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Importance of virtual reality: Virtual reality (VR) has been one of the most important technological maneuvers of modern times. Although the original idea dates back to the early 1980s, in recent years we have continued to hear the same question that is asked again and again: '201X is the year of the RV?' Due to the inherent limits of our current technologies, RV still struggles to make its breakthrough and become mainstream.

What is virtual reality?

RV equipment consists of headphones and other devices used to project the virtual image of a person in an artificial world. The general idea is to be able to interact in virtual reality as realistically as possible with objects and other individuals who can also share the same space. In addition to traditional RV glasses, many other items such as gloves and headphones have been added to modern equipment.

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The moment when virtual reality was probably at the peak of its popularity was during the 80s and 90s when movies like 'Johnny Mnemonic' and 'The Lawnmower Man' ignited real madness. However, at the time, this technology was still very rudimentary and never managed to go beyond unreliable devices, such as the infamous Nintendo Power Glove.

Today the development of RV has returned with a lot of promises like the Oculus Rift, YouTube videos 360 °, and ... well ... fully immersive adult movies.

Differences between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The virtual reality should not be confused with augmented reality (AR). RV tries to simulate reality through visual and auditory stimulation, while AR is only based on existing reality, improving it with digital projections. AR generally consists of applications and software used in mobile devices to add virtualized elements to the real world.

Examples of RA include pop-up emails and text messages, virtual makeup mirrors, and garment color change applications. RA can be used to enhance reality, for example, the construction of physical objects through 3-D printers after being “virtualized” from 3-D images.

Will RV be the future of smartphones?

Extremely influential individuals like Mark Zuckerberg provided interesting information on how the current technology of smartphones reached a technological dead end. In his opinion, competition with Google and Apple is preventing Facebook from developing its full potential in the VR world.

Integration between smartphones and VR may be the most likely solution. Programming legends like John Carmack (the father of 'Doom' and 'Quake III Arena') are betting on the development of Gear VR, a technology that can make the RV smartphone a reality. It is still too early to say if RV is going to be the solution and the future of social networks as a whole. However, this is the place where Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens are looking.   

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