Reasons Why People Cheating

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Many people do not know what it means to cheat, whether it is in a relationship, classwork, homework, on a quiz etc. There are many definitions for the term cheating, it can be implemented in almost anything. There are many consequences now for cheating, in the past decades there were not many repercussions. Technology has change drastically, did you know that now there are websites where teachers can copy and paste your essay and know how much of your text is plagiarized?

The dictionary definition of “Cheating” is the act of dishonesty or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination. Cheating can also mean betraying someone’s trust this can fall into the relationship category. Cheating means any dishonest action by a person to complete an assignment (exam, PowerPoint, homework, classwork etc.) without actually having to complete it in their own words or by themselves.

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Many people think it is okay to cheat just because they are not learning or understanding a topic. Cheating can be very easy to do; all you have to do is lean over and peak at someone else’s work or exam. Some other common forms of cheating are using other materials or content without permission, copying someone’s homework, looking over at someone’s test, writing down the answers or the formulas on the desk, copy and pasting something from Wikipedia or other online sources etc.

The first rules variety of teachers may have on their syllabus or somewhere in their room “No Cheating”, but little do they know most students will attempt to cheat. According to The Josephson Institute Center of Youth Ethics (surveyed 43,000 high school students in public and private schools) sixty to seventy of high school students admitted that they have cheated, and ninety percent of students admit they have copied another classmate’s homework. This shows that more than half of the students in both public and private schools cheat their way out of high school.

Why is cheating very common? Or perhaps, why would a student cheat in the first place? Well, there are many reasons why students would do such a thing. Students would be cheating to succeed, no time to study, peer pressure, lack of sleep, to prove a point, being lazy etc. My opinion, I don’t believe every student should be penalize for cheating, the teachers should know the reason behind every student’s reason for cheating.

Cheating to succeed can be very common. For example, a student who is trying to maintain a high GPA or to pass a class can fall into this category. Imagine failing a test or exam that is worth almost 50% of your class grade, the test/ exam can determine your final grade for the semester. Students would try to cheat in order to not fail.

Many students do not have the ability to study once they get home from school, due to extra-curriculum activities such as: football, volleyball, track, basketball, police-explorers etc. Imagine going home from school doing your homework (teachers assign a lot of homework knowing that we have other classes and homework to do from other teachers), then after doing homework you have to get ready to go to practice, by the time you get home from school you are going to be worn off and will most-likely eat and shower to go to sleep. You go to class the next day and fail the exam because you got caught cheating, plus you did not study. The first thing a student will try to attempt in this scenario is try writing down the answers or looking over to a friend’s test.

This one is very common in high school students, the lack of sleep. Let’s say you were put in a scenario where you had a normal school day, go to practice or you go to work, and then get home late and you eat and take a shower, then you stay up all night doing your 10 page essay for your AP English class, then you go ahead and do your math homework. You then take a glance at the time and its 4:00 in the morning, one an hour away from your alarm and you forgot to study for your Anatomy Class. The final exam determines whether you pass or fail the class, now you’re in the predicament where your GPA can drop. And you’re in the bridge of applying to colleges and scholarships. You go to class with only one hour of sleep, your first intention is to cheat on the test. There is a research by Dr. Jonathan Pletcher that students are getting the least amount of sleep. According to Jonathan a lack of sleep can increase depression, negative physical health like headaches, poor school performance, school absenteeism and drowsy driving. Also, did you know a high amount of high school students suffer from sleep deprivation? Lack of sleep can play a huge role in student’s academic performance in school.

Others may disagree, but cheating can be unfair. Looking over to someone else paper or assignment, that put in effort and time to complete is wrong. Some students may be confused and think it is okay to look over at another’s assignment for confirmation that the answer they put is correct. This can be bad because they can result the student to think that he/ she does not have to study or do work. You would not want a student always getting the grade they never deserved. One way a teacher or a faculty sponsor can stop a student from cheating, is probably passing out different types of worksheets around or maybe having every student worksheet have all the same answers and have the answers shuffled for every student taking the test. Most of the time students just read the questions, not the answers. A teacher can also have either two versions of the test, for example have the person sitting next and behind a student all different test version, so they would be cheating. Most teachers have students’ seat in Alphabetical order, to refrain cheating or copying.

Using restricted material can also be another form of cheating. For examples, electronic devices, calculators, lanyards, water bottles, sticky notes. Believe or not, but students can fin a way to sneak in answers or information. Especially, in math class you can just store your notes in the back of your calculator or maybe even the inside of a calculator. It is easy to manipulate a teacher, by having them think you cannot cheat because you have no materials physically present on your desk while taking the exam. All you have to do is write it down on your electronic watch. This is why math teacher should not allow calculators in their classroom

As stated, before there are different types of Discipline for cheating. The consequence can depend on the teacher or the type of cheating that you did. For example, if you were caught cheating asking your friend for one question you did not know or did not do on your homework assignment, your teacher may want to start off by warning you. The second time may be a lower grade, or maybe even a detention. If the cheating continues the teacher can give you a Saturday school, a referral, or maybe even considering on having you get kicked out of the school.

Students tend not to report a cheater out, some people may call this “snitching”. Students may fear that they will get in trouble for snitching out a student’s cheating or may not want to be head accountable for snitching. Some students may even get bullied for snitching on other student. A good way to report a cheater is reporting them anonymously. Instead of feeling like your throwing someone under the bus, your saving yourself from a lot of consequences. Getting a referral for someone that cheated on you, is very disappointed. People that are not cheating do not have the same advantage as the ones that are, they did not do all the hard work you did. Usually, a teacher may disqualify both of the assignments because the teacher may think that you were helping them cheat or maybe that you allowed them to cheat of you.

Cheating can stop colleges and university from accepting your admission to their campus. So, the next time you consider in cheating on someone’s work or assignment think about the outcomes that come behind it. Getting to cheat on your record can even stop your high school teachers from writing you a letter of recommendation letter only because they already know that you cheated on a assignment or were caught cheating.

It is easy to refrain from cheating; all you have to do is study and do what you have to do to not cheat. Make sure that you take advantage of your time, so you can have time to study and do homework. For example, someone may have hobbies or a job outside a school that may stop them from doing their homework, but this should not be an excuse. College is not like high school, it is more intense. Professors do not care about your mental health, nor about your life outside of school. You should not have an excuse on why you did not study, because if you fail an exam it goes on your record, and some career’s may disqualify you from working with them, so all that time you had studying your major for your future career. Now, because you cheated and didn’t do what you had to do you don’t get the dream job you wanted. Recently, the teachers have become stricter and the students have become lazier. Cheating is the only way for lazy students to pass difficult exams. The definition of cheating is to pass any exams dishonestly.

Lastly, no matter what the reason a person has for cheating, it should not be acceptable. If students do their work, study, budget their time, and pay attention in class, then there should not be a reason why to cheat. You would not want to ruin your future because of a mistake you did cheating.

Plagiarizing is not the same thing as cheating, the dictionary definition of Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. Plagiarism can come within music, story’s, essay, project’s etc.

There are many types of common Plagiarism such as: self-plagiarism, direct plagiarism, mosaic plagiarism, and accidental plagiarism. All different types of plagiarism are all serious violations of academic honesty. I will explain the difference of each type of plagiarism and why is it a problem.

First of, what do you think direct plagiarism mean to you? Well, Direct Plagiarism is when you use word for word of a section of someone else’s work, without summarizing nor using quotation. For example, let’s say you have a reflection letter due about the different types of birds. You search up an article about a specific bird and use the same words another people use without giving that person any type of credit is called plagiarism. You should never use someone else work without giving that person credit or using quotations.

Next, the other type of plagiarism is Self-plagiarism. Self-plagiarism is usually when a student submits his or her own previous work, without permission from all professors involved. For example, let’s say yu had to do a PowerPoint about the responsibility as a dispatcher in the 9th grade and you have it saved on your google documents. And then in your senior year you have a different teacher assign you the same type of topic and you reuse the same PowerPoint you submitted in your 9th grade, this is called self-plagiarism. Self-plagiarism also applies to submitting the same piece of work for assignments in different classes without previous permission from both professors.

Furthermore, another type of plagiarism is Mosaic Plagiarism. Mosaic-Plagiarism is when a student borrows phrases from a source without using quotation marks or finds synonyms for the author’s language while keeping to the same general structure meaning of the original. Many students tend to do this, they think it is okay to use phrases from a source without cited where they got it from. This happens a lot in the ELA writing test, many students fail this test because of plagiarism. You should always cite where you got the phrase from and from who. For example, “Money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there” – Will Smith. You see that I use quotation when I used a quote that was not mine and gave credit to the person that created it.

Lastly, the last type of plagiarism is called Accidental Plagiarism is when a person neglets to cite their source, or misquotes their source, or accidently paraphrase a source by using similar words, group of words, and/ or sentence structure without attribution. So, this is very common for students now in days. They mistakenly forget to cite their sources and take careful and accurate notes when doing research.

In Conclusion, Plagiarism is very common in students now in days. Student’s should always give credit to the person that wrote or created the text or the source. Student’s should always use quotation when using information that are not theirs. Students should never resubmit an assignment or a project they did before without asking permission. Many people believe that cheating and plagiarism are the same thing, but in reality, they are very different.

Everyone has cheated or plagiarize on something or at some point in their life, whether it is in a game, on a test, or in a relationship, everyone at some point in their life have done it. School has come back to be one of the most popular place people cheat. Next time you plan on looking over someone else exam, without permission. Remember everything you are putting yourself into. Make sure you cite anything and nearly everything you get from social media. Always give credit, especially if you were not the one to write or come on with you. Trust me, you don’t want to be stuck working at a fast food, exhausted and mad because you were reported as a cheater on your college transcript and your future/ dream job does not want to hire you because they lost trust in you. Are you willing to mess up your future for cheating or plagiarism? I do not think so, so think the next time you become lazy and think of doing either one of these.

Lying is to speak falsely with intent to deceive. Many people have a bad habit of lying, whether it is something small or big. I believe that someone at some point in their life have lied, either to a teacher, a family member, a friend, or a parent. Everyone lies, no matter how honesty they may seem. When a person lies, they believe that the truth is worse to say. The truth may hurt another’s future, reputation, or even worse, their life. Why do people think it is okay to lie? Many people may find it a reliever to lie instead of saying the truth because they do not have to live with the guilt. Many people say the truth sooner or later because the guiltiness is eating them inside. I believe it is always good to say the truth because it can get you out of a lot of trouble. I must admit some of us are good at lying, while others are not.

Law Enforcement should always have integrity; especially, them having a badge on their chest. They are a role model to many people, may kids and people look up to them. We should have trust in our officers because their responsibility is to keep us and the community safe. But how would you feel if a Police Officers fails to tell truth? Wouldn’t you feel some type of way. Police Officers should always tell the truth no matter what the circumstances is. They should always be loyal to their community as well as their team. But sadly, not ever police officer is a good cop, most of them should not be wearing a badge. Why do you think a police officer or anyone in law enforcement may lie? Well, I believe they should because they do not want to admit the truth or they ae afraid of the outcome results. Maybe getting fired? Or losing trust from your captain? Maybe even your community? What are you without trust? Your community is supposed to believe in you and trust you because you are the one with power. You’re the one with a weapon in yon your waist so you should always have integrity and always tell the truth no matter what. Some police officers any have tunnel vision and mistakenly do something they did not mean to, which is okay, we are all human we all do mistakes, but lying is not a mistake. If you admit to what you did, then you would not get yourself in huge trouble.

There in now a Brady law for police officers, which is Police officers who have been dishonest are sometimes referred to as “Brady cops”. Brady law was adopted in 1993, that imposed an interim five-day waiting period for the purchase of handgun until 1998, when federally licensed dealers would be required to use a federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to conduct background checks on individuals purchasing any firearm (According to google). Because of the Brady ruling, prosecutors are required to notify defendants and their attorneys whenever a law enforcement official involved in their case has a sustained record for knowingly lying in an official capacity.

The case history on Officers lying in the law enforcement result in being discharged from the department, could even be charged for lying. Some officers when they go to court to testify or speak, still get out without concrescences. The Times' article features the regular lies about police affirm, including: saying they saw a firearm in someone’s hand or belt when it was in reality out of view; saying they saw a capture when they were not really present; guaranteeing they watched a medication bargain happen, just to later be demonstrated to have lied.

Many officers think it is okay to lie since they will not be caught. They may think this because the victim may have been to jail already and does not stand a chance on getting free again. They also may lie to get promoted or keep the police officers active for their career; to succeed. For example, the Brady disclosure on police officers. In 1963, the Supreme Court of the United States held on account of Brady v. Maryland1 that the prosecution in a criminal trial has an obligation to reveal to the resistance, on-demand, material data that is important of the respondent. The Court announced in Brady that the evidence by the charge of proof great to a blamed abuses fair treatment where the proof is material either to blame or to discipline 'independent of the great confidence or dishonesty of the arraignment.'

In spite of the fact that the Brady case is unique to the obligation of the arraignment to true proof falling under the standard, under consequent cases that have spilled out of Brady, law authorization organizations are required to educate the exposition caution of any proof known to them that could meet the standard. This places an overwhelming weight on officials and their specialties because of the hazard that a criminal conviction will be expelled or turned around if a Brady infringement by the police is found. There is likewise the danger of common obligation related with an inability to reveal, also the trouble in figuring out what must be uncovered.

Termination has been utilized not just in situations where the Brady rule has been conjured yet additionally as a rule where, even without Brady disclosure issues, occurrences of untrustworthiness or untruthfulness by an official have gone to the consideration of the division. Many legal disputes have emerged because of end dependent on occurrences of official untrustworthiness, untruthfulness, or other unfortunate behavior.

Similarly, as with a worker’s unfortunate behavior, different types of control might be conjured, for example, suspension, demotion, or related activities. In any case, these measures don't resolve the essential issue presented by Brady–that the official's an incentive to the division and without a doubt, to general society, as a cop might be for all time harmed once the official's unfortunate behave or gets known to guard lawyers.

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