School Uniforms Reduce and Prevent Bullying

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School uniforms have brought out many discussions at school board meetings among staff and students. Many people might think that school uniforms are taking away students' and people’s rights. The uniforms are less expensive than any other shirt or clothing brand and that's why parents like uniforms. Students should be required to wear uniforms because it prevents bullying and it creates a safer school environment.

First, uniforms prevent bullying in many schools. Uniforms have been proved that helps prevent students from being verbally or physically bullied. Students think that they should be judged by a clothing brand. There are many stories based on bullying and peer pressure in schools. Just because students think they need to have that brand and if not they can not be popular or like the others. According to an article,“Parents and students can be taught to resist peer pressure to buy expensive name-brand clothing through education about the true creators of this pressure”(Wilkins). This statement proves that by wearing uniforms not only students but parents as well can resist and prevent peer pressure. School uniforms are important for many parents because they can be less expensive than other brands.

In addition, these types of clothing make everyone equal; no one is better than another. A piece of clothing should not change the way a person is being looked at or even judged. Many students think that they might be better than others just because they have a Nike brand or Hollister brand shirt instead of a different type of brand or a dollar store shirt. In an article, it states that “There wasn't that need to compete with name brands and things like that, so it kind of eases that competition, that social factor, that a lot of times, especially at the high school level, exists”(Shriver). This quote proves that it is true; there is a lot of competition in students. If there were policies for school clothing, there wouldn't be many equality problems. Students need to be put on the right track because they tend to bully their classmates and not knowing they have money problems at home. By implementing the uniforms, no one needs to compete in their type of clothing brand because everyone will be equal.

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Although uniforms create a safer environment for students and staff, many people do not understand that. Uniforms can help staff stop intruders and stop anyone that is trying to harm the students. For instance, “Officials realized that uniforms not only made it easier to spot intruders, but they also improved the school climate”(Shriver). This shows that even officials prove that uniforms help them find the adults or teenagers that do not belong in the school. If a stranger was to enter the building they would be able to see through the cameras and get him caught. In another article called, “School Uniforms” Julia Wilkins states that, “So to be recognized as an intruder, the individual would have to be dressed in clothes that don't resemble a school uniform of any kind” (Wilkins). Intruders tend to disguise themselves as a student and then harm people, but if they have the right uniform they can be spotted easily. School uniforms can save many students' and staff's lives by not harming anyone.

Furthermore, uniforms educate and discipline in the classroom. They make students dress properly, wear appropriate clothing, and teach them to protect themselves from many different types of people by dressing up appropriately. Wearing uniforms especially in high school is very important because it prepares students for real life. They get to experience as a group how to dress properly once students get their jobs. Articles had stated that uniforms make students less rebellious during school. For example, “After just one year, dramatic decreases in violence and discipline problems, as well as higher test scores, were reported”(Wilkins). This proves that students focus more on their school work which in turn improves their grades for the better. Therefore, uniforms put students on a track for success.

Additionally, once students adapt to the uniforms, they get better habits from it. They get less worried and get more comfortable with them. The uniforms make students get more mature in their lives. If they were to use uniforms it would help them get easier routines in the morning. They wouldn't have to be rushing to look for their outfit, they could even sleep a few more minutes. As stated in the article, “Uniformly Accepted: Schools Relax Policies on Clothing Options” by Shriver, Sam states, “I think it creates great self-discipline. It creates good habits” (Shriver). This quote proves that it helps students be prepared. It helps students and staff with their time schedules. In the article, “Uniformly Accepted: Schools Relax Policies on Clothing Options” by Shriver, Sam states that, “I love that every day I know we don't have to fight that battle. We can just: white polo, blue pants and you got your shoes, your socks and you're out the door. So from a parent perspective, I think it also helps reduce some of those other issues that could come up in the morning, and I appreciate it”(Shriver). This proves that a parent is also stating that uniforms make their lives way easier, they do not need to go through that fight or struggle to find clothing in the mornings.

In conclusion, school uniforms have protected many schools from intruders, bullies, and also prevented peer pressure. The uniforms have helped many schools by having strict policies and rules for the clothing that students wear. Uniforms are mostly for high school students because they know how to act properly. They help the students get comfortable and prepare them for when they go into a job with uniforms. Not only can they help them from intruders in the building but help them with their everyday routine. A piece of clothing should not define a person’s personality nor his special characteristics. Uniforms are very productive and influenced by many parents.

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