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Addressing Children's Learning Needs in Student-teacher Relationships

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Children are the future generation of humanity, and this makes it fundamental for parents and the State to establish the necessary infrastructure to ensure kids have access to education and other social amenities. Education is the greatest gift that a society can offer to a child because the knowledge acquired shapes the future of that community and the whole nation at large. Countries that have invested immensely in the education systems are ranked among the most developed economies in the world. Accordingly, the essay summarizes articles on child’s learning needs, organizations that families can access information, and online resources where parents and educators can access relevant information on how to educate and assist their children with diverse needs.

This article expounds on the importance of teacher-student relationship and its impact on the child’s performance in education. The write up under discussion asserts that teachers should forge a friendly relationship with their students in order to have a positive lasting influence on them. Proponents for the evidence-based education cite that children who have developed a cordial relationship with their tutor emerge to be disciplined and often perform well in school. The quality of the teacher-student relationship has a greater impact on the attitude of the child towards education and learning institutions. The article explains how tutors can foster a constructive relationship with their students by understanding the child learning needs. Additionally, the write up expounds on the importance of teachers to take their time while speaking to their students. To foster a productive relationship with the kids, teachers should accept his/her students for whom they are, and make them feel important.

Teachers should analyze their students in order to understand how they perceive the learning environment and take enough time to be present both physically and mentally when addressing the children. Children need to be loved and encouraged in order to believe in themselves. The article asserts that children need care and guidance in a gentle manner in order to be disciplined, and successful in education. The article further states that children need to be pressed hard in order to understand the difficult tasks in education and to unlock their potential on other areas in their lives. In conclusion, this article advocates for teachers to display care to his/her learners, show empathy to them and at the same time put pressure on them to excel in education.

The National Child Care Association (NCCA) educates parents and tutors on policies that are beneficial to their children. This organization works in consultation with legal experts in education to evaluate the impact policies and regulation on learners in both private and public institutions. NCCA evaluates the consequences of each policy on the welfare and education well-being of the child, informs parents and tutors on the same and push for the implementation of sound policies that benefits the children. Parents and educators who subscribe to this organization are accorded full access to legal matters on early childhood care and education. Information on this organization enables parents to be in a better position to choose the best education programs for their children. The organization work with its members to ensure they offer high-quality information, support policies and regulations with the interest of the good of the children.

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NCCA offers a platform where educators can build their knowledge on legal aspects in their scope of work. Educators are in a position to learn the regulations and policies put in place to ensure the quality of education and safety of children in learning institutions is guaranteed. Early childhood education sector is one of the most regulated sectors in the United States of America; NCCA ensures that educators in childcare are informed on the labor regulations on rules of the workplace and their remuneration structure. Teachers in the early childhood education can thus comfortably advocate for the right salary structure and good working environment as stipulated within the realms of the law because they are informed. The organization through the many years of their experience are dedicated to helping the teachers to provide education to the children in a proper manner.

MyChild is a website that offers information and support to educators and families in early childhood education and other challenges such as autism prevalent among children. The link to this MyChild is This site offer assistance and educational services to children whose parents have separated and it enlightens guardians on various child support choices that are available such situations. MyChild provides information on how divorced parents can contribute to the education and development of their child taking into account their financial capabilities. This online resource creates a platform for parents and educators to learn the necessary skills required to assist in the physical and mental development of the child. Conversely, the website offers a database where guardians and parents can search for child care centers within a specified location, know the amount of fee paid and the vacancies available.

The website provides information on family relationships where the parents and guardians are educated on appropriate arrangements to foster positive growth and development among their children in the event there is a divorce or a separation. Educators can learn ways of helping children with autism to communicate and develop life skills that are fundamental in their daily lives. The support to children with autism is extended to families across all indigenous and cultural backgrounds on the globe. The website can be accessed from any part of the world making it a valuable resource for the ever-growing number of parents whose siblings are diagnosed with autism. Lastly, there is home interaction program that assists parents to become the first teachers to their children and thus fosters their future success in institutions of learning hence assisting their children to have a strong education foundation.

In conclusion, this essay has summarized an article on evidence-based child learning needs that explains the teacher-student relationships; how teachers are supposed to show care and empathy for the children. Moreover, the essay has summarized on an online resource organization that can be used by families and educators to access relevant information on childcare and lastly, a summary of an organization that offers support to parents and guardians in their course of bringing up children in case of separation. The resources highlighted above are fundamental to parents and educators in their course to ensure children have access to high-quality education and care in learning institutions.

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