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Problem of Cheating of School Administration and Teachers in Standardized Testing

Mary Jones is the Principal of Elderberry Elementary school in Dacula, Georgia. She has been the Principal for almost 20 years. In the past five years the testing scores have gone down, and the district has been on her about what she can do to make sure the testing scores get better. When she first noticed the scores had started to drop, she instructed teachers to go over the curriculum with the students again before the testing started. When that...
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Mobile Phones Should be Banned From all Australian Schools

Nowadays, electronic device has gone widely into the modern college and helped students with their school life. However, these devices also have their negative aspects and affect some students with their studying, including: students’ distraction in class, cheating during class by using mobile devices and the most serious problem, it allows cyber bullying. Therefore, mobile phone should be banned from all Australia school. Mobile phones can transform from learning tools to classroom interference. During the class students always go on...
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Reasons Why People Cheating

Introduction Many people do not know what it means to cheat, whether it is in a relationship, classwork, homework, on a quiz etc. There are many definitions for the term cheating, it can be implemented in almost anything. There are many consequences now for cheating, in the past decades there were not many repercussions. Technology has change drastically, did you know that now there are websites where teachers can copy and paste your essay and know how much of your...
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Causes and Consequences of Sheating

In this day there are more students consider cheating and not just on tests, it can be many ways such as plagiarism, fabrication, facilitating academic dishonesty…etc. Of course, it is highly undesirable for students to cheat. However, to treat a cheating student as a bad person, does the school just remember to give it a clear score and give it zero points? Teachers and adults have seriously thought about why students risk cheating or cheating? When everyone is asking why...
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Cheating in a Bottom Line Economy

The world is in a transition period where the economy is bigger and thriving more than ever. Each economy has had hits throughout its time. Economies are systems where money is accumulated by businesses and services. Under a magnifying glass, businesses and services are not anything without the people. People who have a role in a business have different morals and obligations to their organizations. The situations and results of what people do in their organizations are important because spectators...
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The Nature Of Micro-Cheating Among College Students In The University Of Baguio

Cheating has always been a phenomenal issue, both in the academic setting and in romantic relationships, it is undeniable that it questions one’s loyalty, and thus wears off the safety pin of trust. In this study, cheating can also be referred to as infidelity. Infidelity has been defined as “a violation of a couple’s assumed or stated contract regarding emotional and/or sexual exclusivity.” The act of infidelity (secret romantic activity) with a person other than your significant partner and the...
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The Consequences of Plagiarism and Cheating Can be Dire

What is academic honesty? Is it switching around a few words from another source and claiming it your own? Can it be sharing assignment answers when a fellow student needs help? Some people even think that it is okay to leave uncited sources if they are not obligated to by a teacher or a co-worker. None of these definitions suit the term academic honesty. Academic honesty is holding yourself responsible for every word you write, every thought you have and...
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Opinion Essay on Cheating

I Would Prefer Even to Fail with Honor Than Win by Cheating The world is becoming so dependent on the ‘human rights concept and is gradually resulting in a morally lazy public. Unlike the human rights perspective, the idea of human responsibility originates from the declaration that all human beings are free and equal in rights and dignity upon birth. It means that every individual is endowed with adequate reasoning and conscience and that people should act toward each other...
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Studies on Cheating among Students with High Achievements

Cheating is a dishonest way to get information; 60.8% of college students admit to cheating. The Adventures of the Three students was written in 1904. Students in college cheat in many ways such as getting other students to do the work for them. Cheating has been around for many years and some staff and faculty assist students in cheating. In some cases, colleges cover up the cheating done by students. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle explains in the story of the...
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Why Cheating Is Wrong: Argumentative Essay

Since entering the corporate world four years ago, unethical behavior and cheating have come up as frequent topics at work. In fact, there is so much cheating in every single organization experienced, I have become interested in becoming an auditor or investigating financial crimes. These situations literally make an organization collapse from the inside out. Student cheating, like cheating in any other business setting, undermines legitimate, hard-working students from reaching attainable goals. Eventually, all cheating will be exposed as humans...
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Plagiarism as a Type of Cheating

According to Ober, (2012) “Plagiarism is a form of scientific misconduct defined as authoring ideas or words produced by someone else or from one’s own previous publication and attempting to publish such work without properly citing to the original author and publications.” Plagiarism policies are for all students, researchers, writers, scientists, philosophers, teachers, and for anyone who publishes the writings. Education authorities are very strict about plagiarism. In this essay I will discuss some causes and effects of plagiarism and...
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Cheating as a Way of Life: Analytical Essay

The Psychology of Human Relationships: Why do women cheat? Sexual relationships are common among human beings and other animals in the world. The relationships between human beings are influenced by a broad range of factors beyond sex. Nonetheless, sexual roles play a huge part in the survival or dissolution of a relationship. Cheating is particularly a significant factor in the termination of many marriages and other sexuality-based unions, and any party in both homosexual and heterosexual relationships might be the...
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Psychological Consequences of Cheating Among Students

According to the website,, they have collected data about students saying, “I want to get the grade, not the education”. The website replies to this common thought saying that even though the pressure of the school grading system can be stressful, and that pressure can lead up the thought of cheating, there is still a way to ace the test without relying on cheating. That way is to read to know more about the things that will be on...
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Argumentative Essay on Cheating

“Cheaters are cowards that are tempted to chase the fantasy of what could be instead of courageously addressing their own self-destructive behavior and civilization what is”. This is a quote by “Doctor Steve Maraboli”. Cheating refers to the way of achieving a goal. Also, cheating is a reward given to be dishonest. Cheating has worsened in past years for many reasons. Why do people cheat in today’s world? Is a hidden reason for cheating, which is not seen in the...
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Procrastination of Studying as a Reason of Student's Cheating

An immediate effect would be failing the class. Cheating on a college exam is considered a serious offense by any serious educational institution. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, each instructor takes any necessary measures they deem appropriate. The instructor has to follow the College’s policy. Frequently, what usually happens is that the student receives an ‘F’ as the final grade for the class. The ‘F’ representing failing the class. Students who get used to cheating do not develop...
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Reasons Why Cheater Should Be Expelled from College

At many colleges, being accused of any types of academic dishonesty is a common issue which affects the future of students. Thus, it becomes an educational concern, so in order to eliminate this behavior of the ethical code. Colleges draw up serious policies towards students who, for example, cheat during the exams and sometimes harsh actions against them such as their expulsion from college. First, a lot of students think that cheating is the easiest way to get good marks...
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Internet Access Must be Limited for Students

All of this internet access is taking over student’s lives. Students usually do not think about all the things they do that involves the internet. It’s more than anyone can imagine. Internet access must be limited for students because of a lack of creativity and thinking, they began socializing a lot less, and it is an easier way of cheating. One reason why internet access should be limited to students is because of the lack of creativity and the ability...
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Discussion Whether or Not Cheating is Bad

This paper outlines the definitions of cheating, the types of cheating which occur in everyday life, and discusses whether or not cheating is bad. In this paper I take the stance that the act of cheating is always bad. I try to figure out why cheating is bad and understand if there are times where cheating can be justified. The act of cheating is to be dishonest and unfair, in order to gain advantage over something or someone. This advantage...
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Pressure at School as a Reason of Cheating

This is a topic I strongly understand and can relate to. How would you feel if you had to wake up early, get ready, go to school for 7 hours with 2 breaks, Pay attention, Stay engaged, Write essays, Sit Tests, Have friends, Work, Be with family, Do chores and sports, go to sleep and get ready to do it all over again 5 days in a row with a 2 day break for 10 months. This is too much...
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The Harm of Cheating for Children

From cheating early kids are learning to coast off of other people’s accomplishments. Some kids can go through school without doing any work for themselves, growing up without achieving basic English, math and science skills needed in everyday life. Leading experts have said that cheating has become too easy as teachers don’t punish students harsh enough. Punishments need to be put in place early so kids understand it’s wrong. Otherwise they will finish school and need to seek education to...
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The Issue Of Cheating In Sports

Usually sport is thought to add to social headway, concordance and agreement, advance shared respect and cognizance, join people and actuate them for essential activities. Sports are administered by sets of rules or traditions and regularly, rivalry. Sports have consistently been an approach to associate us to our past and to assemble good faith about what’s to come. Game’s a method to bond the individuals regardless of contrasts in race, age and sexual orientation. In any case, today the game...
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Cheating Within Collegiate Sports

Definition of Terms and Abbreviations Qualitative Data – Qualitative analysis is not simply looking for quotes/ideas etc. that support or relate to an idea or argument Moral Disengagement – is a term from social psychology for the process of convincing the self that ethical standards do not apply to oneself in a particular context. Conceptual Framework – A model and description of what the study is going to be Delimitations – Limits that are set around what a researcher can...
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