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Reasons for Stress in Students in College Life: Analytical Essay

College life is not at all a bed of roses as many students tend to think even though it is a step forward to achieving their life goals. Many a student have a feeling that once they begin college, they are going to experience their greatest moments of life. They tend to think that college life will be fun, with new acquired freedom, meeting new friends with culture diversity, and new social life. But that is not entirely true as...
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Hollywood’s Portrayal of College Life: Reflective Essay

Hollywood’s Portrayal of College There are two different views on the reality of college life. Some people believe that it’s a time after high school when people continue their education and get a degree. However, some people believe that college is more of a social experience/opportunity and find more time to have fun than to study. Within the last fifty years, Hollywood films take college life and create an image of wild adventures and fun in a college setting. From...
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Reflective Essay on My Experience of College Life

College life is quite challenging, and it helps people to get a lot of experience. The experience in college shapes people’s lives and ensures that they can take responsibility for their actions. Students do come to realize their potential in college, and they tend to learn more about themselves while in college. The challenges they experience help them to grow into mature people in society. Also, there is a lesson that people learn about happiness and how to counter problems...
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Reflective Essay on Characteristics of College Life

No student wants to perform poorly in academics. However, poor academic performance is becoming increasingly common. So, what if you unexpectedly fail a course? Does it mean the end of your dream of emerging as the best graduating student of your department? Absolutely not! Under such an unexpected scenario, the first thing to do is to accept responsibility. No matter how difficult the class may be, no matter how bad the professor may be in giving his or her lecture,...
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Study on Student Health and Their College Life: Analytical Essay

Abstract There is nothing important more than our good health. Health is not just about physical or medical fitness, it is also about how people deal with their emotional, mental and relationship behaviour. There are various important factors that affect the health of students. Some of them include nutrition, exercise, stress management, depression, and overall health. To analyze the health status of student health in LPU, information was collected via a lifestyle questionnaire, a standard survey tool by Student health...
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Importance of Physical Education Courses at University Level

The brief history of physical education would start in just about 1820 when schools focused on gymnastics, hygiene training and care, and development of the human body. Physical education in college happened when college athletics received a major stimulus when a National Collegiate Athletic Association was created in the early twentieth centuries. Late in the twentieth century there was certainly a decline in the commitment to physical education because the growing offering of extra subjects and electives in schools means...
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Depression in College and Its Causes

Students all around the world have told their stories of how their college years were either great and party filled, or class and homework filled. One thing the students all seemed to have in common was that depression and anxiety was always something hanging over their shoulders. Student have spoken on how if they weren’t stressing about that night’s homework they were stressing about their next test or exam and even after that they were worried about large projects and...
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Valuable Lessons I Learned While in College

While attending Southwest Tennessee Community College, I have learned things this semester that will contribute to my success as a college student. As a college student, I have learned college will place you in situations where the answers will not come easily. One of the valuable lessons I learned while in college is discipline, and without discipline going through college successfully will become a struggle. In college, you will have plenty of opportunities to take your learning into your own...
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Life of ABM Students: Experiences and Challenges

Senior High School is the last two years of the K to 12 program that DepEd implemented back in 2012. It is between Junior High School and College, it is not as easy as Junior High School and it is similar to college but easier from it. It helps the students to have background knowledge of their preferred career paths and to be ready once you enter college. But for others, senior high school is not necessary. For them, it...
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Relationships as an Important Factor in College Life

This paper explores college students and relationships. During emerging adulthood relationships are important because previous research has shown that positive close relationships with peers correlate to how well they adapt in college, academic achievement, retention rates, and their well-being among other college students (Parade, Leekers, & E.M., 2009). Relationships are an important topic to study because they have been consistently associated with positive physical and mental health (Braithwaite, Delevi, & Fincham, 2010). This paper will explore the emotional, physical, cognitive,...
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Dirty Truth of College

On average 1,534,125 are the number of bacteria found in a woman’s living space in college. Even though bacteria is found everywhere, people don’t see it as the threat that it is. Especially for, college students who are constantly in and out of their room being exposed to outside bacteria and bringing it all in their room. This paper will focus on the effects of bacteria on my discourse community, the struggles we have with the bacteria, and ways to...
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Why Pets Should Be Allowed on College Campuses

College can be rough at times. Sometimes you need something to help relieve your stress, and what better than that is a pet? They have multiple benefits, and it’s been noted that student’s may do better in school with a pet. Pets are loved by many people, and one thing that college students miss while they’re away at school, is their pets. Most people love to have a furry, feathery or scaley friend to care for. Slippery Rock University, would...
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Why I Want to Be in Sorority: Essay

After the first year, Tasia and I both decided to go through the sorority recruitment process. Throughout this process, I talked to up to thirty girls in the span of three days. Many girls asked me different questions, and I knew there was a code of conduct in terms of revealing and concealing my stigma depending on who I was talking to, as well as if they asked me something directly related to being Jewish. For example, a girl asked...
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