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Imperial Hotel Case Study

Hospitality is a business activity which provides various services to guests in hotels, bars, restaurants as a source of recreation purpose and meeting each and every needs and demands whenever asked (, 2019). Hospitality industry basically puts emphasis on the satisfaction of the customers and providing the best experiences available. This industry is unique in its nature and provides facilities for its customers arriving for vacation or occasional purposes. The different areas of hospitality industry include different levels of accommodation...
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Women in the Hospitality Industry

It is unlikely that the gender inequality will ever come to end at the workplace. Regardless of culture, historical context, or social circumstance, men and women view the world – and often each other – through gender-specific lenses (Tannen, 1990). Women are always criticized in their work despite of them being perfect or neat. Trends keep on changing and to increase female employees in the hospitality industry somehow is trending. Because even the human resource management has noticed that guest...
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Robots in the Hospitality Industry

With the development of technology, more and more hotels are beginning to change their business management mode. For example, many hotels have saved their housekeeping supervisor and other positions through intelligent clients which in order to save the management cost of the hotel. This is a labor dependent industry that heavily relies on skilled labor force and a flexible workforce to cope with seasonal fluctuations. Also, face the challenges of finding and retaining talented employees (Murray, Elliot, Simmonds, Madeley &...
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The Importance of Hospitality in the Tourism Industry

When visiting new places while traveling, we always strive for a hospitable welcome, comfortable environment, silence, relaxation and, of course, entertainment. So, what is meant by the word ‘hospitality’? The word ‘hospitality’ is taken from the term ‘hospice’, meaning a house of rest for pilgrims during medieval times. Hospitality may be defined as the reception of guest and catering to their needs and expectations, these may include food, beverage, lodging, and transportation, activities/entertainment, shopping and supporting services. Hospitality entails a...
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Features of Corporate Culture in Hospitality Industry

Over the past few decades, the hospitality industry has changed beyond recognition. Today hotels can satisfy any even the most demanding needs of their customers and in turn, clients have come to expect a very high standard of service from hotel companies. In this regard, hotel employees must focus on solving new problems and take differing approaches to the development and maintenance of the hotel infrastructure in such a competitive environment. Organizational culture has an impact on the hotel’s performance...
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The Importance of Guest Experience in Creating a Competitive Advantage in the Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality industry, superior customer experiences play an important role in gaining customer loyalty and achieving a competitive advantage (Kandampully & Jaakkola, 2018). If guests feel well cared and their expectations are met or exceeded, it will result in a positive experience preserved in their memories (Slåtten and Mehmetoglu, 2010; Liu and Jang, 2009; Kim and Moon, 2009). As a result, it will lead to guest retention (Kim and Moon, 2009; Bowen and Shoemaker, 1998) and positive word-of-mouth about...
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An Essay on the Main Hospitality Management Strategies and Their Importance in Creating Memorable Guest Experiences

Innovation within the hotel industry is essential as it has the capability to renovate the hospitality industry positively. During the past years, inventions within the hospitality industry have advanced at a quick moving pace (Bowie et al., 2016). Besides, hospitality related service providers are attempting their best for keeping up with the rapid changes and hence new technological innovations have helped the hospitality industry to grow more (Nieves & Segarra Cipres, 2015). Hence, this paper has chosen two of such...
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Hospitality in the Odyssey: Essay

Odysseus is forced to show humility by first asking Nausicaa for help at the river, and then further shows humility by being at the whim of the rules of the aide he seeks. He is also showing humility when he chooses to bathe himself, instead of having Nausicaa’s ladies bathe him. Athena must assist him as he approaches the palace of Alcinous because she has to protect him from drawing the attention of the Phaeacians, as they do not take...
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The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Hospitality Industry: An Essay

The hospitality industry can be defined as an industry that provides a wide range of services such as hotels, food and beverage service, event planning, entertainment venues, and travel, for example, hotels, pubs, and bars. There are lots of factors that affect the hospitality industry such as cultural factors, economic factors, political factors, and technological factors (Enz, 2009). Economic factors can be considered as one of the vital factors that affect the success of this industry. The recent economic slowdown...
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Crisis in the Hospitality Industry and Ways to Minimize Their Potential Consequences

The hospitality industry, as a year-round industry, is vulnerable to both internal and external emergencies. Crisis has become an important part of the hospitality industry and often directly affects hospitality organizations and their stability (Henderson, 2002). Henderson and Ng (2004) argue that internal and external hazards that can directly affect an organization can easily affect tourism and hospitality activities. Given the inseparability of the employee and guest as part of the hospitality product, these hazards affect the organization as a...
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The Problem of High Staff Turnover in the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality industry is a service-based industry that relies heavily on servicing people who has leisure time and disposable income. Units from management team to servers that are involved play an important role during the whole service operation. Hospitality industry often demand employees with abilities such as effective problem-solving skill, great communication technique, strong commitment, and the ability to work as a team member in order to provide excellent services and unforgettable experiences to customers. In recent research conducted by British...
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Organizational Culture of In-Group and Out-Groups Working in Hospitality Industry Organizations

The term organization has always been tied-up with three analogies that are anthropomorphic, biomorphic and sociomorphic. Out of the three explicit analogies, the term sociomorphic has been consistently used to describe organization. Where organizations have been termed as smaller societies with their own distinctive structure, norms and ideologies. According to (Allaire and Firsirotu, 1984, pp.194), if organizations are small societies, it is evident that they will reflect the concept of culture. Which leads us to elaborate the concept of culture...
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What Does Hospitality Mean to Me and Why Do I Want to Join the Hospitality Industry? An Essay

Hospitality involves showing respect for the guest, treat them equal and providing what they need. When they are in the property, people like to stay or eat in a restaurant, they expect good service, quality products and satisfaction in the first place. Hotel industry is the only industry where many traditions and cultures meet under one roof. This industry is basically related to maintain and establishing friendly relations with guest and staff also. Hotel industry teaches punctuality discipline and grooming...
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