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Higher Education Is Overrated: Arguments For And Against

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So, most of you are thinking about applying to university after high school graduation. But have you ever thought about “Is it really worth this?” or “Do I really need to go to university?” I don’t think so. Actually, in my opinion, large amount of high-school students have thoughts in completely opposite way, like “I must go to university to have a highly paid job”. And these thoughts are wrong and bad for them, because it puts a lot of pressure on them, and might be very overwhelming. Even me myself is planning to apply to university after graduation, though my future doesn’t require any university degree. It's just that society is imposing on students that it is impossible to have a well-paid job without a bachelor's degree. That’s why the subject of my speech is that in 21th century the higher education is highly overrated.


There might be many different reasons, but we will talk about how affordable degrees are, are they really that useful, and waste of time and money.

Arg.1: Financial situation

Firstly, let’s talk about tuition fees. Based on the official statistics of 2018, the average salary in Ontario is $55,800/year, which is divided on 12 month is $4650/month. And now, there’s statistics of average tuition fees for degree program, which is $23,500/year for foreign students, and $6450/year for Canadian citizens. First one is a half of the middle annual salary. Such numbers are terrifying, given the fact that it is rather difficult for stateless students to find work to pay for all this!

Therefore, students have to take study mortgages, which most people can’t repay even after graduation. They also called student dept.

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Arg.2: Futility

In addition, there’s almost no guarantee that you’ll have a well-paid job after getting university degree. According to statistics of Bureau of Labour, almost 17 million students with bachelor’s degree (or above) have jobs, which require only a maximum of high-school diploma or secondary education. However, even though these jobs’ requirements might be low, it doesn’t mean they are poorly paid. Everything is a little different, because, for example, many types of managers often don’t require anything more than high-school diploma. Such managers are transportation manager, restaurant manager, construction manager, etc. And their salary may vary from $40,000 - $70,000.

Also, currently there are many large and famous companies those no longer require any degree. For example, Google, Apple, Tesla, Starbucks, and much more!

Arg.3: Waste of time and money

Finally, by applying to the university, there is always a risk to drop out. Actually, 41% of students don't graduate from four-year university course, which is almost a half. This might happen, because of many different situations. For example, student's parents forced them to apply for certain university program, when person didn't want to do so. Therefore, while studying in this university, student didn't try hard enough, and he end up being expelled. As another situation, the program might be too difficult for student (maybe he overestimated himself and his strength and abilities). And because his marks are too bad, so, he is dropping out.


In conclusion, student, before applying to university, should be 100% sure that they wants to work in this occupational field, can afford the tuition fees, will they be hard-working enough, and many other questions. Because, after university entrance, being expelled or drop out is not best-case scenario. So maybe you should reconsider your views about higher education.


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