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Schools Uniform Is Beneficial Rather Than Detrimental

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Uniforms are distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organization or by children attending the same school. It’s having the same form, manner, or degree. Although, school uniforms cannot stop all social issues, making school uniforms mandatory in all educational institutions have a number of tremendous effects. It breaks barriers among students, minimizes expenses for families, is less time-consuming for students, improves discipline and concentration, and is useful for identification.

It breaks the barriers between students. Even though students may attend the wealthiest of schools, there are still students who aren’t from wealthy families. Since students are wearing the same outfits there is no obvious distinction to be made between them. When students don’t wear uniforms, it is easy for them to spot children with more or less economic privileges, so visible markers between these children will be decreased with the wearing of uniforms, leading to more social mixing among economic lines. God created all of us in the likings of himself and even though some might not be able to afford nice things, they’ll be made fun of and those persons will think they are better than others because of what they can and cannot afford. Bill Clinton during his time as the president of the United States (in the ’90s) is one of the most prominent and strongest proponents of adapting school uniforms and how it may help us end many social evils done to students over mere designer jackets. Although people may argue that they won’t be able to be themselves if they are wearing the same thing but isn’t everyone unique in their own way; no two persons are the same. It might also be said that uniforms will deprive them of the privilege of expressing themselves but not all will be able to do so based on economic status.

Secondly, it minimizes expenses for families. Precisely, they would cost way less than casual clothing as you can have a set of uniforms for a week which can be repeated unconditionally, while with casual clothing students won’t want to repeat clothing occasionally. Therefore, clothing would have to be bought on the regular. Although you would still have to pay a price for a variety of uniform pieces, those uniforms would be worn all throughout the school year, so leaving casual clothing for special occasions. Spending time focusing on getting new clothes for the child every minute, can be quite stressful and strenuous as the parent would want their child to have to best so they aren’t criticized. This is rather a petty issue which is a want than a need. Although, they might not say it openly the survey of more than 500 schools conducted in 2013 revealed that more than 90% of the parents are “pro uniforms” and believe it could help them save money. They would spend less with uniforms and focus more where it matters, which is fulfilling the child’s needs and ensuring they get a good education. School should not be about what you wear, it's, not a fashion show. The major priority should be about what you go there to do.

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Thirdly, it's less time-consuming for students. School uniforms will save students time when getting ready in the mornings. Getting dressed for school in the mornings will be hassle-free, as it is already known what will be worn. Since they know what they have to wear there isn’t much thought or effort that has to go into getting ready for school each day. This will help them to get ready by an adequate time in the morning, so lessening the chances of the missing school; thus, improving the punctuality of students. The time that would be spent on choosing what to wear and getting ready, will then be spent sleeping a little longer eating breakfast without rushing. No more of “what will I wear this morning or the picking choosing and refusing”.

Therefore, making school uniforms mandatory across all educational institutions will improve discipline and concentration. The Journal of Educational Research, 2003, Vol. 97. has presented data that shows a positive correlation between uniforms and achievements. With everyone wearing the same thing, there will be no focus on what each other is wearing or worrying about who is more fashionable and putting what goes on in the classroom at the center. It will then prevent distractions in the classroom. Another argument that’s often raised about uniforms is that they may increase students' focus. The evidence for this seems to be thin, but many people of uniforms argue that when students don’t have clothing to notice, comment on or respond to, they can spend more mental energy on learning. This argument goes hand in hand with the sense of disciplined learning in schools, but some say uniforms contradict the idea of diversity that schools encourage. By looking the same as other students, some would say it discourage students from making choices, but one is less likely to be concerned with their appearances. There will be less monitoring of what students wear, as you do not have to examine if it’s inappropriate or not. Rather than students building friendships on fashion for popularity reasons it gives them the opportunity to just BE and get to know one another genuinely. So, to speak, the wearing of uniforms will prevent distractions and create uniformity within the classroom and school environment. Students will no longer have to report signs of peer pressure that would occur from the types of clothing that they wear.

In addition, they are also effective in the use of identification. This allows you to easily identify outsiders on the campus and differentiate students from teachers. It is a badge of pride that creates an identity for schools. The wearing of uniforms shows that you are a part of an organization, that you take pride in your appearance and you are dressing smartly. Imagine the concept that, you are on the street and something happens, identifying which institution you are from would be so much easier if you are in a uniform. It is also likely that schools will have field trips and events to go to, which represent in a uniform will be easy to acknowledge which group you belong to and shows a form of togetherness.


In conclusion, the concept of having uniforms as a mandatory policy in schools is beneficial rather than detrimental. In the attempt to support this, it has been concluded that it gives structure to students and allows for the restraining of alienation. School uniforms have been a controversial topic of discussion for a long, long time. There are many critics of school uniforms, but they are usually seen to be fighting a lost battle when it comes to defending what they perceive. It is time for all of us to think neutral, leaving our egos behind and deciding on what is best for our new generation and society. Spending our valuable time on petty issues concerned with uniform wearing is going to take us nowhere but will just keep the never-ending debate on fire! Believe it or not, the wearing of school uniform is only helping us to abide by policies and maintain professionalism when we go out in the working world. No more time spent on making fun of others based on what they wear, being stressed out over getting designer clothes are even to be popular based on fashion choices, but yet directing the focus on what really matters in life. In terms, it lowers spending abilities, adds discipline and proper functioning to the school environment.

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