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College life is quite challenging, and it helps people to get a lot of experience. The experience in college shapes people's lives and ensures that they can take responsibility for their actions. Students do come to realize their potential in college, and they tend to learn more about themselves while in college. The challenges they experience help them to grow into mature people in society. Also, there is a lesson that people learn about happiness and how to counter problems in life. Indeed college life is a good experience in people's lives because people learn a lot. This paper will focus on the lesson I learned about my life and college life, how college had helped me to grow, and lessons I learned about happiness and life in general.

What have I learned about myself and life at college?

What I have learned in college about myself is that I have to fail for success in the future. Failure does not guarantee that one cannot become successful. Instead, one has to be motivated to try now and then to ensure that they become successful. I also learned that I have to face challenges in life and take responsibility for my actions. For me to take responsibility, I learned that my emotions are always right. What I think about myself is correct, and it helps in evaluating whether I am improving or not. However, I have learned that one should not forget where they come from. One should retain all the teaching that parents gave them while joining the college. I have also learned that there are a lot of changes that occur in people's lives. One has to realize these changes and accept them as they come. One should not feel wrong about the changes as they define the future survival of a person.

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College life changes the perception of people about society and the world at large. While in college, people learn about what society expects from them and what they can do to benefit or change community. College life teaches people about the problems in society and the solutions that people can use in solving such issues. Through the course that people pursue in college, they can know the reason why society fails politically, socially, and economically. This will sensitize them to become creative and solve many problems. People also learn a lot about the characters of others and how to treat people and cater for individual differences. This is due to interaction with different races and genders within the colleges. Generally, interaction helps people to get diverse views about society, other people, and the world.

Ways College has helped me to grow

Joining college has helped me to grow in various ways. One has become competitive in life than before. With the experience in college, I have learned that there are limited resources, and all people have to find ways to get limited resources in society. As such, the competitiveness of someone is essential for survival in the community. Also, I have learned skills in prioritizing. With the high population and fewer resources in the economy, I have learned to manage the resources that I have to avoid wastage. I have to know what I need first and what I might postpone acquiring later. Through this, my budgeting skills increased, and I learned to be resourceful. Financial constraints helped me to become capable and utilize the mega resources I have for significant gain. College life taught me independence in my action and also financially.

Further, I have learned to be more mature in my actions. The maturity could be evident in my ways of treating others as I learned various ways of working with many people for a collective gain. I left the lazy life I used to be and ensured that I venture into constructive activities that could help me grow. Also, college life taught me healthy lifestyle habits. Through interacting with people from various courses like food and nutrition, I came to learn about healthy eating habits and lifestyle activities that could help me to be healthy. Other concepts that I learned also trained me to be happy and the ways of relieving stress in life. Having a happy life is good as it makes someone avoid various problems like anxiety and depression. Knowing myself and my capabilities were the root of happiness. This is because I could only do what I can to make myself satisfied.

What have I learned about happiness, myself, and life?

What have learned about happiness is the root of a healthy life and a long life? When one is happy all the time, they can be fit in their lives as they avoid some mental diseases that come as a result of sadness or stress. Also, what I learned about myself is that a happy life is a choice, and one can choose to be satisfied or not. The source of happiness lies about the kind of people one interacts with and the social activities that one does. This course has taught me that life is enjoyable if we choose the right friend and accept the change that we experience in our lives. Also, the course has transformed my life to become more responsible than before. As such, it prepared me for the outside world and to respond to the situations I face in life.

What has found useful in college is the aspect of independence and budgeting. These two aspects help one to become a resource person who able to pay back to society. Sources of happiness and a healthy lifestyle are also the most valuable part of life. The exciting thing in college life is socialization that entails working with others. Socialization and collaborating with others broaden our view on the perceptions that we have on others and the world as a whole. These are essential in helping one to grow into mature people who are useful members of society. On the other hand, I find working with people to be challenging. When working with people together, one has to accept people the way they are and cater to each difference, which is a great challenge.

College life is a life that teaches us a lot of things about ourselves, the world outside, and the ways one can become happy and healthy. The lesson about ourselves broadens our understanding of our potential and how we can be useful members of society. It also teaches us to become resourceful people in the community and how we can manage to compete fairly for the limited resources in the economy. Also, college life helps us to grow on how to become mature and more useful. The level of maturity helps us to know how to interact in society and how we can cater to individual differences of the people we work with. Challenges that we face help us to be ready for any problem we might encounter and the various ways we can use to overcome them. Generally, college life prepares one for the outside world and how to fit in society once they complete education. These are essential for the survival of any young person.

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