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Essays on Higher Education

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Honors College Essay

Honors College is usually observed as the place where all the smart kids are, however, I see far beyond that. When I think of UIC’s Honors College program, I automatically think of community. In high school, my group of friends and I saw education as...
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Pros and Cons of College Attendance Policy

Should the college implement a mandatory attendance policy? The claim of fact: Will improve GPA Claim of value: Forcing college students to attend violates the choice of excellence Claim of policy: The college should mandate an attendance policy to hold students accountable for their actions....
2 Pages 803 Words

Essay on Why I Deserve a Scholarship (250 Words)

Since High School, I realized that money is the prime challenge, and my only drawback to getting a quality education and leading a decent living as my insolvent family could never afford enough to nurture my merits and talents. I am 29 years old now...
1 Page 262 Words

Research Paper on Post Graduation Problems

Research Paper Schools do not require students to learn basic everyday skills but require students to learn trig functions. In an ever-changing world, students need to have the ability to keep up with the change, however, this is not the case because schools do not...
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Personal Statement on My College Goals in Psychology

My parents have always stressed the importance of education to my sister and me our entire lives. Education has served as the foundation upon which my goals and dreams have been built on. I have been blessed with the opportunity to further my education beyond...
1 Page 426 Words

Descriptive Essay on Graduation in Plymouth State

Graduation is a time of celebration and thinking back on how we got to this moment. Having our friends and families be there to support us, and see us achieve one of life’s greatest opportunities. For those graduating it’s a time to celebrate with the...
1 Page 477 Words

Descriptive Essay on Graduation in Cornel and Oswego

College is the backbone of my future career. So many colleges to choose from, so many majors, and so many requirements. As a future herpetologist, my college needs to have some form of zoology or animal biology. That brings 5,300 down to around 54 colleges...
3 Pages 1304 Words

Concept of Gap Year: Descriptive Essay

Before continuing to university studies, the process of deciding to want internal time from every period between school and high school is called a gap year until the university studies begin. Previous academic success, climate or role may be a driving factor affecting young people...
2 Pages 903 Words

Benefits of Taking Gap Year: Opinion Essay

There are those who know from a young age what they are going to do when they grow up, and there are also people who are not sure what to study until the last day of high school. Among those who have the necessary resources,...
2 Pages 790 Words

Argumentative Essay on Whether Gap Year Is Important

College is an institution of higher learning that rewards students with a degree. A degree is supposed to provide students with a greater choice when it comes to job opportunities and better-paying jobs in the working industry. Going to college also provides students with many...
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