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Investigating Learning Challenges Faced by Students in Higher Education

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Learning challenges faced by students in higher education is seen as a significant issue according to Chan Yuen Fook. The study indicates that undergraduates, postgraduates and instructors take a qualitative approach to gather information on the challenges faced in university. This paper summarizes the key challenges that students come across during their studies. Interviews, questionnaires and document analysis used to try to understand the key challenges faced. These challenges consisted of cognitive challenge, becoming an active learner, coping with reading materials, instructional problems, language barriers, time management, and burden of assignments as well as culture differences.

The article suggests that universities want to maintain high levels of learning and teaching for students. According to D’Andea and Gosling (cited in Chan Yuan Fook 2015) a set of objectives are listed to help focus on helping on providing excellent education. Some of the goals look at active learning, deep learning, and problem based learning and several more. These goals help students set a focus on their academic studies in the end.

According to Angelo (cited in Chan Yuen Fook 2015) a study was proposed to help identify learning challenges faced by students. He emphasized that teaching goals would lead to high order thinking skills as well as personal developments, allowing students to focus on essential skills required for their education. Guzman (2006) implied the kind of teachers required to teach students successfully through the word ‘empowered’. He suggested a criteria to help students learn better. However, the author also implied that formative assessments helped address learning challenges faced by students in higher education. This in turn would help provide better education in higher learning institutions.

The challenges faced by students is taken on through a qualitative method. The study proposed of open-ended questions through interview questions and document analysis. This was sampled through 181 students from undergraduate as well as postgraduates and instructors. The information collected was verified through senior professors from that university. The confidentially of the interviews were taken into great consideration as the interview scripts would be discarded at the end of the study.

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Cognitive challenge is that the most important challenge faced by most of the scholars in instruction. A complete of thirty-two students highlighted the difficulty of psychological feature challenge in their learning. It can often be understood that students psychological feature level ought to be developed at a better level after they enter university. Once students area unit in university, they have to suppose critical and write academically.

During the interviews, one student conjointly distinguished that students do not seem to be able to move in some courses that are technically oriented like ‘Educational Assessment and Psychological Measurement’. Hence, being attentive to the instructor’s lecture is a lot of meaning than simply discussing general problems. Only seventeen students from the one hundred ninety respondents expressed that addressing reading materials could be a challenge to several undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Even though two respondents in the questionnaires solely expressed culture variations, it is a major issue among international students. International students were having issues to catch up with certain topics that were distinctive to the United States culture. In their home country, normally, the instructors were a lot active in the classroom and the students expected by the lecturer to concentrate and take notes. Asking question considered rude according to some cultures and not respecting the teacher. Two of the instructors interviewed mentioned they had to call the students name to keep them active in the classroom discussion otherwise, they prefer not to speak.

In conclusion, the findings showed that the students were involved regarding instructional issues in their classes. Apparently, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) also foster constant passion of excellent teaching in their university to deal with learning challenges among the students in higher education. The university has compiled the collective voices of their professional lecturers and explicit express the principles that inform the teaching of those excellent lecturers. The total framework indicates the emphasis on the interaction of teaching and learning to deal with learning problems. The CUHK identified that feedback is just helpful if the teacher reflects upon it and makes use of the information to boost teaching and therefore the curriculum. The findings in CUHK advocate that students should not only know how to answer questions, however conjointly the way to raise ask.

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