Psychological Consequences of Cheating Among Students

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According to the website,, they have collected data about students saying, “I want to get the grade, not the education”. The website replies to this common thought saying that even though the pressure of the school grading system can be stressful, and that pressure can lead up the thought of cheating, there is still a way to ace the test without relying on cheating. That way is to read to know more about the things that will be on the upcoming test. Another common thing that students say is “If I cheat, I’m only affecting myself”. The article states, “By cheating and getting a good grade you didn’t actually earn, you can also hurt the curve for the entire class and make the students who are struggling with the material believe there is something wrong with them for not understanding.” More evidence to prove why cheating is a bad thing comes from the website, They write an article which states, “The Cheater cheats himself of an education. His actions imply that he either does not understand what a quality education is or does not care about getting one…” The things that are taught at school are very important, and they are right that you lose the education that was given by cheating and ignoring all the studies used for the exam.

Also, huge consequences involving cheating are given throughout high school, and even college. explains that in high school, “You could get an automatic failure for an assignment, or the whole course, you can be expelled or punished in many ways, your loved ones, including friends and family, as well as educators, could lose respect for you, and you could get that on your permanent record.” Adding forward, in college, “You could be suspended or expelled, you could lose your scholarship(s) or, again, not get any in the first place, you could face copyright infringement troubles. That’s right. You could be sued for cheating on a paper.” These also describe more reasons why you wouldn’t want to cheat on tests and/or assignments like homework.

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Cheating, overall is a bad thing for you and others around you. You lose so much, just for a grade or trying to pass by something and choosing not to face it. It is proven by so many that cheating the wrong way to deal with stressful tests. To prevent violations like this in the future, I recommend first, that students who have or haven’t cheated, read essays or articles about why cheating is bad. This will help them to see that there is another way to pass their tests and exams instead of resorting to methods like this. For teachers, there should be showings of what happens to students who cheat and why it is bad, to their students. Doing both of these things will result in less, and hopefully no people that will think they have to cheat to get through.

The most common type of cheating is talking to people while the exam is happening. This type of “collaboration” isn’t a good time to do it, because each test is individual and shows what an individual person needs to work on/what they did good on the test. Although, sometimes collaborating can be beneficial and good to the student, such as when working on a group project, or helping each other on the homework when it is allowed. In conclusion, students should know that it is not a good thing to cheat, and that they should take in the time and effort to earn their desired grade.

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