The Benefits Of School Specific Uniform

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Uniforms in school have been around for a long time. Wearing certain clothing with the school colors such as polo, certain jeans or pants, shoes, the school's jacket, etc. There are schools that do not require to wear a uniform, meaning students can wear any type of clothing they feel comfortable with, but of course, there is a “dress code” this student must follow, such as no piercings, no mini skirts, no unnatural hair color and some more. Wearing uniforms is a great way for students to be mentally ready for the next 8 hours of school.

But, should private schools follow this “dress code” instead of forcing their students to wear a certain uniform and, do uniforms help and anyway on the student's performance in school?

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First off, wearing uniforms helps the school in different ways to keep them safe, one of them is to spot any stranger in the campus. School administrators say uniforms help eliminate gang-related styles and logos and that students will pay more attention to their classwork if they aren’t preoccupied with fashion during class. Despite these benefits, parents, and students don’t like the idea of forcing children to dress alike, which they say suppresses freedom of expression.

Now, it could be true that is suppressed freedom of expression, but it is hard to have different outfits for the whole school year. With bullying being something very present in school nowadays, it's easier for a kid to tease someone that has been wearing the same t-shirt or the same shoes. Meanwhile, when everyone is wearing the same polo, the same color shoes, or the same khaki pants or shorts, then no one should be bothered because everyone is wearing the same thing.

Wearing uniforms can also help the students wake up and know that they have to go to school and work, meanwhile, when you wear whatever you want to school it puts you in a lazy mode, like its just another day and you may also just fell asleep during your next class.

During my time in school, I have always been forced to wear a uniform, during elementary, middle school where I had to wear a vest and tie, but now during high school, it just required for me to wear the school's polo, jeans, and any shoes I want. Now, I have never attended a school where uniforms are not mandatory, but just from experience from going out with friends or to any type of reunion, coming out with an outfit for just one day is a little bit hard. So I can’t imagine how hard it could be for me to come out for different outfits for a whole school year.

Many people are against schools forcing their students to wear a uniform, many people think that just using a dress code is enough, but the true thing is uniforms do not just apply to school, it's something everyone follows in their lifetime such as jobs if you are a businessman, is required for you to wear a suit and tie to your job. If you work at a supermarket, you must wear a uniform that makes you stand out from the customer. All and all, uniforms are an essential part of our life and really do not affect in a huge way the students work during their school time.

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