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Humans tend to be inherently violent in nature, competing for their needs in the society. Human history is filled with conflict. Some of that conflict takes place on a small level involving only a few people, sometimes the battle takes place within a single person's mind. But other conflicts span regions and can stretch on for decades. Ancient battles were not advanced and only depended of home crafted weapons like the spear, bow and arrow, falx and javelin, swords, spears,...
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Wars and the Military was an integral part of Roman society and most of them are the reason Rome became so big. This can be traced to the founding of Rome where the two brothers Romulus and Remus argued and fought over the location of the city, Romulus won the fight and named the city after himself. Armies were initially volunteers but over time soldiers became paid, so the army was a viable career choice for the poor. Wars were...
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The ancient Greeks and Romans created foundational civilizations that the modern world has idolized and used for growth for centuries. The modern world has taken many ideas from both these civil giants and incorporated them into recent times, and yet both the Greek and Roman empires sometimes gave different ideas on the same topic. Greek and Roman philosophies in both military tactics and leadership characteristics have similarities and differences, and both have influenced political institutions of today. Both Greek and...
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