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Essay About the Benefits of Surveillance Cameras in Public Places

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What if you are always living in suspense while not knowing what’s going on back at home. Not having the resources to find out if something has gone wrong in your neighborhood or even your own home. There have been many incidents where home invasions have occurred and have caused trauma for all. Surveillance captures incidents where most people can’t, leaving people of the community worried about living in their own neighborhood not being well protected around their own society.

Did you know that out of all state home invasion statistics, Victoria was the highest state being 54,200 number of break ins per year? Did you also know that these could have been prevented by the use of surveillance cameras, as more than 60% of attempted break ins are detoured because of these lifesavers? There were 208 home attacks and around 224 carjacking’s in the earlier year, police said. These numbers are on a rise and will only continue to become an even bigger problem in our society. Prevention is needed, so I believe that surveillance cameras are not an invasion of privacy, they bring great benefits to citizens.

It is ridiculous and hypocritical to think that the people who complain about surveillance cameras being an invasion of privacy are the first to contact the police once their homes are broken into. Since they did not have cameras, how can they look into the case without footage? Nobody will ever be accountable for the crime, and the cost will be on us. I am willing to bet that these people would think differently and have an altered opinion on cameras when you compared the before with the after. Knowing the security cameras protect your innocent family and home from being destroyed, why haven’t you got them? It is time for us to grow up and do what is best for us. It is not an invasion of privacy it is a case of protecting our privacy. This act needs to be acted upon now by every single person out there.

It actually takes the buglers less than 5 minutes to enter the house. We all expect to be safe in public places, but how can we be safe when we are not being watched by cameras. How can we expect to know what’s going on in our area if we don’t even have the resources to help us?

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There were many cases where incidents were not recorded due to lack of materials. From a horrifying personal experience, when my neighbor went through something traumatic, the help of my security cameras brought them nothing but good things. What if no one could help them through this difficult time and left them with nothing but questions, which is why the need for security cameras is a must, especially in our generation.

A recent incident shows another reason why surveillance cameras are helping the community. Four children died because of a drunk driver on the road leaving everyone with questions and no answers. Until a neighbor caught security video of the car speeding moments before the terrifying crash. are surveillance cameras useless now? If your neighbor has a camera pointing to your property don’t complain saying it affects your privacy, which it doesn’t because if something happens it will give you more evidence and back up.

People can sit there and say that surveillance cameras are just there to give the community a false feeing of safety when in reality they are definitely more than just that. it is shown to decrease crime rates against properties and town centers and shown to help solve one in every 1000 crimes. You wouldn’t want to be a work with your employees and for instance a break in happens and the employee gets hurt without a surveillance security camera you wouldn’t know what has happened regarding it. I can understand when people say the danger is when the surveillance video is released of individuals who are not actually involved in a crime. But answer this, would you rather be in fear every day or let a clip of a surveillance footage ruin your chance of safety. Three teenagers were arrested being involved in a home invasion and police chase, the man was interviewed and said three boys smashed through his front door, chased him through the house and out the back door before tackling him and threatening to kill his son. That’s freighting isn’t it, that could’ve been prevented with a security system that can ensure your safety. Everyone complains about the safety of their children or neighborhood so why not do something about it and take action.

You never know you could be next. To continue and ensure that you and your family are living in safety, surveillance cameras are definitely not an invasion of privacy, it is a case of protecting our privacy.

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