Essay on Frida Kahlo Impact on Society

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Frida Kahlo is renowned for pushing the gender stereotype boundaries for women in her art. The artist confronts the traditional view of women in society and art, where she shows herself to be a confident figure pushing these patriarchal societal views of women. Many of her self-portraits show strong, self-assured women trapped in an emotional torment that has been long-standing in her life. Her self-portraits are her psychological response to the trauma happening in her life, to her illness, and to the loss of her child showing this emotional vulnerability through the symbolism.

Kahlo's narrative is through her many symbolic symbols that represent the frustration women have to certain things in society. Through the work of 'Frieda and Diego Rivera' where Frida is portrayed as a passive wife, 'My Birth' represents her mother giving birth and shows the 'brutally honest portrayal of a woman giving birth'. Kahlo's paintings have a powerful impact with a strong message behind each painting which helps show the life experiences Kahlo has gone through.

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The Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird suggests inner conflicts and the emotional response to personal adversity. Kahlo is wearing a gift from her late husband Diego, which pulls at her neck and physically hurts her, nevertheless, she has a solemn expression on her face. This could be a metaphor for the volatile relationship they once had. The Hummingbird symbolizes hope and good luck in her Mexican culture, however, it appears dull and lifeless which might symbolize the years of physical pain she has been through and could be mocking her as it could be compared to the shape of her eyebrows. On one shoulder is a black cat which is a common symbol of misfortune that Frida has had, and on the other shoulder is a monkey which was a gift from Diego, that looks aloof and detached. Above all Frida won't have the strain of her marriage anymore but she is looking to the future which is shown by her traditional Mexican dress that incorporates her identity. . Similarly, the butterflies and dragonflies in the background encapsulate the metamorphoses of the new cycle of life she will start to have from the separation from her husband.

' Art was not merely an object for aesthetic admiration, but could also incite the viewer to question the social and political landscape, and through this questioning, possibly affect the world.' The representation of themselves leaves an impactful message and the realisation of the artist's interpretation of themselves is largely contrasting but still equally purposeful.

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