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Abstract India is a developing country where organizations are diversifying their portfolio and expanding businesses either by acquiring or merging with similar entities. Organizations are doing merger and acquisition as a growth strategy but employees do not accept this strategy easily, most the employees view such strategy as a threat for their career. The purpose of this research is to highlight the challenges in employee retention post-Merger & Acquisition in India. During the M&A, the main objective is to retain...
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Abstract: Employee Retention is one of the key challenges faced by IT Organization. Employees are the assets of any organization and organization cannot afford losing its key performers. Effective retention strategies can reduce employee turnover and increase retention within an organization. Key employees are the instrument for overall growth and development of an organization. Thus, for retaining best employees, an organization has to design appropriate strategies. The present paper is to identify the major causes for employee turnover and analyze...
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Preface Professional study is incomplete without having practical exposures in life. Theory provides the fundamental stone for the guidance of practice, but practice examines the element of truth lying in the theory. Therefore, a stand co-ordination between theory and practice is very essential to give a synergistic strength and let help the esteemed MBA program move towards perfection. The comprehensive knowledge of the theoretical aspects and the practical exposures has given me a lot of strength to complete my project....
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1. Introduction 1.1 Background While introducing the topic which is our research project, we are a group of four MBA (HR) students and decided to work on Employee Retention. The topic of our base article is ‘Effects of Job Organizational culture, Benefits, Salary on job satisfaction ultimately affecting Employee Retention’ which is basically a study of deciding whether Organizational Culture, fringe benefits and salary has any positive or negative relation with job satisfaction and ultimately on employee retention or not....
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Introduction The focus of this chapter is to discuss the investigation analysis findings of the research study to find out whether the research objectives have been achieved and to emphasis the contribution to the knowledge. Further, the researcher suggested directions for future research possibilities which have been noticed during the period of research by the author’s personal reflection as well by interpreting analyzed data. Revisiting the Objectives Training and development: The second variable analyzed was Training and Development. Training is...
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· Background and Problem This research is about the company called Spotless Group. The organisation is an Australian listed company that works all over Australia and New Zealand and it provides integrated facility services in all different kind of businesses in the market such as Security, Health Care, Education and other government-related sectors (Spotless, 2019). It is a large-scale organisation and employees around 42,000 employees all over Australia and New Zealand. This company was chosen because the author of the...
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Abstract Employee retention is one of the most important factors that an organization needs to consider when developing its strategies. In today’s ever evolving world, retaining employees has become a challenge in itself for employers, since employees tend to change jobs very easily. Employers must therefore focus on a lot of different aspects like training and development, compensation packages, motivation and morale, job satisfaction, work environment etc. for the retention of their workers. For the purpose of our research, we...
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Theories related to the study The chapter starts with introduction of employee retention concept. Utilizing Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Theory by Abraham H. Maslow (1954) and Social exchange theory, employee retention can be explained; these concepts are encapsulated in this chapter two. Both theories act as foundation to support the findings in investigating the relationship of the implementation of HRM practices with organisational commitment act as mediating role that impact on employees’ retention among the engineering companies in vicinity of...
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Hospitality industry is a service-based industry that relies heavily on servicing people who has leisure time and disposable income. Units from management team to servers that are involved play an important role during the whole service operation. Hospitality industry often demand employees with abilities such as effective problem-solving skill, great communication technique, strong commitment, and the ability to work as a team member in order to provide excellent services and unforgettable experiences to customers. In recent research conducted by British...
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