Spirituality Essay Examples

Intersection Of Technology And Spirituality

Introduction Spirituality brings out the inner self of a person. Each person has his own spiritual life and values, he may be a spiritual person or not. Spirituality plays a vital role in a persons life. To some it may help to determine what’s right...
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Impact Of Spirituality On Job Satisfaction

To survive in the 21st century, organizations need to be spiritually based. This, in turn, will lead to workers being satisfied with their entire work experience. In order to get an improved understanding of behaviour at work, employees should be studied from physical, psychological, and...
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Examining The Spirituality Of Livable Communities

The objective of this paper is to focus on the current ecological issue of creating livable communities, and discuss one or more groups engaged with that issue, whose orientation can be linked with the notion of sacred nature. I shall not be focusing on certain...
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What Forms Contemporary Aboriginal Spirituality?

“The land is my mother. Like a human mother, the land gives us protection, enjoyment and provides our needs – economic, social and religious. We have a human relationship with the land: Mother, daughter, son. When the land is taken from us or destroyed, we...
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Dreaming And Spirituality In The Lives Of Aboriginal People

“Our spirituality is a oneness and an interconnectedness with all that lives and breathes, even with all that does not live or breathe.” – Mudrooroo. The Dreaming plays a significant role in the lives of Aboriginal people and their spirituality. The Dreaming is the creation...
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Religiosity Vs. Spirituality

INTRODUCTION Jesus, since his time, has placed children and the youth at the heart of the Christian faith. He has primarily taught how children and their humility could be a model to His disciples, that people who follow Him must be ‘like children’ (cf. Matthew...
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