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Valuable Lessons I Learned While in College

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While attending Southwest Tennessee Community College, I have learned things this semester that will contribute to my success as a college student. As a college student, I have learned college will place you in situations where the answers will not come easily. One of the valuable lessons I learned while in college is discipline, and without discipline going through college successfully will become a struggle. In college, you will have plenty of opportunities to take your learning into your own hands, but when an individual has discipline, the decisions he/she makes can cause a good outcome. Having discipline in college taught me I am fully responsible for everything that happens to me, and my success in college is almost entirely dependent on myself.

No one in college will force you to attend class, or no one will make sure you turn in your assignments. Time management has a huge impact on students in college because without time management an individual can quickly fail in college. I have learned every skill taught will fall in order; in fact, without discipline, there is no understanding of time management. Sometimes learning the hard way can better teach an individual and can help them see discipline and time management will become an individuals’ best friend in college. Containing both skills as a college student helped me see college is my main priority.

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Another valuable lesson taught to me was that I am responsible for all information kept. This semester taught me college is about all the information an individual can retain and spit back out. I learned to distance myself from students so all the information told in class could be retained. Every class I had this semester sitting in the front row became important to me. Students will also learn the importance of a teacher seeing you in front of the class.

Everything valuable taught to me will further help me succeed in college. Professors will teach students skills that can help them be successful throughout college. Learning discipline, time management and retaining information has helped me go a very long way. Those three things can be a learning tool for not only college but life. The purpose of the student’s instructor is to be their guide throughout their journey in college.

Making the most out of college is very important because an individual should always make the most out of the time they have. With the rising cost of education, a person needs to have the discipline to make the most out of it. The cost of education will continue to rise, and it is best we take advantage of what we have now. I am just now starting to get into college life and I think being a college student has helped me mature as an adult. I will always remember everything I have learned plays a key role in a part of my life.

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