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Essay on the Importance of Tourism Industry in Our Daily Life

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Living life with tourism industry is not easy. Because when we say tourism, industry it is all about business and not just like a simple business but all you need is a very successful business. For you to have a successful business, you need a very specific knowledge and lots information to be well-informed. And when we say tourism industry it is not all about industry, but it is also defined the whole aspect of tourism. Tourism is not too easy because tourism is not all about being a flight attendant it is also about being a tour guide, hotel manager, bar tender, and many more. Tourism has become an important role that has an impact on the development in our economy. The benefits of tourism are income creation and generation of lot of jobs. For other regions and countries, tourism is the most important source of welfare. Tourism industry has a big importance in every country because it brings a lot of work so that people can share new things to other so that they will earn money.

In this generation, people might have thought when you are working on a tourism industry that you are too weak and you will not get a big opportunity in that industries and I wrote this essay to prove that working in a tourism industry is a very worth it job. This essay will show what is the importance of the tourism industry in our daily life, its obvious benefits and why we need to apply the tourism industry in our daily life.

One of the benefits of applying it in our daily life is we can be more disciplined and if we want to travel, the problems that were thinking will be lessen and focus on what we are doing. Tourism is everywhere you can see different promotions and advertisements. Like for example, promoting something they want to develop or to happen in their particular places. Tourism activities are normally focuses on changes in a region resulting from tourism activity. In every single place around the Philippines, there are a lot of tourist destinations that you can go and satisfying to visit. Many of our Filipino workers works as a tour guide, they frequently meet different kinds of people to tour in different places here around the Philippines. Living your life with tourism industry is not that easy for us Filipinos because when you say industry, it is a habit of working hard and steadily meaning it is no changing or continuously works. So, that is why people involved in tourism industry are traveling and staying in place outside their environment.

Tourism as defined by the world tourism organization is the activity of lots people who loves travel to places outside their customary surroundings and stay there for leisure business or other purposes for no longer than one year without interruption. Further, it was also defined by Charles R. Guelder and J.R. Brent Richie as the science art and business of attraction, visitors transporting them accommodating and graciously catering to their needs and wants.

On the other hand, economics is the study the production and distribution of goods and services it is the study of human efforts to satisfy unlimited wants with limited resources. Hence, economic survival is the ability of our country or a nation to maximize their resources to contribute in the survival and improvement of the society. Given these operational meanings, I believe that we will be able to know and appreciate more the impact of tourism in economic survival here in Philippines. Main impact of tourism in economic survival here in Philippines is giving Filipinos job especially during summer time. For example, lots of jobs are available in Bohol during summer season because many tourists visit their satisfying place. The fishermen use their boat for transportation for extra income after fishing. On the other side, parents and women have extra income by making souvenirs which can be bought in and types of terminals. To cope up with the international demand in tourism industry, our government provides training trough TESDA to ensure that Filipinos are fully equipped to give not only a satisfactory service but a service with a heart which will give the tourists the urge to come back which also means good publicity for our tourism industry which is laterally correlated with the availability of jobs which will support Filipino family needs.

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In tourism industry, there are a lot of reasons why it has both a positive and a negative impact in economic survival. One of the positive effects of tourism industry is it can offer jobs and business opportunities for everyone. It also improves the infrastructure and services in a country where in both of locals and the tourists can benefit. It affects both locals and tourists because they can explore a country with a good service and high-quality infrastructure. There are also negative impacts in tourism industry because it has so many hidden costs and it is unfair for the tourists because of the rapidly increase of prices. The locals and tourists pay more because of the higher demand of the local goods. Leakage also has a great impact as well across countries because it affects the host community and the direct income of the country. Lastly, it also damages the environment in a country because of the tourist activities on both water and land property.

Tourism industry is more important in our everyday life because it brings us many benefits such as travelling from one place to another. Everyone needs to travel in other country in order to work because of higher salary and lots of new things to discover and might use for their jobs. People also had to move to other countries to search for place to, for satisfying foods that is not in their country, for higher salary, for visiting their loved ones and for extreme vacation. Many people travel from one place to another to visit for experience for them to be relaxed, for taking many fascinating pictures that they can share in social media most especially in the app called ‘Instagram’, for many beautiful sights and for having fun in many beautiful and stunning spots around the countries.

Tourism industry is very important in our daily life in order to survive because every one of us needs to travel to another place. It also gives everyone a job and lot of opportunities to share their skills and specialties. There are many impacts of tourism industry on our economic survival but some people don’t realize it. Living also in tourism industry may be hard. Tourism has become an important role that has an impact on the development in our economy that includes jobs and businesses. Other country says it is one of the most important sources of welfare.

As said on my paper, tourism is about the movement of people in a short-term way to go to other places or other countries away from their homes where they live or where they are working. It is all about the tourists being satisfied with their stay. This involves the activities that they do. People are having misconceptions towards on being in the tourism industry. They tend to belittle the workers in the said industry. But the tourism industry is a large part of our economic survival. This is a wonderful economic contribution to today’s economy. It is a great way for other people to spend their money. In doing so cities across the world, it attracts millions of dollars so foreigners get the chance to experience life in a in other country. I believe this is a wonderful way of living life to the fullest because experiencing culture religion foods sports entertainment shows and general ways of life in other country is a great way to live life to the fullest and satisfied.

Tourism is one of the highest global economic all over the world. Due to highly demands, the workers make an extreme effort to those places and communities to be more efficient and convenient to the foreign countries within that area. Nearby people who lived within the area or places can be their tour guide. It can be hassle free for some of them but truthfully it is the work they’ve live within. As the tourist, you need to learn how to respect and give some respect to the people not who lived and work in that area but for the whole community. It is quiet astonishing to learn the culture of every country and fell in love with the beauty within. The demands for the tourism are vulnerable and gives opportunity to help others specially the people from that community increase the possibility to have a simple but unique understanding of helping the locals on their everyday living with lots of needs. The business that within that area has increase the rating for tourism and successfully double the numbers of their guests and increase the available positions needed. That’s why tourism industry is very important in our daily life.

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