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Life of ABM Students: Experiences and Challenges

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Senior High School is the last two years of the K to 12 program that DepEd implemented back in 2012. It is between Junior High School and College, it is not as easy as Junior High School and it is similar to college but easier from it. It helps the students to have background knowledge of their preferred career paths and to be ready once you enter college. But for others, senior high school is not necessary. For them, it is just a waste of time because instead of being a college already, you need to take senior high school time. It has different tracks to choose, such as Academic track, Technical Vocational Livelihood track, Sports Track, and Arts and Design track. Accounting, Business and Management Strand (ABM) is a strand that belongs to Academic track that students can take aside from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), General Academic Strand (GAS), Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS). After taking Senior High School, it is the time that you will receive your High School Diploma.

Being a student is fun, there is a lot of new things that you will learn, you will meet new people, and you will be able to explore. But despite those things, there are also hardships and struggles that you might face along the way. Taking ABM will be difficult. ABM Strand focuses on the concepts of management and accounting. Students who want to become an Accountant or in the field of Business, ABM is the strand for you. It can help students increase their skills and widen their knowledge to be ready in College Life. For example, making a business plan, advertising, and the basics of preparing journals, ledger, financial statements (Accounting). It is like an orientation for those students who will take Accountancy or any business related courses after their Senior High School. With the help of this, it will be easier for the students when they start college because they have studied the basic things that they need to know unlike before when there is no program like these, after Highschool, students enter college without knowing the basic things that should know.

Calculator, journal, and worksheet are the must have for an ABM Student. These things are not just things, these are very important things because these are the most used for almost every day especially when there are activities. You might confuse why the calculator is needed. It is a must have because even if it is basic math you still need a calculator because it is basic math with large numbers. In terms of attitude and skills, it needs a lot of effort and deep analysis. It does not require you to be good at Mathematics but still, love math even if it is different to understand, even if it is boring sometimes and difficult to understand, even if there is so many formulas and equations to remember. It will challenge your analytical skills in analyzing transactions that are very complicated and hard to understand. Numerical, leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills are the skills that can help to become entrepreneurs or an individual that will manage a company. It also requires you to have creativeness and logical skills. Creativeness because in marketing you need to have a unique strategy and plan to promote products and to encourage the people to patronize your product. And Logical skills because there are questions that the answer is there, just have common sense. Having those things will really help you a lot to pass those problems.

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Along the way, you will conquer some challenges. At first, you might think to give up but it is just in the beginning maybe because you are adjusting with the subjects and the things that the professors ask you to do but when the time comes when you adapt with the environment, it will be slightly easier unlike in the beginning. According to a research study, ABM students encounter difficulties in learning Mathematics. This study seeks to investigate, know and research why ABM students encounter difficulties in learning Mathematics and what are the factors affecting it. It shows that there are student’s factor and teacher’s factor. In Student’s factor, students experiencing pressure towards the subject that is why they find it hard to learn Mathematics. In the teacher’s factor, the teacher may not have a teaching style that is why the students cannot catch up. These factors affect so much in students. It leads them to have a hard time coping and understanding the lessons and as result, the students tend to get low grades. One of the struggles is having difficulty in time management. There is a lot of activities, tasks, and assignments that the professors will give. You need to know what you should do first and also when you are going to study. Procrastinating is not advisable to do. Do not waste your time. If you have time, do it and do not wait for tomorrow so that you will not problem it anymore. Decision making is a challenge to students because they need to look into it deeper. They must know how to make good and intelligent decisions in order to become a good entrepreneur.

ABM is not an easy strand. Actually, there is no easy strand, it is also difficult and hard. There is a lot of reason why it is a tough strand. The lessons are one of those reasons. It is arduous, but it depends how on students will handle it. The combination of perseverance and patience is the best. As I have said, it needs to exert a lot of effort, so if the students do not have perseverance in terms of reading and analyzing transactions, it may be hard for the students to conquer this strand. Just know your priorities and have focus, you can make it. Patience is also essential in studying some lessons because there are things that you will not learn easily. It might be tough and rough but with perseverance and patience, you will overcome those challenges and hardships. Also, despite those hardships, it is very beneficial because those activities can really improve your skills as a student. You will learn what is your purpose as an ABM student and you will also know what are your own weaknesses are and how to overcome it. According to a student who took up ABM strand, in ABM you will learn a lot of things, You will be Mathematics friendly, you are free to express everything, you will meet more friends, you can explore Mathematics, you may learn how to manage a business, you can improve your business-minded ability, you may know how to be a successful accountant, you can learn how to effectively manage your own management, your efforts are not worthless and most especially in ABM you will not just be better but you will the best.

Having hard times is just normal for a student. You will encounter many struggles in studying. Those challenges are just challenging your capacities as a student. While taking ABM strand you might have sleepless nights because of the requirements that you need to pass, you might have headaches because of the mathematical problems that you are repeatedly solving, and you might think to give because of the stress that you might feel. You can do something about that. These sufferings can help you to be a better person and these can give you learnings that can help when you enter college. Reading those things might get you afraid to take this strand, please do not. Every hardship there will be a result of success as an exchange. If it is your dream, do not give up, remember nothing is impossible. Enjoy everything that you do. Do not let your fears take your dreams. Believe in yourself that you can do it. You can do what you think you cannot. So, are you going to take the ABM strand? In every decision, you made always seek God’s Guidance. Rizal one’s stated that “Children are the nation’s future”. Do not be discouraged with the difficult things you experience but let it be your inspiration to overcome it.

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