What is Military Bearing

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Military Bearing is one's outward appearance that includes their uniform, hair, the amount of motivation they have and pride in their appearance. “It is also the way you maintain your composure and contain your emotions at all times. Even when some might think it is necessary to speak one's thoughts, that is where military bearing comes into play and maintains the composure of the soldier himself or herself.” Military bearing is the way you take pride in your accomplishments and the majority of your experiences. Military bearing can also be described as doing the morally right thing whether someone is watching you or not. How they appear, act and take action when they are in the eyes of the world and or fellow servicemembers. It is like a callus that hardens over time and with the right direction and purpose will become instilled and will forever be in all service members across all branches. It is a part of what separates potential leaders from their peers and furthers their military career when handling difficult situations both home and abroad. This will translate into the civilian world as well when someone comes across arduous choices and paths.

Furthermore, along with military bearing, respect comes into play each and every day. The golden rule of, “treat others how you’d like to be treated” is present throughout our branches of service. It is important to render and reciprocate the proper respect while on duty or off duty. It shows that this particular service member knows their current position in the big scheme of things and practices proper courtesies in a military manner regardless of personal feelings or agenda. Respect when given and reciprocated allows for soldiers and seniors to be on the same page and work cohesively to accomplish a common goal whether it be military oriented or on a personal level. It allows for units to operate and run smoothly knowing that everyone is on the same page and will not overstep their boundaries regardless of prior relations with one another or comradery that has developed while working together. Respect must be given at all times to uphold what we stand for as soldiers and future members of society once our time has come.

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Professionalism in or out of uniform is what separates us from others and shows that we are a part of the world’s greatest team. “Military professionalism is a totality which forms the basis for how individuals, groups, and the military itself acts to perform its job. There can be no skill without the discipline to train.” Professionalism may vary from soldier to soldier, but nonetheless is essential for everyone to practice at all times, especially out of the workplace and around civilians to ensure and maintain a positive image of the United States Army on how we act as a team. Professionalism encompases trust, military expertise, honorable service, esprit de corps, and stewardship; as members of the military we actively practice these each day and strive to progress these skills/traits.

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