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Explain the impact of other causes, important events, and significant figures on the Byzantine empire in complete sentences. How did Justinian's actions contribute to the fall of the Byzantine empire? The constant wars and rebuilding of Constantinople after the Nika Riot caused significant financial issues for the Byzantine empire. Justinian also had the army thinly spread across the empire, which left the empire open to attacks. Then in his last years as emperor, Justinian’s plague ravaged the Byzantine Empire killing...
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Throughout history, various cultures have created numerous artworks depicting religious salvation and damnation, with the most common depictions coming from Christianity. The religion as a whole focuses a great deal on the concepts of sin as well as redemption through faith and worship. This theme has been shown in art through periods such as the Byzantine Empire as well as the Romanesque era. This theme is represented repeatedly throughout history due to the popularity Christianity has held as a major...
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The Justinian Code Can you imagine becoming king of an empire and your kingdom was in utter chaos? That was how it was for Justinian I. When he came to power in the year 527 the Byzantine Empire was having a very hard time. Half of its land was taken from barbarians, and the laws were a mess. Flavius Justinianus or more commonly known as Emperor Justinian was born in 485, in North Macedonia. He was born poor and did...
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The Roman Kingdom was built on seven hills split between Tiber River in Italy. The Tiber River allowed Rome to have easy access to the Mediterranean, where people could come together and trade over water. The Roman Kingdom also built roads and Roman Forum, a public place were all citizens could meet, network, and pray together. Over time Rome begin to create social structure as humans begun to develop city-states. The Patricians were wealthy landowners of Rome, who were born...
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Art history can be defined in various ways depending on the person and their perspective. A brief definition of the term is the studying, identifying, interpreting, and understanding of artworks (i.e. paintings, sculptures, architecture) from different cultures with the consideration of the time period in which they were made. A lot can be learned through the artwork of cultures such as how humanity lived, what they valued, and what they believed in. With some research, the meaning and importance of...
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Why is this city called ‘the City on The Seven Hills’? This city, Istanbul, with its known history of nearly two thousand years, has been a crossroad of civilizations. Today, with modern skyscrapers at one side and the skyline of minarets on the other Istanbul remains as a connection between the past and the present, east and west. However, it inherited its famous title of ‘the City on The Seven Hills’ from the Byzantine Constantinopolis which was also settled on...
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Since their inception, Monks have played a vital role in monasteries with regards to how they are able to afford supporting the monasteries both financially and spiritually. There are various methods in which these structures are able to operate so efficiently throughout varying sects of belief. Monatstaries accomplish this feat being open to everyone and incorporating unique architecture designs, sculptures and paintings. This ensures that everyone, regardless of language or ability to read fluently, is able to understand the teachings...
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An Analysis of Selected World Cultures Before the Advent of Islam and the Major Impact of Islam of These Cultures Introduction This paper presents an overview of the political, religious, and moral state of the Arabian Peninsula, the Roman/Byzantine and Persian empires, and surrounding polities/cultural groups extant at the emergence of Islam. An analysis focusing on the period from the beginning of Prophethood and, thereafter, under the four righteous caliphates of Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali with a mention...
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The medieval period is the period that stretched from the 5th to the 15th century. The Islamic and European societies, such as the Byzantine empire in Eastern Europe, had differences and similarities during this period. Both of them had a blend of lay and strict rulers applying differing degrees of fleeting power over a wide cluster of people groups, customs and convictions where the European societies used feudalism and caliphates. Both societies transformed greatly during this period as they moved...
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