn Effect states that Intelligence is increasing worldwide. So, how has Creative Thinking changed over the last 40 years? Kyung Hee Kim set out to answer this with her article The Creativity Crisis: The Decrease in Creative Thinking Scores on the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking. Threshold Theory The relationship between intelligence and creativity has been frequently described using the threshold theory. This theory states that an adequate level of intelligence is...
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Creativity Versus Intelligence: Critical Analysis

Since a long time, intelligence and creativity have been seen as two separate abilities and creativity has been an ignored subject in psychological research. But in life, creativity is been valued more than intelligence as it comprises individuals adapting to novel situations that would lead to either result in success or failure. According to Plato, a writer is barely able to produce a work that the muse directs and similarly these days the writers mention that there is a presence...
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Importance of Creativity and Innovation in Leadership: Analytical Essay

This paper aims to explore the importance of leadership in the current innovative world, where many businesses are venturing into innovating new ways of doing business to grow. Creativity in any company does not occur by accident; leaders must drive the changes in structure, culture, and process to achieve growth. Therefore, creativity and innovation are what drives business success in any sector; leaders must collectively implement strategies that encourage change. They are vital to the entrepreneurship that makes new businesses...
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Critical Lens Essay Example

“Creativity is presented in assigning to do a task; creativity must meet be of a quality of a kind and be unique in its ‘novelty’.” Creativity has many features and techniques. Such features could be deducted in a text, such as writing in metaphor techniques, wordplay or word punning, writing a comedy, satirical or sarcasm text, stressing a rhythm, repeating certain words and even some letters. Furthermore, grammar and syntax are considered creative characteristics. These features define whether a text...
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How Has Creativity Helped You in Problem Solving: Essay

Creative problem solving is an ability that can be acquired Abstract This paper discusses the meaning of creativity and creative problem solving as creative problem thinking is considered to be a vital asset for any person who is in a leadership role .and As creativity is increasingly being recognized as a key skill for successful managers so the reason why people need creativity in their life that for example on jobs it helps to do things better and faster. The...
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Essay on Art and Creativity

Children deserve an education rich in arts opportunities. There is a direct correlation between exposure to the arts and creating successful, well-rounded students as well as a significant impact on individual academic achievement. In terms of education, art is classified into two pre-dominant categories, fine arts (including creative writing, painting, sculpting, film production, and mixed media) and performing arts (such as singing, dancing, acting, or playing an instrument). Domestic arts refers to cooking, sewing, metal work, and carpentry. Art is...
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Essay about Creativity and Innovation

The objective of this report is to have a deeper understanding of creativity and innovation. By delving deep into both concepts, it is apparent that both are correlated and one cannot sustain without the other. It was identified that creativity and innovation require vivid ideas and the ability to see things from a different perspective. In this analysis, the discussion is done on the features of creative thinking and how to achieve it. It was found that one of the...
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Does Technology Limit Creativity: Essay

The topic of how the internet impacts creativity in people is tentative. It can be presumed to be an extensive debate that has existed for quite an extended period. Many embrace the kind of technology in the current world but some are still skeptical. The internet is now not new to many, millions have been born in the world of the internet and they firmly believe the internet is a fundamental element in their existence. A good number especially from...
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Descriptive Essay on My Photo Mosaic Artwork: Mona Lisa, Spider-Man, and Other Pictures

Themes in Art Essay There are many different themes in art, but one that I’ve always been drawn to is mosaic/photo mosaic artworks. Mosaic works are where there are many different shapes coming together to make the final image, and photo mosaic is where other pictures come together to form the final image. I’ve always been fascinated with these types of artworks, and it all stems from the time I spent at Children’s Hospital. I’ve been there my fair share...
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Developing and Evaluating a Comprehensive Module to Enhance Creativity in Adolescents

People frequently ask these questions: can one teach or stimulate creativity in an individual? Can one manifest creativity in an individual who had never manifested it? A mortal who had been an out of the box thinker at a given time, but presently not exhibiting any creativity, can be assisted? How can teachers assist students or children to be more creative or groundbreaking in their path towards solving any problem? Where and how should one use these creativity-enhancing techniques? How...
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Relations between Intelligence, Logic and Creativity: Analytical Essay

Intelligence is a construct that encompasses many ways the mind processes and expands on information and stimuli. Intelligence utilises logic and creativity utilises change. Change can happen logically but that is not necessarily creativity as most logic can be replicated or has clear standing connections, but creativity is novel… sometimes utilising intelligence. Intelligence utilizing creativity may help to not only intake and understand new ideas but expand on them in abstract analytical ways. Already when we think of Intelligence like...
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Do Schools Kill Creativity Essay

No one refutes the enormous advantages of education to humans, and for thousands of years, schools have been considered the most powerful representative of education. Parents always have a desire to send their children to prestigious schools with the belief that kids will benefit the most from the educational programs offered at schools. However, it remains controversial whether schooling systems all over the world are really the best place to educate our modern offspring. It seems to have an obvious...
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Relationship between Intelligence and Creativity: Psychological Approach

From an extended time, creativity has been a neglected subject in psychological research. This can be chiefly as a result of its invariably been widely believed that it has mystical influences or a divine nature. Plato said that the writer is barely able to produce what the Muse dictates and most frequently than not, even these days, writers and inventors typically mention the presence of a spiritual nature that switches their perspective to a revelatory one. However, at the start...
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Necessity of Implementation of Creativity in Early Years: Argumentative Essay

Before exploring why creativity should be fostered within early years, it is important to first define what creativity is. Then, it will be possible to state how the Northern Ireland curriculum attempts to implement creativity within the early years to help children develop and grow. Thirdly, I aim to acknowledge the benefits of fostering creativity and how and why it is essential in helping a child to develop and learn life skills. My final task will be to highlight any...
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