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Charlemagne as One of the Most Impressive and Dynamic Rulers of the Middle Ages

The first emperor of the Holy Roman empire is known as Charlemagne. Charlemagne was one of the most impressive and dynamic of every medieval ruler. He started and energized a renaissance of learning and aesthetic undertaking that appeared to later ages as a Golden Age. A unique general, overseer and law-supplier, he was as talented on the front line as in the gathering chamber, and by sheer power of character held together a domain that equaled the Byzantines in the...
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Insight into Charlemagne: Analytical Essay on His Character

While observing the list of videos, I took in consideration to the style of form of the videos carefully. Also, make sure I was inserted the student’s point of view to make sure the video is interesting and but also make sure it is very informational. While on my search I knew, I wanted videos that was not too long. Because as a student even though videos are student friendlier no one wants to sit at a screen for hours....
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The Life of Charlemagne: Descriptive Essay

The Life of Charlemagne (pp. 248-252) According to Einhard, what made Charlemagne an effective ruler? What were your strengths? What were his weaknesses? What was the status of women at Charlemagne’s court? Give specific examples of how women were treated? How does Einhard explain any problems occurring in the empire? How did Charlemagne treat Christianity, Christians, and the Catholic Church? The ways in which Einhard described Charlemagne was as a kind and noble leader that many people respected for “protect[ing]...
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Analysis of Charlemagne's Reign: Historical Essay

The Franks and their kings directed their gaze primarily toward the Near East and those parts of southern Europe closest to their empire, but seldom toward the west, the area inhabited by the Irish and the Anglo- Saxons, and never’at least not before Charlemagne’s reign’to the north. Charlemagne, his father, Pepin, and his grandfather before him had greatly expanded the frontiers of their empire. Endless wars had led his father and Charlemagne himself across the Alps and into Italy as...
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Historical Essay: Role of Charlemagne in Fighting with Muslims

When the Franks attacked the Muslim kingdoms in Spain it was clearly done for power and to take control of Christian lands which they desired. As when the Frankish arrived under Pepin the younger his son Charlemagne would follow his fathers wishes and desires to take control over the Spanish kingdoms and to convert them to Christianity, the Franks saw their god as the only one true god. As when Charlemagne attacked the Spanish kingdoms his plans were to make...
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Analytical Essay on Charlemagne: Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography 1. Sypeck, Jeff. Becoming Charlemagne: Europe, Baghdad, and the Empires of 800 A.D. New York, New York: HarperCollins, 2006. This book source gives descriptions of the worldwide battle that prompted this world-evolving episode of becoming Charlemagne. Enlightening a period that has for quite some time been dominated by legend, this far-running book shows how the Frankish lord and his shrewd advocates constructed a realm through fighting as well as via cautious strategy. With perfect political expertise, Charlemagne collaborated...
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Comparatively Significant Analysis of the Code of Hammurabi and the Capitulary of Charlemagne

What do all elite empires like the Roman and Byzantine Empire have in common? They both have a centralized government. As an empire, it is critical to have a form of legislative order to maintain stability within your Kingdom/Empire. With that being said, the ruler of the empire has the power to create that order and how they lay the foundation of the empire will lead to not only being known as a memorable, supreme ruler but have the longevity...
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Charlemagne as an Amazing Ruler

He was active in overseeing his kingdom and regularly travelled around it. He also set up a network of messengers to report back to him on what was happening. Under his rule, his kingdom rose to dominate Western Europe. Over his lifetime, Charlemagne fought many wars. His victories expanded the territory under his control. He was helped by the armies of his loyal supporters. Charlemagne had earlier given many of these men grants of land, a common practice among the...
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