Procrastination of Studying as a Reason of Student's Cheating

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An immediate effect would be failing the class. Cheating on a college exam is considered a serious offense by any serious educational institution. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, each instructor takes any necessary measures they deem appropriate. The instructor has to follow the College's policy. Frequently, what usually happens is that the student receives an 'F' as the final grade for the class. The 'F' representing failing the class. Students who get used to cheating do not develop valuable skills. In fact, it becomes a habit. Toward hiding their deficiencies and ruin their chances of success in various areas of life. Because of that, some Colleges impose harsh academic penalties like suspension or expulsion.

On the other hand, harsh sanctions like suspension or expulsion can occur when a student cheats on a college exam. For instance, in Broward Community college, dishonesty; cheating penalties may include BCC Suspension and BCC expulsion. According to their “Students Rights and Responsibilities” catalog, when a BCC suspension occurs, the student is separated from BCC for a definite period of time. On the contrary, when a BCC expulsion occurs, it becomes a permanent separation. Passing an exam by cheating on an exam turns out to be a disappointment for the student, but it will also be a disappointment for the teacher, parents, and others who have trusted him/her. Although those disciplinary sanctions will not be part of the student's permanent academic record, it will be part of the student's confidential record. Thus, it will have a negative effect on the student's future.

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However, not minding if the student is not discovered, or although the danger of being discovered is minimal, the lack of honesty has other long-term consequences. No one would like to go through surgery by a Doctor who was cheating on exams throughout his career. Among other things, a Broward student who cheated on an exam was asked if that helped in a way, and he replied: “I passed the exam, but I did not learn anything from it.' When students go to college, they are constructing the person they are going to be later in life. Hence, when they are caught cheating the overall effect will be harming one's future. Regardless of failing the class, or even getting spelled from the school. If somebody graduates using cheating as a tool and then getting a job, what will that person do when they test their skills?

In conclusion, procrastination will always be an irrational and unjustified delay, only bringing negative consequences. Having procrastinated studying will take the student to cheat on exams. Causing overall effects like failing the class, and getting suspended or in some cases, expulsion. Resulting in harming one's future by not having learned anything positive. As well as adopting inadequate habits. In consequence, when the time comes to a student demonstrate the skills he or she has been taught, they will not know how to demonstrate them. Therefore, if an individual cheats on a college exam, he or she will be the one getting their future affect it.

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