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The cell phone is a modern technology that is known as one of the greatest inventions after it was invented in 1973. It actually makes our lives more convenient while some opposite voices claim that individuals, especially young people, are likely to be the puppets of cell phones (Simile) since they are usually addicted to them. Once the phone users start to degrade in their lives, the cell phones become the first thing to be blamed by people, which is the reason causing all of the faults.

Personally, I believe that cell phones have become a scapegoat (Metaphor) that takes responsibility for making mistakes and is used by people to successfully cover the actual reason that causes the faults. Also, it would be annoying for me if someone complained that cell phones should be responsible for their own degradation especially when the main problem occurs on them.

While cell phones are being condemned, myopia is always mentioned as a consequence of using cell phones. It is common to hear a voice from moms shouting out loud angrily: “You are nearsighted because you spend too much time on your cell phones!” It sounds ridiculous to me (Pathos, imagery). According to the article posted on “All About Vision”, people are nearsighted because of genetic inheritance, and overuse of eyes (Ethos, reference to authority) however, cell phones should not be the first ones to take responsibility. Genetic inheritance of myopia, in which infants whose parents are nearsighted are more likely to have the same symptoms as their parents, happens before infants come into this world and it is obvious that cell phones are not able to affect the genes. The eyes are one of the most important parts of the human, and except for sleeping time, we need to use it for approximately 15 hours a day. According to the article posted on CBS News, the research found that 60 percent of interviewees say they spend more than five hours a day on screens including laptops, tablets, and cell phones, while the purpose of working takes up 44 percent of total usage of digital devices (Statistics). Even if I spend five hours on my phone, it takes me another five hours to look at the notes and blackboards in school and at least two hours for homework. Apparently, a normal high school student would spend more time on their study than on cell phones. Moreover, adults would spend more time on their work instead of cell phones. Therefore, cell phones are not the first reason that causes our myopia and it is nonsense to judge cell phones that it is guilty of myopia (Pathos).

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Poor academic performance and low work efficiency are usually considered as consequences of spending too much time on cell phones if people degrade after they are found spending time on their phones occasionally. Cell phones for most phone users are like a drug for drug abusers, which makes phone users indulge in it. (Simile) There is no doubt that some phone users are addicted to cell phones, and spend so much time on them, that their academic performance and efficiency would definitely be affected due to insufficient working time. People always try to find whether there is a kind of magic existing in the cell phones that makes it so attractive (Sarcasm), however, the truth is that people are addicted to cell phones since they have the desire to receive the interesting information on their phones. Phone users usually receive different levels of influence from cell phones depending on their controlling desires. If they always dream about interesting things, they are not only addicted to cell phones but also to other devices, Therefore, phone users, especially those who cannot manipulate their desires properly, cause problems of degradation.

Cell phones should not be a scapegoat, instead, it is modern technology that pushes our lives forward. The connection between people became necessary after civilization occurred. Before cell phones were invented, people used to send letters or order messengers to deliver information. After the Battle Of Marathon in 490 BC, the messenger who ran for 42 kilometers to deliver the message that their country had won the battle died because he was exhausted after long-distance running. (Logos, historical allusion) Imagine that, if they had cell phones at that time, it would be much easier to send information and the messenger would not die for delivery. Furthermore, cell phones are able to provide entertainment for people since people can use them for chatting, watching videos, and playing games. It would be wonderful to entertain oneself while people feeling bored on any occasion. The fact is, these two main advantages acquired by cell phones not only provide convenience but also entertain our lives, it is not rational to make it a scapegoat by blaming the cell phones.

After people’s lives become better, everyone starts to have their own desires. Some people love to read and spend a lot of time on fiction; some people like to watch videos and spend a lot of time on television; some people are fond of playing basketball and they spend a lot of time on basketball. (Parallelism) Hobbits are good for people which stimulates them to work harder for the things they love, but it is a trouble if the hobbits become desires. Desires are usually hard to control and when degradation happens, cell phones, television, fiction, and basketball are not supposed to be blamed, instead, people might blame themselves since they lack the ability to control themselves. Here comes a question: “Should people blame their shoes if they don’t run fast enough in the competition?” (Rhetorical question) The answer is clear people who run slower than others because they don’t do enough training and the shoes are innocent.

Cell phones bring significant changes to our lives and we should appreciate it. When degradation happens, phones are not the ones to be blamed, and it is crucial to find the actual causes of degradation and fix it before the situation gets worse (thesis).

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