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The Harm of Cheating for Children

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From cheating early kids are learning to coast off of other people’s accomplishments. Some kids can go through school without doing any work for themselves, growing up without achieving basic English, math and science skills needed in everyday life.

Leading experts have said that cheating has become too easy as teachers don’t punish students harsh enough. Punishments need to be put in place early so kids understand it’s wrong. Otherwise they will finish school and need to seek education to learn necessary skills needed to get a job.

Teachers need to start clamping down on cheating. When I graduated school I saw the ‘cheaters’ realize that they had wasted their time at school, they quickly realized they didn’t have any skills required to land a job. By being stricter with the younger kids they will grow up already having the required knowledge to pass tests as well as a hard working attitude prepared to study. This will give future students the ability to do whatever they want and become whoever they wish to.

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It used to just be struggling students cheating to survive, but now capable students are cheating because they aren’t prepared to put in the work. This is where the issue lies, intelligent students cheating because they can’t be bothered doing the extra work required to get a good mark. If teachers were stricter on cheating this wouldn’t be the case; as they would find themselves worried about the consequences of cheating.

The lack of consequences allow students to grow up thinking that they can get away with the wrong thing. The best example I can think of is in sports. When athletic students go through school being the best, they often can’t cope when they’re not. Typically they go back to their old habits and cheat to edge their opponents. Performance enhancing drugs are a massive issue in sports and studies have shown that majority of athletes caught with such drugs, grew up cheating in school.

This again falls on teachers heads, by allowing students get away with cheating they help them develop bad habits that they struggle to get out of.

Stronger punishments need to be dealt so that students realize that there are consequences for their actions. Hopefully this will teach them to learn the content themselves instead of relying on others to do the hard work for them.

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