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School Uniforms Stifle Freedom Of Expression

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Students should not wear uniforms because they take away a student’s sense of individuality. Imagine this: 30 students sit at desks in a small classroom. Each student wears tan pants and a white shirt. They sit with their school books and papers in front of them. They all look exactly alike. Does this seem right? Of course not! We are all individuals! We are unique in many different ways. Why try to make all students look alike? An article I found was called ‘School Uniforms Stifle Freedom of Expression’ stated, “But our biggest problem with a school uniform policy is the anti-individuality message it sends. If young people are to understand that a cornerstone of our freedom is the primacy of the individual—over government, over the collective, over any non-voluntary association—then sticking them all into look-alike clothes is a poor way to teach it.” Parents and Teachers are always saying how important it is to just be ourselves and not to worry about what others may think, having a uniform takes that away from us.

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On the side of practicality, uniforms are often seen as less comfortable than normal clothes. They can be tight and not adjustable to different weather conditions. In an article called ‘A lack of moral fiber: school uniforms use fabrics, we would normally avoid. Why?’ It stated, “Natural fibers are more expensive. They are also harder to look after and more prone to shrinkage; they need better handling, and you can't just wash and drip-dry them before wearing them. Mostly they need attention with a hot metal object called an iron.” Many students feel they do not look their best in uniforms. This is due to the fact that uniforms fit the mold of certain body types, and curvier or plus-size individuals often feel out of place and uncomfortable in uniforms. Wearing uniforms lends itself to more comparison, and children who do not fit the mold of a “normal” student in terms of body type are commonly ridiculed by classmates.

Another practical concern is that paying for uniforms wastes the money of parents when their children can simply wear the clothes they have. With school budgets limited, the financial burden of buying uniforms will fall to the parents. Parents will no longer have a choice in the type of clothing or the price. Also, parents will have to get clothes that their child will wear outside of school. The article called ‘ School Uniforms,’ stated “Many parents may have to make financial sacrifices or rely on financial aid to pay the tuition at a private school. In such cases, expensive uniforms can be viewed as a financial burden that disproportionately affects students from low-income households. Some vendors have gained reputations for filling orders slowly and providing poor customer service while charging exorbitant prices.” Furthermore, uniforms become a more significant cost when parents have more than one child to pay for. While others believe uniforms are affordable, their reasoning is wrong because school uniforms are costly and in today’s up and down economy, they are an unnecessary added expense.

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