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The book I will be reviewing is ‘One Child’, written by Torey Hayden, which is based on a heart touching true story. The author, Torey Hayden, really did an excellent job in showing how a teacher must be willing to do more than just be a teacher. The main topic of the story is about Miss Torey and Sheila that forms an unbreakable, unique, special bond and impact each other for the better. Sheila is a young, bright, 6-year-old girl...
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Ethnic backgrounds are a form of diversity that is common in schools around New Zealand. New Zealand has been changing over the years and our communities are becoming more diverse as a result. An ethnic group can be described as people who share a common cultural ancestry and having a sense belonging in an identity group which shares extraordinary culture traits such as language, their historical backgrounds or traditions. The most common ethnic groups in New Zealand include Maori, Pakeha,...
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INTRODUCTION Concerns related to children lacking the skills which is a requisite for success in early elementary school classrooms have moved forward in recent years. As the number of children facing difficulties in this setting has increased (Pianta, 2004) it has become crucial to facilitate early school success, for example pre-academic, social, and behavioral skills (Lyon, 2002). There is comprehensive compliance in the developmental history that early relationships with adults play a crucial role in child development. An emerging body...
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Diversity of Educators, Learners, and Their Culture “There are not more than five musical notes, yet the combinations of these five give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard. There are not more than five primary colors, yet in combination, they produce more hues than can ever be seen. There are not more than five cardinal tastes, yet combinations of them yield more flavors than can ever be tasted” (Sun Tzu, The Art of War). Sour, bitter, salty,...
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Although parental and community engagement is one of the key improvement drivers set within the National Improvement Framework (Scottish Government, 2019), its strategy primarily shows a reusing of prior policy aspirations concerning parental engagement, that have not so far been fully applied in Scottish schools and communities. Education Scotland (2019) found the most successful challenge authorities in Scotland to narrow the poverty-related attainment gap, put in place effective partnership initiatives working with family engagement strategies. Shared learning activities that engage...
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There is a lot of covenant of literature that gives the considerable and authentic evidence that strong and well build relationship between teachers and students are the most important essential and necessary mechanism to the healthy and vigorous academic development of all students in schools. The body of that literature includes the roots and genres of the previous researches that have been conducted in past three decades on investigating or finding the interactions have on learning. The genres of this...
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After completing my education, I hope to enter the field of foreign language education. In the education field in general there are very specific communication skills required. To be what would be considered a good teacher, one must have good public speaking skills, the ability to maintain relationships with their students, and be able to handle conflict well. These skills are essential to an educator’s success, without them, the classroom would be an unruly, chaotic group of students without direction....
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Children are the future generation of humanity, and this makes it fundamental for parents and the State to establish the necessary infrastructure to ensure kids have access to education and other social amenities. Education is the greatest gift that a society can offer to a child because the knowledge acquired shapes the future of that community and the whole nation at large. Countries that have invested immensely in the education systems are ranked among the most developed economies in the...
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Abstract The purpose of this research is an investigation teachers’ communication strategies used in response to children's verbal and nonverbal communication. It is important to note that communication plays a very unique role in the life of human beings. Therefore, effective communication requires a tone of voice, touch, discussion, ideas, feelings, and emotions, eye contact, body language, and so on. Verbal and nonverbal communication skills are indispensable and interrelated in the teaching and learning process. The teachers’ ability to apply...
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If you had asked me to tell you what I remembered most about school or about my favorite teacher growing up, I probably wouldn’t say much about the subject matter. However, for me, there was that one teacher, my English teacher, that I’d forever waffle on about, about how she made me feel as I learned that subject matter – the sense of excitement or discovery I felt, or the safety to take chances and make mistakes. What students take...
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Students’ interaction set the path for their academic careers. An important aspect of this interaction is the provided feedback, this later can be either positive or negative. However, a prevalent distinction is made between negative and positive feedback. For so many researchers, positive feedback is considered the most effective for enhancing students’ learning as negative. Reynolds (2013) defines feedback as any response from a teacher regarding students’ performance or behavior. Its purpose in the learning process is to enhance the...
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