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Virtual Reality and Its Use in the Tourism Industry

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Virtual reality (VR) can be defined as create an illusion that we are present somewhere we are not. Virtual reality can lead people to experience all in one time in a place within as the same time. Virtual reality can persuade human brain to bring them to a place but it is not a real place. There is three-dimensional image that was created with hardware of software in virtual reality. Then, it will present to the user in various way. According to Dr. Brian Jackson, PhD (June 3, 2015), virtual reality using computer technology to create an environment even not at the real place. In the few past years, many buyer grade headsets come into existence in the year of 2016. Heterogeneous industry manager, for example, Oculus and HTC opened their pre-sales. Plus, they start shipping late in the first quarter of 2016. For example, Guttentag (2010) wrote that place can be recreated within more details about it that will connect to our hearing and visual senses in that virtual reality. Indeed, there was still lack of technology development due to the real moment and time in spite of the virtual itself. The term of three-dimensional sound has become ordinary in this high tech. It can express other nobility of latest headsets that attempt the users or buyers to engage with a great sound experience surrounding them (Guttentag, 2010).

Types of VR

In virtual reality, there are three types of it which are non-immersive simulations, semi-immersive simulations and fully-immersive simulations.

The first one is non-immersive simulations that has the minimum engrossing performance of VR. These simulations have only a specific set of the user’s senses of data. As an example, user enter to three-dimensional essential environments which is through a portal or a window process in desktop. Then, they will decide what sound will be great for their place to suit it well.

Next is semi-immersive simulations. It provides more immersive experience to the users. This type of users is partly immersed in a virtual environment they had made. In this simulation, it usually uses same technologies. For example, in a flight simulation as it was powered by three main systems which are high performance graphical computing system, big display projector systems or even television systems. To have a proper stimulated of the user visuals all systems are used properly.

Fully immersive simulations were the most effective performance of this virtual reality technology. Head-mounted displays detecting used to stimulate all of a user’s senses so that the user able to provide any realistic experiences. Another reason why is because it delivered a big field of view, make update rate became high, high resolutions and high levels of contrast into a user’s head-mounted display (HMD).

Uses of Virtual Reality in the Tourism Industry

A successful example of virtual reality was used in the field of aviation trained. To fly a commercial airplane when there were many people in an international airport is quite though. Virtual reality also provides a night vision which can train the pilots to avoid danger during night-flight. Using virtual reality can help to aspire pilots to face the challenging situation when on air.


According to the article ‘Lonely Planet’ by Alex Butler (April 11 2016), virtual reality can be improved more in the future especially to entertainment and using it in airline. He mentioned that using Samsung Gear VR headsets for some first-class passenger’s method is to gauge the passengers to have an experience for a long journey. As another example, pilot. Piloting commercial flights responsible to passengers as safety is first thing to be take in serious during the simulation. This training involves hands and understand well each of the concept given by the trainers when go for train. A piece of equipment used for training people to operate an aircraft or other vehicle that had been deal by using both hands.

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Decision Making Process

According to ‘Virtual Reality in Tourism’, VR has important guide in decision making, some destinations are evaluated by using virtual reality apps. In addition, after watching a 360º video, the more the desire will be for the viewers to go to the viewed place because the environment in the virtual reality used make the user want to go to the places again back in the recent years as it is only showed in the virtual reality only. Besides, the viewers can experience but they also can explore surrounding areas. For examples, they will experience on the atmosphere, weather and much more. In this situation, it is potential tourists can get the best information about of the place they really want and decide to go.

Storytelling Towards People in Tourism Industry

Virtual reality is a platform. Whether it is for vital and occupied storytelling. An action in a class can get the experience full with design that has been process plus more powerful specific videos. Put the headset on and dramatic will rising in the stage of empathy where it really like the real place.

VR Health Care Industry

The high tech is enough to enable the doctors and surgeons to perform remote. For example, indirect surgeries and tele surgery. Virtual reality help lots with mental illness treatment. For example, of the surgeries can be treating post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological therapies (Gutierezz et at., 2008; Munster et al., 2015)

VR Education in Tourism

While these days Google is putting forth its virtual undertakings as a learning device in class with its cardboard watcher, a more seasoned case incorporates the Phenomenal Voyage venture created at a California college. Clients for all intents and purposes contracted to our body on hoe it will responds to various impacts (Sussmann and Vanhegan, 2000).

Virtual Reality in Future

In 1995, Cheong anticipated that despite the fact that VR advancement was still impeded by an absence of appropriate innovation at the time, it would soon ascend in ubiquity to accomplish its maximum capacity. He specifies that the tourism and travel industry is superbly suited to actualize VR. A few of his forecasts have turned into a reality at this point, so unmistakably there is a need to look encourage into what's to come. There are a few angles that are as of now in talk in regards to the future VR advancement. While a few analysts are managing the issue of vacationers' acknowledgment of virtual go as explained above, chose tourism organizations are imagining a future ruled by VR. There are additionally a few expectations from tourism analysts. For instance, Pengfei, Ying, and Xiuying (2014) take a particular reference to a few of the innovations and give more insight about conceivable target bunches for VR promoting in tourism, with major VR impacts expected in as meager as five years. “Virtual tourism items in view of virtual vision innovation of Oculus Fracture, the acceptance innovation of Virtuix Omni, advances of fourth or more dimensional film and general viewpoint may most likely go to the market in 5 or 10 years. The item might be utilized as a part of visit re-enactment of space or deep ocean, legacy or antiquated site return, catastrophe encounter, fixed off legacy site that shut for security reasons or naturally delicate scenes. It might likewise be utilized as a supplementary instrument for promoting. The market fragment could be senior residents, incapacitated people, travel organizations or the individuals who are occupied with the item. To a specific degree, the item may likewise be an assurance of delicate condition and an arrival of tourism weight in huge populated nation, for example, China” (Pengfei, Ying and Xiuying, 2014).

Numerous organizations in the tourism business have their sights set towards the future, and some even go up until this point and distribute reports about their normal future advancements. For instance, in Skyscanner's 2014 report 'The Eventual Fate of Movement 2024', distributed by the organization which is generally known for offering a worldwide travel web index, they imagine VR as a noteworthy impact on touristic encounters. They anticipate VR to “end up another type of show staying, a staggering 3D taste of a goal that will make voyagers long to encounter the genuine article” (Skyscanner, 2014, p.24). In advance elaboration, they clarify that haptic innovations will likewise impact the way how we book travel and how we get ready for it. Through smart innovations, we will have the capacity to feel the sand on the shoreline before we really arrive or the overgrown ground under our feet in a virtual rain backwoods. Be that as it may, innovation doesn't simply stop at that. By consolidating it much more into the VE, the potential clients could feel what it resembles to touch shuddering banners in the reproduced condition, fortifying our apparent feeling of essence significantly further (Skyscanner, 2014).

The organization Amadeus, known as a worldwide supplier of IT arrangements in the movement business, has likewise as of late distributed a report with a future viewpoint, saying their assessment on how VR will affect the movement business.


Sightseers are reliant on precise, important and opportune data with a specific end goal to help them in their movement choices. Likewise, the tourism item is to a great extent elusive, perishable, heterogeneous and unpredictable, and it is, consequently, the data gave to the potential vacationer which is perceived similar to the item. The arrangement of some substantial components, for example, video clasps, liveliness and virtual walkthroughs of tourism goals, inns attractions and neighborhood condition can diminish a portion of the immaterialness of the tourism item, particularly for goal credulous visitors. Thus, VR innovation is probably going to majorly affect the eventual fate of the tourism business. At long last, the employments of VR in the tourism business were talked about.

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