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Peculiarities Of Freedom Of Expression In Universities

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Restrictions on speech in public universities, although this sounds like something that shouldn't be a problem it is. These first-amendment rights that students have differ by a lot depending on the university you go to and there the cops. Many people are involved in this topic and it creates an impact on their lives as the school presidents, Dean's, Faculty, and guest speakers on campus, you can't forget the students. This issue has been published in many newspapers and the public is beginning to realize that it is a problem and universities should have freedom of expression on campus as it is there as a citizen in this country.

Universities have started and haven't been letting children have free speech by doing things like removing or limiting things they think might offend other people like taking out a yoga class for the disabled at Yale because students they thought it was 'cultural appropriation.' 'In the 1980s and 1990s, 300 universities approved police policies as anti-harassment.' David Hudson says in the post. This is also proving that something has been done not to offend people, so if you follow that rule, students should be allowed to have free speech at universities. Some police men did not work in universities, so they began to do more like the 'oversaver' policy and these policies continued to build through the years to the point that college students are not expressing their freedom to expression so much so that students could not have him express there points or feelings not to mention the beliefs that are a very important part to be able to do. This problem is very important because these students' brains don't develop and still need to 'flower' says Scott bomboy if they can't express thoughts there as universities advertise them being able to do then how are they going to be able to think of your self or be independent?

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Studies have shown at Yale that 66 percent of students think their free speech is at stake. Students should not worry about having their freedom of expression taken away because there are laws that say, 'Congress will not make any law that respects an establishment of religion or impedes freedom of expression.' The Cornell Act says. This is showing students individual rights on campus. But for the common good is to strengthen discipline, a basic thing learned in universities and something that helps everyone and by trusting students makes them more independent and being more responsible says Ms. Newshed. I don't see a negative side of allowing students to have freedom of speech. Universities that try to remove this is a very bad idea and will mainly affect students' brains. Universities have no right to remove the opinions of students, the only things that are not allowed with the first amendment are obscenities,

Fighting Words, Defamation, Child Pornography, Perjury, Black Mail, Incitement to imminent lawless actions, True Threats, Solicitatiorns to commit crimes. Shown at ACLU Universities don't need to take the rights of students' voices in order not to have real threats and black mail.

In conclusion, freedom of expression in universities should not be an argument thatstudents need and will have a voice in their opinion. I think students should have free speech in colleges even though they can offend a person there's no way to make a perfect world let alone college. Students should be able to speak whenever they want, and they should be allowed to tell why and who is voting for knbecauseother peoplehavedifferent opinions, but that will help their brains grow.


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