Pressure at School as a Reason of Cheating

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This is a topic I strongly understand and can relate to. How would you feel if you had to wake up early, get ready, go to school for 7 hours with 2 breaks, Pay attention, Stay engaged, Write essays, Sit Tests, Have friends, Work, Be with family, Do chores and sports, go to sleep and get ready to do it all over again 5 days in a row with a 2 day break for 10 months. This is too much to ask a young teenager to do, the system might believe that it’s doing every kid well when in fact it’s not. Although the pressure can push students to become better than before, not all react in the same way.

Parents and Teachers are a large contribution to this issue. Parents naturally will push their kids to become a better person and achieve high, but this sometimes becomes an issue. As parents say, “We want you to be happy” and “If we can help you in any way ask” usually are the ones who put the most pressure on their kids as they’re trying to be at the standards their parents want. It’s obvious that teenagers don’t cope with school and the problem is that parents and teachers are noticing it but don’t do anything about it because that’s what life is about but that’s wrong. Most teenagers are constantly so stressed as they’re scared of failure as they’d be letting down themselves, parents and teachers. It’s found that over 49% of students reported that their feeling “A great deal of stress every day”. A study called “Perfection is increasing over time” finds that young adults are under more pressure than ever from others which include parents. The surge for perfection from young adults are becoming unhealthy as they’re feeling they must excel in everything they do. Perfectionism can lead to such things as eating disorders, depression, high blood pressure and thoughts of suicide, which is becoming common in our community these days.

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Schools like to say that they prevent bullying and care about the student’s health when in fact most schools don’t. 45 percent of people will experience mental illness at least once in their lives and over 1 million people suffer depression just in Australia each year. These are adults who are facing these issues, could you imagine how many young adults facing the same things every day but worse? Adults can handle these things a bit better as well, young adults have no idea what to feel and are unsure how to cope with it. A study shows that at least 20% of teens experience depression before adulthood and that because of school. Depression is something that affects everyone differently and it’s something that people joke around about when in fact it can be life-threatening. The effects that come with depression are the mood changes every day, the loss for pleasure for activities that once were enjoyed, too much or not enough sleep, weight loss or gain, low energy, feeling worthless and guilty, trouble concentrating and intrusive thoughts such as death or suicide. Juggling these things is asking someone to breathe without oxygen, it’s impossible. Parents and teachers can’t feel what these students are feeling which of course makes it hard but pushing on a student when it’s obvious they’re not in the right headspace doesn’t help them cope anymore. This results forcing more and more onto their plate to which most students decide to give up on trying to achieve high and deciding to put little to no effort in. If you knew how these students feel day in day out, you’d understand that this isn’t something that can pass overnight and be fine the next day, it’s something that can stick with you for the rest of your life. This is how society is going wrong, cutting down on any bit of pressure will help a young adult to strive and achieve high when they’re in the right headspace. As someone who has dealt with depression as myself, I seriously understand that it’s one of the hardest things that you’ll ever face mentally, with school on top of it all its overwhelming beyond extent.

Cheating is something that is looked down upon but no way of stopping it, cheating happens in all different ways whether it’s just notes, having the answers or having someone write your assignment. The reason teachers care about cheating so much is that it’s unfair on the rest of the students that put the effort in to get good marks but to have someone achieve higher with someone else's answers. Cheating happens from simple things such as peer pressure, wanting to be cool or just failing a class. 59% of private and public students have admitted to cheating at least once on a test. 59% is a staggering number and it shows many different problems with schools, could you imagine repeating a whole year level or a subject because I wouldn’t want to. That is how cheating happens its simply the fact that they’re failing a class or subject are going to last resorts and cheating for it. Even a straight-A student has had to cheat even the littlest bit because the stress of trying to handle up to 6-7 assignments and a couple of exams within a 2-week period is overwhelming and most students to get them through they decide to cheat and plagiarize. I’ll admit that I have cheated myself, not enough to ace a class but to pass a class. It’s something that can’t be stopped but can be reduced.

This is a sensitive topic to understand and talk about and to be fully aware of these issues young adults have on a day to day basis, acknowledging that the work that is being piled up on someone trying to strive does affect them whether it’s a lot of stress or just a little bit. Just acknowledging that the pressure that is being put on this generation should be noticed and cut down to assist these students to become bigger and better than themselves.

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