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Argumentative Essay on Whether Gap Year Is Important

College is an institution of higher learning that rewards students with a degree. A degree is supposed to provide students with a greater choice when it comes to job opportunities and better-paying jobs in the working industry. Going to college also provides students with many personal and interpersonal skills. It gives them time students to mature as they figure out what they want to do in their first years of higher education. Most high school students endeavor to join college...
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Why You Should Take A Gap Year

Many of you in the audience may be on your way, mid-way or even finished with university. However, what you study is less important to your success then WHEN you study it. It’s time to become independent, it’s time for you to see the world for yourself and it’s time to find your purpose. There are many misconceptions and fears about taking a gap year, and you might have heard that a gap year will immediately put you at a...
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Travelling during Gap Year: Descriptive Essay

A gap year will be one of the most exciting times in your life. You will have the chance to go off traveling and exploring the world without a care in the world! There are many different places you can go and discover on your gap year. You’ll also find a variety of things you can do while you are away. Many will help you earn money to fund your travels while others will be just for fun! Are you...
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Concept of Gap Year: Descriptive Essay

Before continuing to university studies, the process of deciding to want internal time from every period between school and high school is called a gap year until the university studies begin. Previous academic success, climate or role may be a driving factor affecting young people to choose to postpone research at university. Just like in different nations the U.K, the U.S and South Africa too. After completing higher education (college), it is not uncommon for youngsters to need a gap...
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Should Young People Be Encouraged To Take A Gap Year Before Starting University?

In some countries it is seen as positive to let young people take a gap year after school and go out to work or traveling as it allows the experience their interests. A gap year is the time that youngsters take after finishing high school just before starting university. Here are some advantages and disadvantages on how it can affect them. In many countries they encourage youngsters to work or travel around the world before embanking on a higher education...
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What The Gap Year Is And Why One Needs It

Before continuing to the university studies, the method of deciding to need interval time from every period between school and high school is named gap year until the university studies begin. Previous academic result, environment or a task could also be a driving factor affecting young people in choosing to delay university study. it is not uncommon for adolescents to want a gap year at the university after completing school/higher education, nation just like the UK, the United State and...
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Funding For Gap Year

Introduction A friend has approached me wanting some advice on comparing the total cost and time required to save or take out a loan for funding their GAP Year overseas trip. My friend will need to save up to $15,000.00 for her trip, so I will be investigating and exploring the best way for them to save up and be able to afford a GAP Year overseas. For this task I will be urged to use various resources like graphic...
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Reflective Essay on Personal Experience of Gap Year

Within theme 2 I was especially drawn and interested to the lecture were we examined the ‘Gap Year’. Having been one of the many modern-day students that have taken part in a gap year, it was intriguing to understand how a ‘simple’ year away from previous structures such as university began and has advanced into such a modern-day phenomenon. The Gap year began as the ‘Grand Tour’ fashioned within the Victorian period (Heath 2007). During this period this tour was...
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Benefits of Taking Gap Year: Opinion Essay

There are those who know from a young age what they are going to do when they grow up, and there are also people who are not sure what to study until the last day of high school. Among those who have the necessary resources, some end up choosing to take a sabbatical/gap year. Being able to take a year off is known to be comforting for people, just so they can have a better understanding. A gap year can...
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The Reasons Taking A Gap Year Is Beneficial

A common misconception in American society nowadays is that education can only occur within the four walls of a classroom. Of course, this is not true. People learn important and valuable things in life every day. Imagine spending a year focusing on your life and learning important things not only about the world but yourself too. Students who take a gap year before college get to experience this. Taking a gap year before college is very beneficial because students develop...
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