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School Uniforms: Dignity And Respect In The Classroom

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Many students go to school and wear inappropriate clothing making their school look more unprofessional and inconvenient for many other schools worldwide. Without school dress codes and private schools, Would students behave the same? We should all respect each other, Learn how to help each other, And not bully anyone. With the school dress code, Students would be able to focus on their educational classes more than their clothing. Dress codes could have a positive impact on many schools.

One of the reasons why the school dress code should be mandatory in school is because it would lower the chances of encountering gangs, violence, theft, And peer pressure. “Since all students are dressed in uniforms, It can be easier to pinpoint who is not supposed to be there. This also prevents students from showing their gang affiliations by wearing certain colors of clothing”. (20 disadvantages). It is also proven that dress codes increase improvement and can also have a sense of security and make schools feel safer.

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All students should learn discipline, respect, and how to treat others like how we would like to be treated. The school dress code helps achieve this goal Because it would prepare students in the future to properly dress well in different places such as jobs, important meetings, and family events. School uniforms can help students be successful in the future. This can teach students to dress formally in events And can improve student achievement and behavior. Students should learn that the school dress code can be very useful in the future to look more professional and be more trusted when communicating with people. Dressing formally can help get more job opportunities and can also be more friendly. “They can have a better sense of unity because everyone will wear the same clothes and they have a single identity” (20 disadvantages). Schools should consider this and should make the school dress code mandatory.

School dress codes have become common worldwide. Inappropriate clothing can be a distraction for teachers and students. Wearing T-shirts with inappropriate images and profanity can lead to disturbance to other students who are trying to learn in school. School is meant to be a Safe, Clean, And educational environment for the community. “Dress codes provide guidelines through which students are allowed to wear clothing that meets the school’s requirements, whether they pertain to color, style or cut of the clothing” (5 Benefits). Students should follow the school rules and should keep the community clean and safe. The most important reason why we should have a dress code mandatory in schools is that there would be less envy and students would most likely not bully anyone. “The way children dress is one of the most common reasons for bullying. Kids who dress differently or who can't afford branded clothes are made fun of and discriminated against. School uniforms can help stop this issue” (20 disadvantages). Dress code This also includes girls that wear skirts and boys wearing ripped jeans. Every school worldwide should consider the dress code and it shouldn't be used in a bad way, but in a good way to teach students discipline, manners, and for them to dress to impress. “68% of parents believed the uniform policy would improve overall academic performance” (Wilder). Many parents agree with the uniform policy and can save more money for their children instead of buying more clothes.

The school dress code is important for our society because it can teach students to be more productive in class and teach them to be more professional in their work environment in the future. Some may say that the school dress code is unnecessary and should not be mandatory in school, But would students behave the same and have better attendance without it? There is a high chance that it won't. Students wouldn't do better on their tests, And also would be distracted by their clothing and would lose focus on studying without the school dress code. Without the school dress code, Students would be bullied and have lower grades. It is important to teach us in the real world, And students wouldn't have any pressure. The school dress code should be kept as a policy for schools and jobs to show a better image of yourself.

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