Impact of GMO on Society Essay

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GMO or Genetically Modified is a widely used scientific technology in the world, it slove desire for physiological traits or the production of desired biological products as in many crops, farming, and even animal breeding. It allows selected individual genes to be transferred from one organism into another, and also between nonrelated species. GMOs have had a very revolutionary impact on the world. Already 29 countries have adopted this scientific technology to make further developments in agriculture. I believe that it could benefit the local people even more if we, would invest and discover more about this theme as I will explain further in the text.

Science Involved Genetic Modification

Methods can differ a lot, there are many different ways of methods using GMOs however, am I focusing on the most important and well-known methods? The Nomadic Method was early used in agricultural history. The genetically different population of plants is inspected, and the “superior” individuals or good plants with the most desired traits, such as improved palatability and yield are used for further production. However, are not as good as plants used for providing food. The more modern Method works different with more modern scientific technology, an example of a modern method is marker-assisted selection, which uses molecular analysis to detect plants likely to express desired features, such as disease resistance to one or more specific pathogens in a population. This method saves both times and is a much more efficient mechanism in the farmer's production.

Animal Genetic Modification

Modern breeds of livestock from their ancestors. Which hormones do they have and what are their production characteristics? Using sophisticated statistical models are we able to predict breeding values, sire testing and selection, crossbreeding, and marker-assisted selection, along with that we, have greatly advanced the production characteristics of livestock. It is expected that it will continue to be a necessary tool in animal production systems. Overall breeding and selection system for propagating desired genotypes for animals expressing desired traits.

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Questions like what advantages and disadvantages, are important to know if we really should invest and adopt this GMO. However, have we seen from the different methods that it will benefit both our farmers socially and economically? Other economic benefits are that one of the objectives for developing plants based on GMOs is to improve crop protection and lower the need to apply pesticides and be resistant to certain herbicides thus making weed control more straightforward which makes making it less expensive o we have as we have added Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) which is a microbe naturally found in soil. It makes proteins that are toxic to immature insects so we skip the process of synthetic pesticides and the cost of it. However, some bacteria can also produce biodegradable plastics, and the transfer of that ability to microbes that can be easily grown in the laboratory may enable the wide-scale “greening” of the plastics industry. We also have developed, GMOs endowed with the bacterially encoded ability to metabolize oil and heavy metals may provide efficient bioremediation strategies. Which benefits are the rehabilitation of the world's climate and making a strong environmental point.


Pro contra, do still countries like Germany and France banned GMOs because of the side effects made by the use of GMOs? Firstly, Monsanto (An American agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation) has brought lawsuits against small businesses and individual farmers accused of “stealing” seeds or illegally “planting” its branded seeds without permission. There have also been mass bee deaths of 30 percent of the bee population in the past six years. Local farmers claim this is due to neonics created by the GMO plants poisoning the bees. However, one of the biggest problems with genetically modified foods is the lack of independent research on the subject. If GM foods were confirmed as being detrimental to consumer health, these would be further outlawed all over the world.

Impact on the World

As you may see, this subject has a lot of social, economic, political, environmental, cultural, and ethical opinions and questions because of the low competence about this subject. This is why Sweden should invest and adopt GMOs so we can develop the research and benefit from it. However, do we know that it benefits our society in a social, and environmental way? As I have shown before do we know the advantages, Some bacteria can produce biodegradable plastics, and the transfer of that ability to microbes that can be easily grown in the laboratory may enable the wide-scale “greening” of the plastics industry, this could be the possible future secure of our world. The development of GMOs has also added Yet, we also have developed, GMOs endowed with the bacterially encoded ability to metabolize oil and heavy metals may provide efficient bioremediation strategies, which is a big step for our society's social competence to change this era of using coal and bad gases. A change in agriculture will also have a social impact on the farmers and society because of the change in economic resources but also will farming become simpler and maybe more interesting for the new generation. The only negative aspect is that we don’t know everything about GMOs which makes is scary and weak from a political and ethical viewpoint.

Final Summary

To summarize I strongly believe in the Swedish to invest and adopted and do more research about it. This will make a revolutionary change not only in agriculture but also in society.


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