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Rogerian Argument Essay on Travel Ban

3 Pages 1145 Words
Regulations regarding travel and immigration have always been in place for the safety of both foreign nationals and residents. In more recent years, however, these guidelines have grown significantly more rigorous. On Friday, January 27th, 2017, an Executive Order was signed by United States President Donald Trump, banning foreign nationals from seven countries from visiting the US and prohibiting refugees...

Essay on Virgin Australia Case Study

5 Pages 2135 Words
1 Executive Summary Virgin Australia is an airline company established in November 1999.Before it was named as “Virgin Blue”,and its central office was in Brisbane.It was renamed as “Virgin Australia”,in 2011.It is the second largest airline company after Qantas having around 10,000 staffs.The total revenue of the company in 2017 was around A$5 billion,by purchasing around 100 aeroplanes and carried...

Essay on Provo Beach Club

1 Page 521 Words
Introduction: Provo Beach Club is a popular entertainment venue located in Provo, Utah. It offers a range of activities, including a ropes course, bowling, arcade games, and a simulated indoor beach experience. While Provo Beach Club has gained popularity among locals and visitors, it is essential to critically examine its features, customer experience, and societal impact to understand its strengths...

Essay on Australia: Sydney

2 Pages 1043 Words
Executive Summary This report will explain how tourism affects Sydney, why tourists want to visit Sydney, and how this impacts the economy and its social impacts on the community. Where/What is Sydney? Sydney is located in NSW, Australia. Sydney is the capital of NSW. It is one of Australia’s largest cities. It is well known for the Sydney Opera House...

Sustainability in Hospitality Industry Essay

3 Pages 1392 Words
Introduction In the following literature-based paper. I will talk about the sustainability in hospitality industry. Especially, I aim to answer my research question: How sustainability can be managed in the hospitality industry? In the present era, hospitality is a growing industry and sustainability is essential for this sector. Through a daily routine activity, a large amount of waste is generated...

Personal Narrative Essay: Going to the Sea

1 Page 660 Words
I hate the sea; I hate the way the water harmlessly encircles and attacks your ankles, the way the waves roar as they crash and throw themselves at the shore, and then steal parts of it as they creep and crackly back to the sea. I hate it when you’re standing in their way and as they roll back, they...

Evaluation Essay on a Restaurant ‘Steak-n-shake’

1 Page 583 Words
Nestled among the bustling streets and inviting aromas of food, lies a restaurant known for its classic American fare—Steak 'n Shake. With its iconic burgers, milkshakes, and timeless diner ambiance, this establishment has been a staple in the hearts of many. This evaluation essay delves into the nuances of dining at Steak 'n Shake, exploring its menu, service, atmosphere, and...

Evaluation Essay on Carrabbas

1 Page 504 Words
Carrabba's Italian Grill is a popular chain of Italian-American restaurants known for its casual ambiance and diverse menu. As a frequenter of dining establishments, I had the pleasure of experiencing Carrabba's, and my evaluation revolves around three key aspects: food quality, service, and overall dining experience. First and foremost, Carrabba's prides itself on its Italian cuisine, offering an array of...

Why I Want to Be a Tour Guide Essay

2 Pages 874 Words
The ambition to become a tour guide is rooted in a deep-seated enthusiasm for exploration, education, and interaction. This profession transcends the boundaries of a typical job; it represents a unique blend of adventure and the opportunity to be an ambassador of culture and history. For me, it's about more than guiding tourists; it's about opening doorways to new experiences,...

Importance of Educational Tour Essay

1 Page 610 Words
Museums are a trend these days, as evidence we can always see or read news that gives prominence to a museum, whether it’s on television, an article in the newspaper, or a feature in magazines. It’s so joyful to see, that once again we as Filipinos become curious and aware of our heritage in natural, cultural, and historical aspects. Just...

You've Got a Ticket in Your Hand: Essay

1 Page 487 Words
If I've got a ticket in my hand, I would go to Thailand. I would be there for about two weeks. I would go to Thailand because I want to help improve the treatment of elephants. I would go to Phuket Elephant Sanctuary in Thalang, Thailand. I would also want to go sightseeing like at the Ayutthaya Historical Park and...

My First Day At Sea: Personal Narrative Essay

2 Pages 727 Words
From a far distance, the pale blue sky is a smooth white blanket, widespread into the atmosphere. As the gloomy fog passed by the sleeping green giant, the clouds that had been wispy and white that morning were now more dark and dense. There was no sky that day, only a rough woolen blanket of mottled grey to cover us...

Personal Narrative Essay about Going on a Beach Trip

2 Pages 1055 Words
Beauty And The Beach Traveling has always been an outburst of joy for me. Over the years I have seen and encountered so many wondrous experiences while traveling. Traveling begets I kind of happiness in me. Yet, over the years one major challenge has taken shape. Due to my extensive traveling expeditions, it is increasingly becoming hard for me to...

Beach Volleyball Essay

3 Pages 1198 Words
The Genesis Christian College’s Sports Committee wants to hold the first-ever GCC Beach Volleyball tournament now that the school has 2 Beach Volleyball courts. However, there are some major issues with different areas of the sport, including the uniforms, sexploitation of women, and the media coverage of women’s sports. Figueroa’s framework can be used to identify and break down these...

Evaluation Essay on Restaurants

2 Pages 1018 Words
In the restaurant industry, the cost of raw materials and wages is approximated to account for up to 70% of its operational expenses hence it is imperative for restaurateurs to constantly seek ways to reduce costs and maximize their profits (Cocanower, 2019). A very effective way to approach this conundrum is to consider the factors, whether internally or externally, that...

Personal Narrative Essay on a Mission Trip

4 Pages 1881 Words
A short-term mission trip can be defined as a trip in which volunteers travel to a new location for one to three weeks to serve communities and often share their religious beliefs. On a mission trip, teams may partake in activities like painting or building houses, hosting clothing giveaways, or simply building relationships with residents and teammates. Mission trips are...

Why Do You Want to Visit Switzerland: Essay

1 Page 414 Words
Switzerland is an elegant, natural, and refined country. This is exactly the kind of country I would love to visit one day, and below are the reasons why. First of all, one of its largest cities - Zurich - beckons me in this country. Zurich is one of the leading global cities in the world, and some surveys from 2006...

Descriptive Essay on a Memorable Journey

2 Pages 943 Words
Saigon was in ruins. My mother, father, and brother had gathered what little we had managed to salvage of our belongings in some old felt bags and pillowcases. My parents had managed to sell some of my grandmother’s jewelry in exchange for funding our journey. First to Thailand, then a boat to Australia. The journey officially began with the first...

Beach Pollution Essay

1 Page 681 Words
Beach pollution is a worldwide issue that generates negative effects for the species that inhabit the area, montañita is one of the Ecuadorian beaches that have high levels of contamination by human activity, this place has pollution by solid waste and also by the contaminated waters generated by the hotel and tourist activity, so it is necessary to generate a...

Essay on Planning a Trip

1 Page 445 Words
Planning a trip can seem a bit difficult and time-consuming, but the better prepared you are, the more magical your experience will be. So, in order for the trip to live up to expectations, in this essay, I want to talk about the things to consider when planning a trip. One of the main things to consider is getting the...

Essay on My Trip to the Zoo

1 Page 420 Words
One day, my family and I decided to visit the zoo. For our family trip, we chose Melbourne Zoo, Australia's oldest zoo. Melbourne Zoo is located in Royal Park in Parkville. It has a variety of animals ranging from Australian animals to animals from Africa. They are involved with conservation programs in 6 countries, 8 grassroots community conservation campaigns, and...

Why Visit Rome: Argumentative Essay

1 Page 472 Words
In the 21st century, people all around the world go to different places to visit, learn and experience the diverse cultures that various countries have to offer. The United Nations Scientific, Educational, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has designated several places of outstanding universal value around the world as World Heritage Sites. Each one of the World Heritage Sites selected by...

Why Visit Hawaii: Argumentative Essay

1 Page 405 Words
Traveling is one of the most educational experiences that a person can go undergo; it literally opens doors to new cultures, new people, and new places. There are hundreds of countries and many beautiful destinations in the world to discover, but the ones I would like to see most are some that I have been infatuated with since I was...

Why Visit Greece: Argumentative Essay

1 Page 399 Words
Greece is a Mediterranean country of incredible beauty. Its turquoise blue beaches, amazing locals, vibrant culture, and ancient history continue to attract tourists from all over the world. In this essay, I will present my point of view on why Greece is a country worth visiting. The first reason to visit Greece is its relaxing vibes. You can soak up...

My Trip Back to Hawaii: Personal Narrative Essay

3 Pages 1404 Words
You do not realize how big the world is when you grow up on an island and can drive around the entire thing in three hours and that’s considered a road trip. It’s weird when you meet people who have never seen the ocean because you cannot fathom never seeing something you have been surrounded by your entire life. It’s...

Tourism in Egypt Affected by the Russian-Ukrainian War: Essay

1 Page 422 Words
As weeks of anxiety now turn to an open war between Russia and Ukraine, the effects on world trade, financial markets, and country-wide economies, including Egypt's economy, are becoming clear. Many of the furnish chain issues that are nevertheless with us from the pandemic are going to be aggravated by this. That skill world strength expenses will rise, and so...

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