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Higher Education Is Overrated: Arguments For And Against

Introduction: So, most of you are thinking about applying to university after high school graduation. But have you ever thought about “Is it really worth this?” or “Do I really need to go to university?” I don’t think so. Actually, in my opinion, large amount of high-school students have thoughts in completely opposite way, like “I must go to university to have a highly paid job”. And these thoughts are wrong and bad for them, because it puts a lot...
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Reasons for Pursuing Higher Education: Essay

Pursuing a college education is one of the best investments one can make in today’s society. Many go to college with the mindset of getting an education, finding a six-figure job, and going to a few football games here and there. Everyone pursues a higher education for different as well as their own unique and individual reasons. Personally, I want to get a good education to be able to support my future family, discover myself as well as new ideas,...
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Application Of Social Media Platforms In Higher Education

Abstract • Keywords: Information technology, Innovation, Social media. Introduction Modernisation is a trend of life these days. Gone are the days when one remained contented and satisfied with one’s lot, with one’s social status, manners, standard of living and so on and so forth. A change has become very common now. This is an age of information and technology. Education has to be revolutionised in accordance with the times and new aims of life with changed needs and requirements of...
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Investigating Learning Challenges Faced by Students in Higher Education

Learning challenges faced by students in higher education is seen as a significant issue according to Chan Yuen Fook. The study indicates that undergraduates, postgraduates and instructors take a qualitative approach to gather information on the challenges faced in university. This paper summarizes the key challenges that students come across during their studies. Interviews, questionnaires and document analysis used to try to understand the key challenges faced. These challenges consisted of cognitive challenge, becoming an active learner, coping with reading...
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Essay on College Goals and Students Perception toward Higher College of Technology Activities

1. Introduction Extracurricular activities and programs are the most developed methods that give the students many benefits and make them develop their skills that increase their efficiency, The aim of these activities is to discover and refine the various talents and abilities of the students, to develop the collective spirit of the students by engaging them in collective work, to promote the spirit of competition among the students, to develop the student’s professional. This research is about the perception of...
6 Pages 2753 Words

Why College Should Be Free Essay

Introduction College education has become a requirement in today’s society. And with a free college education, students would have time to educate themselves. The article entitled “should be free” states that “free college tuition should be given to students because it will assist students to concentrate on their studies” (Dynarski). They wouldn’t have to worry about their financial situation or other issues regarding their personal education. College education should be free because it decreases the student debt, allows more students...
2 Pages 891 Words

Benefits Of A College Education: Essay

In the United States, the expansion of an individual’s education is highly significant for those who have the option. There are many benefits to having a college education. Many people go to college to be able to find a better paying job or because they want a better life for themselves. Many people go to college throughout the country to attain a better education after high school. Most times, the economic return of going to college will highly outweigh the...
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Survey on the Perspective of Staff of Radiology Department towards Radiography Students during Clinical Training

Discussion The purpose of this study was to survey the perspective of the staff of the radiology department toward radiography students during clinical training. It also aimed at finding out the factors that were seen as relevant to the clinical training of students, and the improvement that could be done to make the training experience better for students. Assessing the experience of radiography students on the attitude of the radiology staff towards their clinical training programme. From the perspective of...
3 Pages 1507 Words

Impact of Gender Differences on Educational Achievement

At each stage from pre-school through to university entrance, girls tend to do better than boys. For example, on entering primary school, girls are more likely to be able to write their own names. On the other hand, boys are more likely than girls to be assessed by their schools as having special educational needs. When it comes to subject choice at age 16, there are major gender differences in the popularity of different A-level subjects and even greater gender...
1 Page 625 Words

Gender Differences in Self-Esteem of College Students

Abstract According to previous studies, gender differences are associated with self-esteem level (e.g., Aidman & Carroll, 2003; Buswell, Hyde, Kling, &Shower, 1999; Trzesniewski, Donnellan, &Robins, 2003). But few studies have examined whether males are associated with higher self-esteem levels or lower self-esteem levels. In addition, studies that examined the relationship between self-esteem level and gender differences have not examined participants who are college students. Therefore, the researcher conducted this study to examine the relations between years in college, gender, and...
5 Pages 2165 Words

Effects of Unhealthy Eating Habits in Reflection to Health and Safety in Primary Students in Trinidad

In most primary schools in Trinidad, students are challenged with a chronic illness due to unhealthy eating habits. According to “TT’s Joint Select Committee on Social Services and Public Administration revealed that at least half of TT’s primary school children are overweight and are at risk of becoming diabetics”. Students are not following a healthy diet, they are consuming a vast amount of unhealthy foods on a daily bases with no guidance from their parents. These unhealthy foods are very...
6 Pages 2689 Words

Development of Eating Habits in University Students

This report provides a critical assessment of the challenges encountered by students in the UTS Business School. More specifically, it will focus on the development of eating habits as university students transition from secondary education to tertiary education. Methods of research include recounting from my Integrating Business Perspectives group members and academic journal articles. Results of research undertaken suggest it is probable that eating habits are likely to change as students transition from high school to university. This report recommends...
3 Pages 1193 Words

Why I Want To Go To College: Argumentative Essay

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, pursuing higher education has become increasingly important for individuals seeking to secure a successful and fulfilling future. The benefits of a college education are numerous and far-reaching, ranging from enhanced career prospects and earning potential to personal growth and development. As someone who has always been passionate about learning and eager to pursue my goals, I am excited to share why I want to go to college and how I believe it will help...
1 Page 662 Words

My Academic Goals Essay

Education is an essential aspect of personal and professional growth. As a student, I have long been inspired by all that education can offer. Since childhood, I have fully understood the value of academic achievement and how it can lead to so many opportunities. Over time, my enthusiasm for learning has only deepened. Now, I’m intent on creating a plan of success through education that will help me realize my dreams and aspirations. In this essay, I will outline my...
2 Pages 781 Words

Problem of Alcohol Use by Underage College Students

College drinking has become a serious issue especially kids who live on campus. Students regard drinking as part of the ‘college experience’ and tend to drink more when they attend college parties because feel they need to drink to have a good time. While drinking has become a part of college, colleges are making efforts to prevent it from continuing. College students have made drinking a tradition of college environment. Most college students are underage drinkers. In the article ‘National...
3 Pages 1321 Words

Why Do You Want to Pursue a Master's Degree: Essay

Summing up my education was the most challenging task for me. I have a business background and I wanted to have a dream to study MBA not only because I’ve studied BBA previously but MBA is a sophisticated degree. MBA graduates have a high level of credibility and help you to develop your skills as a manager and also how you tackle real-life situations. I have always dreamed of eliminating poverty and illiteracy among Pakistani women. To achieve my dream...
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What Impact Would This Scholarship Have on Your Education: Essay

I am writing to apply for Computer Technology Grants to assist me in my transformative experience of completing Computer Technology at Eastern Illinois University. I would like to tell more about myself which may help you to decide on a scholarship. I completed my Bachelor’s In Computer Science and Engineering from the Institute of Aeronautical Engineering which is affiliated with Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University Hyderabad, India which is the most renowned university in the country. I aspire to complete my...
1 Page 482 Words

What Does Attending an HBCU Mean to You: Opinion Essay

Throughout my high school career, my coaches and some of my teachers have pushed me to go towards an HBCU not only to get my education but to better myself and to become a young educated black man. My teachers and my coaches have stressed to me that being educated and knowledgeable is a source of power. They told me to work hard toward my career but be educated, knowledgeable, wise, poised, and smart about my decisions. They also told...
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What Did You Learn This Semester: Essay

The work done this semester achieved the specified goals. This semester a lot of time was spent getting used to Vivado and settling up projects. Also, a lot of time was spent getting used to Verilog. As VHDL had been done before the goals may have been achieved more quickly if this language was used. But this allowed me to broaden my knowledge of languages. Also as this is used a lot in the industry it is a benefit to...
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What Challenges Have You Overcome to Attend College: Essay

Have you ever wondered what it was like to perform open-heart surgery, deliver a baby, or repair broken bones? Well, these are all things done by those who work in the medical field. Typically, these professionals major in biology during their undergraduate studies. While studying this major, individuals find it imperative to gain an understanding of the science behind all life forms and this assists them as they embark on advanced studies, medical careers, and nursing careers. Taking AP Biology...
1 Page 573 Words

What Causes Students to Dropout of College: Essay

Public colleges and universities play a crucial role that can give a person the opportunity to unlock many doors which could eventually lead to higher education. Whether a college degree is kept or not, can be an important factor in determining a career path. Many high-paying vocations such as lawyers, doctors, and engineers require a degree. Without them, students might fall into low-paying jobs. Nevertheless, college is not without disadvantages. Unexpected bumps in the rod are often present in college...
2 Pages 777 Words

Studying Abroad: Personal Statement for MBA Course

1. Why do you wish to study in Canada in the program for which you have been accepted? Most people aim for a career path with an upward trajectory. Today’s world is performance-driven and it is helpful for people to have an edge over their contemporaries. The MBA course will present me with a string of opportunities that can help me develop my professional career. Therefore, I decided to pursue my MBA program in Canada, because it is one of...
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Studies on Cheating among Students with High Achievements

Cheating is a dishonest way to get information; 60.8% of college students admit to cheating. The Adventures of the Three students was written in 1904. Students in college cheat in many ways such as getting other students to do the work for them. Cheating has been around for many years and some staff and faculty assist students in cheating. In some cases, colleges cover up the cheating done by students. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle explains in the story of the...
2 Pages 974 Words

Students Should Wear School Uniforms: Argumentative Essay

School uniforms should be stopped. They are bland, outdated, and uncomfortable. Very few students enjoy wearing school uniforms and although they`ve been around for ages it`s time for a change. There are a few good reasons why a uniform should be in place and for almost any argument in favor of uniforms, there is more often than not a simple solution. The fact is, that it’s uninformed themselves that prevent a free education by giving carers an additional expense to...
2 Pages 1053 Words

Student Loan Debt: Thesis Statement

Attention: Think about that time when you did not have enough cash on you when you were with your friend and they just covered for you. Not a big deal, right? You probably venmoed them back or paid for the next time. Now, what if you needed to pay tens of thousands of dollars? You would probably take out a loan and work hard to try to pay it off. (AA) Transition: Many college students are faced with this problem...
2 Pages 845 Words

Student Loan Debt Problem: Solution Essay

Student Loan Debt Earning a college degree is expected after a person graduates from high school. The higher the degree, the more money is earned. It is the goal of many to be a college graduate, however, the financial status of those seems to be a huge factor as to why many do not go to college or take out loans. Student loans can come from the federal government, private sources such as banks or financial institutions, or from other...
2 Pages 1080 Words

Student Leadership Essay

Throughout our studies with the Student Leadership Center’s DISC program, we have learned many dynamics about how to deal with conflict within a team setting. Although our team has had little to no problems, we did learn a few ways to work through potential problems we could have with future teammates. Our team now possesses the knowledge of how to successfully resolve a conflict with all four personality types used in DISC. After extensive research with the DISC program and...
2 Pages 712 Words

Student Council Application Essay

As most of you know my name is Clark Kien Landau and today, I want to tell you something about me that you might not know. I`m not really student council material (though you guys already know this) but I want to help the school become a better place and enhance my skills and that`s why I decided to run for the student council secretary. From the time I was three years old or four maybe, I’ve learned to write....
1 Page 421 Words

Statement of Goals and Financial Need: Essay

I previously finished a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine in 2007 and I followed it with a one-year diploma degree in Food Hygiene (meat and milk products) in 2009, then I accumulated around 10 years of working experience in my field in the middle east countries. When I came to Canada in 2016 as a new immigrant it was so hard to find a job in carrier and all my saved money was depleted in this huge step I hated...
1 Page 525 Words

Should Students Get Mental Health Days off from School: Essay

“A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of happiness combined with constant restlessness.” – Albert Einstein. Around 42 percent of teens report that stress can be very overwhelming and hard to manage. About 13 percent of teens report that they never set time to manage their stress. (, 2014). Some people can debate that teens deal with stress more than adults do. Some possible reasons why that could be: not feeling good enough as a person,...
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