My Reasons for Tetley and Lupton Scholarships Application: Opinion Essay

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Scholarship opportunities are always designed to reward excellent academic performance and to support the advancement of studies. While the scholarships are offered for almost the same reason, different students have different reasons for applying for scholarships. The reasons are varied depending on factors such as background and professional requirements. While the Tetley and Lupton Scholarships application was the first I have ever had, I applied because I wanted a chance to develop my profession, to gain educational benefits offered by scholarships, to land in my dream institution, and to be able to study without hindrances due to fees.

Progression of my professional life was one of the primary inspirations to apply for the scholarship program. Tetley and Lupton’s scholarship provides an excellent opportunity to follow my career path, and therefore I will significantly benefit by climbing the ladders of my profession. The whole process of study of another level of education provides the right knowledge and equips an individual with the right knowledge that is applied to produce good results and essential skills. I seek to apply the knowledge gained through the scholarship to tap opportunities for development and growth in my country.

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Secondly, I apply for Tetley and Lupton scholarship because it provides an opportunity to clear my school fees and study seamlessly without any interference. Financial challenges have been a great hindrance to my study since I come from a humble family in a poor neighborhood. Financial support through the scholarship would be beneficial for the realization of my dreams. After analyzing the fee structure for Leeds University, it was evident that I was not in a position to finish payment of the tuition fees and other expenses. In fact, I was not even able to find enough resources to support my travel to the university.

Additionally, getting the scholarship provides an opportunity for me to get professional knowledge and come back to develop my community. The knowledge and skills gathered during the study would be useful since I would use them after finishing my study to support the local community in my locality for proper development. After finishing the course, I will travel back to my country to practice and to provide support. I believe this support will be a great inspiration to other students in my country, and thus it will begin a chain of hard work and aspiration to get to make my country better than it is currently. Moreover, professional knowledge will be useful in propelling my career to higher levels.

Finally, I applied for Tetley and Lupton scholarship because I know and believe that it offers me a tremendous academic benefit. The university of choice, Leeds University, is highly prestigious. Therefore, graduation from the university would highly distinguish me from the rest of my peers. Therefore, I would be able to enjoy my education experience significantly at the university since the university will also expose me to opportunities that help to expand my experience and knowledge beyond the class setting through the provision of fellowships and internships. Leeds University has an excellent global reputation, and therefore, getting the scholarship will raise my visibility and make me more desirable to employers and other scholarship admission committees when I will choose to advance my study further.

In conclusion, I will get great benefits from the Tetley and Lupton scholarship offered for Leeds University. Advancing my career and getting back to work in my motherland, will benefit not only myself and my family but also my country since I will contribute to its economic growth. I seek to advance my education and professional life, yet I do not have the capacity to do so on my own. Therefore, I beseech the scholarship committee to consider my application and approve my scholarship application strongly.

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