Should Young People Be Encouraged To Take A Gap Year Before Starting University?

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In some countries it is seen as positive to let young people take a gap year after school and go out to work or traveling as it allows the experience their interests. A gap year is the time that youngsters take after finishing high school just before starting university. Here are some advantages and disadvantages on how it can affect them.

In many countries they encourage youngsters to work or travel around the world before embanking on a higher education at the college and university. To begin with, working during a gap year can be an advantage for those who choose to do so. It helps them to engage with different people from other back grounds and being exposed to other cultures which in the long run could benefit them to learn how to deal with real life situations. Such as learning values and norms of that country which are completely dissimilar to theirs. In some countries going to college or university could be expensive in order to release that financial pressure they must work and save up money to go towards their education fees. For example many African countries don’t have student support such as learner loans. If fees are not paid they will not allow you to enrol onto any course. Some students come from very poor family whereby their parents cannot afford to pay their education and the only alternative would finding work.

Students that works during a gap year intend to gain skills that could be useful and also have a big influence when it comes to selecting their career choice especially for those whom choose to do some volunteering work. They get to work for instance with children orphanage which could give them another perspective on how awful some children live in poor countries. Children don’t have we the western countries call basic needs like food, a clear or safe environment to live and medical care if needed. They therefore start app They will be more mature than students that went on straight for further studies.

Some people at very young age might know what they want to be when they grow up whereas others have no idea at all.

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According to The Guardian online news all pupil should be encouraged to take a gap year before starting university as it would take away the problem of predicted A-level grades. Young people that decides to have to break from studies are likely to return more confident and even have a more clear direction of what they want to do. It means that during the gap year they may find out their results and get enough time to think about it. They would also choose what course preferred and university. The advantage would for their future teachers as they would have gained maturity after that period. Students that were not sure of further education might then choose to continue working rather than starting university and them dropping out feeling that like a failure.

However there are disadvantages with taking a gap year too. It could be difficult for some youngster to return to education after getting used to having an income that gives them freedom to do what they want and when they want. Some might not even desire to attend university anymore. Further education for instance diplomas, degrees and masters degree have become expensive and with thought many wonders why should they borrow so money to study and be in debt for the rest of life when there are no assurance that they get a job after wards.

Some young people have always lived under their parents or guardians wings to protect them and providing for them. Traveling alone could put them in dangerous situations because they have never been responsible themselves. They might not be matured enough to deal with potential challenges that they could face which is likely to lead them to involving themselves into illegal activities for example selling drugs, prostitution and other crimes. Youngsters that travels to developing countries could be kidnaped for ransoms because it is easy to separate them the rest that they are not from locals.

Young people could fell behind for a year compare to their peers they finished school with which might make them study with students that are younger than them and also graduate later. In some countries that offers scholarships to students do not allow youngsters to take a break away from studies but prefers them to rather continue to college or university right way. If they do not comply with the rules it could affect their scholarship.

In conclusion taking some time away form education before enrolling to university helps the youngsters to discover what they are passionate about and also sort out how they would pay their school fees. When they absolutely love what they are learning may make work hard to achieve the highest grades and also would like attend class without missing any of it. Traveling and working gives students opportunity to develop their independence and self confidence with a chance to try out a possible career. If they choose to take short or long break they should have in mind that time is very precious and you cannot turn it back, so they should treat it with respect. However if they wish to climb up on the social ladder or class they should have a university education which is also essential to get a professional job.

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