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Causes and Consequences of Sheating

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In this day there are more students consider cheating and not just on tests, it can be many ways such as plagiarism, fabrication, facilitating academic dishonesty…etc. Of course, it is highly undesirable for students to cheat. However, to treat a cheating student as a bad person, does the school just remember to give it a clear score and give it zero points? Teachers and adults have seriously thought about why students risk cheating or cheating? When everyone is asking why these students cheat, maybe people can change their thinking about 'why not cheat?'

In addition to overly abstract reasons such as moral character, what more specific reasons can make students feel that they should not cheat? In particular, these students have watched adults cheat and grow up stealing from a young age (look at all kinds of unscrupulous goods, unscrupulous politicians, and office workers who are full of society ... these are all cheating). How can they establish a moral judgment that cheating is wrong? It is easy to blame the low morality of these cheating students, and it is easy to ask the erring students to take responsibility, but these do not help.

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In my case, I didn’t understand the test regulations at first, and I saw some of my classmates were using cheat sheets so I decided to use the cheat sheet in my cellphone. Because of this, I am sorry for the injustice of my classmates and their distress, and I learned what cheating is and how it affects others in this Academic Integrity Seminar. I have learned a lot from participating in this Seminar. With this lesson and what I have learned, I will never cheat anymore, because cheating equals not being responsible for myself and someone I work with in the future. Such behavior is not recognized, and it is very serious. Because a student cheats at school today, if that student does not improve when that student become an engineer or scientist in the future. His behavior will have serious consequences. If he builds the plane but the process is cheating, it will be very dangerous.

Overall, cheating is that you cheat for your own personal gain. The more cheating, the more you limit your development. I still hope that we can have a fair environment, and that everyone can compete fairly according to the rules. Perhaps this is the ideal we are fighting for and this is why I think students should not cheat.

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