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Exploratory Essay on Fine Arts and STEM Education

There are many variations you might’ve heard over time about the importance of art and where the importance of the subject stands. From relatives who claim it to be pointless, educators who believe it’s inessential and the school boards who say that it’s a waste of time and money. Whereas subjects like science and math take the spotlight for its advancement of humanity, such as its progress in engineering, technology, and medicine. Because of this, schools are beginning to cut...
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Why Online Learning Is More Effective Than Traditional Classroom Teaching: Argumentative Essay

As indicated by TC Global Insights (2020), “College isn't just about course book learning and talks in class - it's about the comprehensive experience of living on a grounds; it's tied in with making deep-rooted companions and correspondence with individuals from different pieces of the world”. College education is tied in with having intense discussions sometime later overabundant cups of tea; it's about amiability and flexibility - about figuring out how to live alone in another culture, new city, or...
3 Pages 1187 Words

What Is the Purpose of Education: Essay

Knowledge is a necessity, much like food and water. People need to eat and drink to maintain good health and survive, but they also need to be enlightened on life's amazing truths and harsh realities. Education has provided the knowledge to create physically and philosophically, with skyscrapers that are almost a hundred meters tall and the continuous building of quantum theory as evidence of how much power the human mind contains. Without education, any information needed to sustain the high...
4 Pages 1851 Words

UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 on Quality Education: Essay

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number four is quality education. Education and its quality impact everyone. The big picture impact that this issue addresses is the assurance that all people complete free, equitable, primary and secondary education available to them. To ensure that both genders have equal opportunities and access to quality education, we can eliminate gender disparities in education by ensuring equal access to all levels of education. Building and upgrading education buildings and facilities that are sensitive...
3 Pages 1468 Words

Quality Education and Why It Is Important: Essay

Shockingly, 57 million children across the world don't have a school to go to. This is atrocious for the kids as well as the country they are in because without formal education it is hard for a country to develop. This information arises the question of how access to quality education positively impacts children as they become older. Access to quality education positively impacts children as they get older by providing them with new opportunities and improving a country’s economy....
1 Page 417 Words

Pros and Cons of Online Learning during the Coronavirus Pandemic: Essay

The coronavirus pandemic has already ruined many people’s lives, and learning virtually has made it harder for many teachers and students. Although it may be hard for people, there are various pros and cons of online learning and they are covered in the article 'Make Schools More Human' published in the New York Times by Jal Mehta. He starts by explaining how the coronavirus pandemic has caused students to learn in an environment they are not used to and how...
2 Pages 1086 Words

Definition of Education as a Journey: Essay

Fanny Bucheli-Rotter, in her article 'Is Education a Journey or a Race?', published in New Straits Times on 14 October 2017, gave her own definition of what education is. She sees it more as a journey than a competition with children. The author also stated that children are supposed to enjoy learning, also to view education as more than just a competition but as a journey, and not pressure youngsters to be like machines. Instead of spending their youth gaining...
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Problem Solution Essay on Education

Typically, the higher the level of education results in a higher amount of earnings, better health, and a longer life. Many people all over the world, across countries and within groups, face circumstances which they have little control but significantly impact their lives. These circumstances include location, gender, ethnicity, and wealth and are connected to many opportunities and resources related to education and life. Education directly relates to social and economic factors that impact prosperity in life. Across the world...
3 Pages 1246 Words

Evaluation Essay on Digital Textbook

The development of books in digital format is not new. Project Gutenberg (in the year 1971) was the first step in using books in digital format. Initially, companies were selling books on CDs. It’s in the year 2000, Stephen King launched a novel in an electronic format that was downloaded by people using Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In 2007, electronic reading devices were launched by Amazon and Sony. The launch of e-readers led to the development of books in...
4 Pages 1937 Words

Evaluation Essay about Online Education

Introduction When you hear people say 'online education,' what do you think about it? Do you think it's easy, boring, or a lot of writing? Some may say that traditional education is better than an online approach. However, a closer examination of the process of schooling proves that online learning is the trending choice for completing a college degree nowadays. Online education is available 24 hours a day, which promotes convenience and flexibility. It also can provide quick relevance to...
2 Pages 1093 Words

Evaluation Essay about Online Courses and Traditional Education

Introduction In recent times, there has been a paradigm shift in the education industry around the world, due to so many factors, particularly the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, traditional classroom teaching was the preferable way of learning, and a lot of educational institutions did not take cognizance of online education, but that has changed. The global effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has made it imperative for educational institutions to have some level of online presence for the...
3 Pages 1338 Words

Argumentative Persuasive Essay about SAT

The Scholastic Aptitude Test, or SAT is a very well-known test, especially for high school students across America. This test consists of 138 questions, all multiple choice except for several math graphs, divided into two sections-math and verbal, both scored on a scale of 200 to 800 (Piacenza). The SATs are currently a determining factor for college admissions. This paper will only address the SATs, not the PSATs or the ACT”s. The SAT was born in the 1920s-the product of...
5 Pages 2077 Words

Informative Essay on Physical Education in School

Imagine being an elementary student who is told that they will no longer have recess or physical education. Instead, that time will be devoted to more time in the classroom. If you are like me, this news would be crushing as recess and physical education were the highlight of my school day. Schools are now taking time away from physical activity to help children understand more complex topics in the classroom. According to Kenneth Ginsburg, “A 1989 survey taken by...
3 Pages 1525 Words

Expository Essay on the Importance of Education

Learning, for me, is now no longer genuinely about being important. It in some way has been very memorable for us. Those experiences we had being experts or a pupil are, for sure, very memorable for us. Education helped us to come to be the individual we are today. Having a lot of knowledge, having a lot of friends, having these memories, and having this type of life, are all due to the reality of education. Many don't agree due...
1 Page 611 Words

Early Childhood Teacher Self Evaluation Essay

I strongly believe that the role of an early childhood teacher is to encourage children to be prepared for the real world and help develop the key skills that are required for their future learning. During these six weeks on the topic, I have learned that educators aim to help build a strong foundation for children to be able to succeed in life. Teachers accept and work within a learning framework that is built on activities that promote a certain...
4 Pages 1595 Words

There Cannot Be Girl Power without Brain Power: Persuasive Essay

130,000,000 girls. 130,000,000 girls who don’t have access to school. 130,000,000 girls who can’t even read the words on this page. 130,000,000 girls with no chance. 130,000,000 girls left behind ('Gender Inequality Is Keeping Girls Out of School'). Do you sense a problem? In our evolving world, uneducated people are at a catastrophic disadvantage. Without literacy, a woman cannot earn a steady income. For generations, women have been denied their fundamental right to education. This illiteracy perpetuates the cycle of...
3 Pages 1385 Words

Horace Mann, the Man Who Invented the School: Essay

Education in the United States of America has improved undoubtedly throughout the decades, and Horace Mann, an educational reformer, is to thank for that. Horace Mann was an individual of principle and believed that everyone deserves the right to a fair education. Mann fought for the education of all his fellow Americans and for the quality of that education that they were receiving. His ethical beliefs, shaped by his upbringing, formed the educational movement that created our school systems today....
3 Pages 1357 Words

Childcare Center's Preschool Classroom Observation: Essay

For my observation, I went to the Center for Young Children. The center’s hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. I attended the center on November 7th, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. The center provides childhood programs for children from the ages of three to six. Description of the Preschool Center and Classroom The specific room I observed was called the 'Red Room', which was one of three preschool-aged rooms. Within the classroom, there were approximately...
3 Pages 1400 Words

Education Is a Power to Sustain Democracy and Freedom: Persuasive Essay

In recent discussions of the true power of education, a controversial issue has been whether education is the most powerful means to sustain democracy and freedom. On the one hand, some argue that education is not the most powerful means to sustain democracy and freedom. From this perspective, people see how there could be faults in the educational system and unequal opportunities that can be found in the education system that could cause there to be other factors that carry...
2 Pages 1092 Words

Essay about the Importance of Women's Education

Education is considered the most important tool for empowering women in society. It is not only limited to developing the personality of an individual but also plays an important role in economic, social, and cultural development. UNESCO put its effort to achieve equal opportunity in education regardless of age, gender, race, or any other difference in social and economic status. Education is one of the ways to spread the message of women’s empowerment. As per a UN report, education for...
2 Pages 990 Words

Standardized Testing Should Be Kept in Schools: Persuasive Essay

Do you know anyone that enjoys state-sanctioned tests? Your answer is most likely no. Be that as it may, the answer ought to be indeed, and here is the reason. State-sanctioned tests are appraisals that are made by testing organizations to determine what understudies in various schools people know. State-administered tests should be kept in schools. One motivation behind why state-sanctioned tests should be kept in schools is the grounds that they are a decent proportion of an understudy's accomplishment....
1 Page 418 Words

Year-Round School Is a Bad Idea and Needs to Be Abolished: Argumentative Essay

After almost 50 years, year-round school is starting to fade away but needs to go away faster. In my opinion, we need to abolish year around school as year-round school is obviously a bad idea. One reason why year-round school is a bad idea that needs to be abolished is the teacher problems. According to an interview I had with Mrs. Groom, my 8th grade ELA teacher, who has been a teacher for 20 years, she thinks that having a...
1 Page 643 Words

Today's American Education System Needs Changes: Persuasive Essay

The education system is a problem that needs to be addressed because education is very important. Many jobs require certain degrees and certain knowledge to get the job. Only 36% of Americans end up graduating college, and about 6,211,000 Americans end up unemployed. This needs to be fixed. Today's school focuses on test taking, but in the future, most jobs will be automated, so successful people will have to be curious, innovative, and adaptable. Don’t believe me? Maybe you’ll believe...
1 Page 674 Words

MBA STEM Degree Application: Essay Example

I believe what was once a relatively straightforward role of supply chain manager has now become one that is complex and multifaceted. Anticipating consumer trends and demands for different goods is one way a superior supply chain manager is differentiated from a merely good one. To establish myself, I need a degree program that will provide me with a framework that will integrate different topics and create an understanding of the trade-offs and relationships between the core supply chain concepts....
1 Page 418 Words

Why Education Is a Right: Persuasive Essay

Students, teachers, principals, and staff, also the government that is included in this statement, help kids have better education and that education is important in their lives to get a good career and also to succeed in life. Although some people might think that education is not a privilege for their children to learn new things and accomplish their goals. Some parents want their children to stay at home and do online school while other kids are learning. This essay...
3 Pages 1384 Words

Should the Dropout Age Be Raised to 18 Years: Argumentative Essay

Over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States each year. 21 states and the District of Columbia have passed mandatory laws that allow students to stay in school even when they have passed the age of 16. However, the USA has passed a compulsory law that requires that all children attend school at least from the age of 5 until they are at the age of 16. Despite the mandatory law, school dropout rates are...
5 Pages 2427 Words

Middle School Persuasive Essay about Recess Time

For various reasons, I believe that middle school recess needs to be extended because it does not allow students enough time to take care of their basic needs. Some people may disagree because they feel that this will decrease instructional and learning time. However, I believe that a longer recess will allow students time to drink water and go to the bathroom. Also, students will have time to play team sports. Finally, the most important reason is students will have...
1 Page 440 Words

Review of Brent Staples' Article ‘Why Colleges Shower Their Students with A’s’: Critical Essay

The article ‘Why Colleges Shower Their Students with A’s’ written by Brent Staples was originally published on the open page by The New York Times on March 8, 1998. The higher education system of the United States has been a picture of deterioration, especially since the advent of private institutes. With an ever-increasing competition posed by private institutes and rising demands of students for better grades, one of the ways the colleges have been letting their standards down is by...
2 Pages 725 Words

Why I Want to Be a Special Education Teacher Essay

As an advocate for individualized education, I firmly believe that every child should have access to a learning experience that caters to their specific needs, abilities, and interests. This is why I am driven to pursue a career as a special education teacher. Through customized guidance and unwavering encouragement, I am enthusiastic about empowering students with special needs to surpass any challenges they may encounter and reach their fullest potential. Personal Background My personal experiences with special education have played...
2 Pages 806 Words

Informative Essay on the Purpose of Higher Education

The purpose of higher education is to develop learning and knowledge, in addition, to obtaining goals to have a satisfying career. Another prevalent view of higher education is becoming a better person and more qualified than before, as well as learning about life skills. Yo-Yo Ma, the writer of ‘Necessary Edges: Arts, Empathy, and Education’, mentions the three necessary edges that exist which include: education, arts, and empathy. When students attend university, it is their choice to study. It is...
2 Pages 872 Words
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