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To slightly turn away from the more recent cases of hazing, let’s look now at quite possibly the most obvious argument against this brutal practice, but one that people seem to be blissfully ignoring in the face of what they call ‘tradition’. Hazing is clearly outdated. Those who seem to be endorsing the practices are failing to see that our society is progressing and evolving. Why is the action of hazing still endorsed by people and ignored in many universities...
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College is a big part of any person's life. It will be the most toughest years of your life. For as long we can remember in school teachers are always saying what you do now starting from elementary school till you graduate high school will have an impact on your life for the next few years. From tv shows to movies they depict college has the most fun you will ever have and the friends that you make will be...
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You may think that hazing is a modern activity, yet it’s history can be traced back to the Greeks. Hazing is an activity that is seen as a type of ritual where a group of members force new coming members to endure in order to prove their commitment and loyalty to the existing members. It may seem harmless on the outside, but it can turn deadly fast. Most universities have banned hazing activities, states have even made it a felony...
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What is hazing? In order to understand the story on how after being found culpable by an Orange County jury, Martin was sentenced to 77 months ' imprisonment for murder, assault and two counts of crime hazing it is first needed to understand the origin of hazing. “hazing consists of a set of initiation rituals in which a vast number of students participate in. It involves the exertion of power by senior students over newcomers, in an asymmetric logic that...
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A twitching, vomiting and ice-cold 19-year-old was lying on the ground. Groaning. His struggles were ridiculed and recorded for snapchat, he was kicked in the stomach and slapped in the face as members of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity at Pennsylvania State University horrifyingly attempted to rouse a teenager they killed, rather than alert authorities. Timothy Piazza’s 2017 death was a result of hazing rituals. The ‘Gauntlet’, as they call it is a game in which potential new members or...
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I am the new Activities Director at Litigation High School. After reading and reviewing the LHS Risk Management Plan, I noticed there is no mention of hazing. Hazing is defined as “any activity expected of someone joining a group that humiliates, degrades, abuses, or endangers, regardless of person’s willingness to participate.” I understand the risks that can come from hazing, so I am implanting hazing into our risk management plan. The first step in the risk management plan is “risk...
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The main problem being discussed is sexual assault on college campuses targeting fraternities as being the most frequent place for this to take place. Fraternities are notoriously known to be a dangerous place for women. Sexual assault on college campuses has been a serious issue but thankfully, there have been non-legal options, activists, and legislative acts that have been put in place to counter sexual assault. Some statistics for sexual assault, according to National Women Veterans United, include 25% of...
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With a fighting force denoted as the world’s strongest force compromised of both male and female soldiers, along with the amount of Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) training given. Why is SHARP increasing dramatically year by year in the army? Within the fiscal year of 2018 the percentage of females reporting sexual assault rose from 4.3 percent (which was reported two years prior) to 6.2 percent, while the number of reports by a male stayed relatively the same...
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