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Essay on Internet Misuse Among Youngsters

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Has the thought of the Internet ever made you consider it as an electronic drug? The millions of people who can’t go a day without being online, hurting real-life relationships, obsessive thoughts about the online community, making them lonely in the process and even cause side effects. A few negative reactions may include but not limited to withdraw, excessive use, tolerance, as well as negative repercussions. We know the great things about the Internet, but what about the downside?

Problematic or pathological is another name for Internet addiction disorder which is commonly described as a big issue, meaning the effects of compulsive use of the Internet. This can result in significant impairment in one’s life in various mental functioning capacities over a long amount of time. The relationship between digital media use and the effect it has on humans has been under research and discussion among many experts studying this rapidly spreading illness. They have created controversy from the technological communities, medical, and even recent scientific studies. Christina Gregory argues in her articles on “Since this hoax of sorts, the disorder has rapidly gained ground and has been given serious attention from many sources, mental health counselors, and doctors as a truly debilitating disorder”. This statement being said, that Internet addiction is barely coming to light, and it is already growing at incredible rates. The electronic drug is making itself known worldwide very quickly. Excessive Internet access may not be seen as a disorder or addiction to the World Health Organization or the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, but gaming disorder has been listed in the International Classification of Diseases showing signs of dependency while gaming. Arguments for a diagnosis include whether the state of Internet addiction is a clinical entity in its own right, which means whether addiction is a psychiatric disorder. As adolescents and emerging adults access the Internet more than any other age group and undertake a higher risk of overuse of the Internet, the problem of Internet addiction disorder is most relevant to young people. Presentation, complications, health effects, and mental illness health consequences may appear in the process. Alanna Hilbink, a contributing writer for Talbott Recovery articulates: “Even if there isn’t an identifiable underlying cause of addiction, your son or daughter may simply feel overwhelmed by his or her emotions. The Internet can offer temporary feelings of escape, numbness or social connection”. Meaning that young people have found comfort on the online that they haven’t in real life. In the article ‘Internet Gaming Disorder: A sign of the Times, or Time for Our Attention?’ the authors emphasize on straight A students grades dropping due to gaming. “Living on campus, with unrestricted media access, students risk spending significant time gaming to the detriment of their academics, social connectedness, and personal health” (Faust, Prochaska). This sheds light on how easy the Internet addiction can come into one’s life and control it.

Using the Internet may appear harmless, but once there are symptoms from not using it, there is a problem. Withdrawal is one of the first after-effects of cyberspace and may include agitation, depression, anger, and anxiety when the person is away from technology. These psychological warnings might even turn into physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, tense shoulders and shortness of breath.

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In B.F. Skinner’s theory, online gaming addiction is operant conditioning, which explains the reward system for doing something well that happens in games when won. An action is more likely to be repeated if the behavior is rewarded. If it is punished, it becomes suppressed. In the article ‘Internet Gaming Disorder DS’ voices “Online Gamers Anonymous, an American non-profit organization formed in 2002, is a twelve-step, self-help, support and recovery organization for gamers and their loved ones who are suffering from the adverse effects of addictive computer gaming” (Salim). Salim is pointing out how this addiction is hurting others in the process of this hobby by stating that there’s an entire organization for those who need to seek help as well as the families and friends involved. Sources that are offered to help cure Internet addiction are discussion forums, online chat group meetings, video chatting and links to other helpful and safe sources. With this being said, there are numerous steps that can be taken to cure the illness of Internet addiction.

Affecting numerous people, the most important thing is making sure they have friends either virtual and offline, but in this case it’s easier to find comfort virtually than in real life, which affects teenagers more than anyone due to insecurity. The decreasing interest in social relationships and the increasingly large involvement with social networking is slowly but surely growing. Juveniles seem to use social networks to show others an idealized image. Generally speaking, minors start using social networks due to other students and to improve facing relationships in real life with colleagues from a virtual world. However, youths have a showcase on their pages to be an idealized portrait and to be accepted by others. Juveniles spend a plurality of the time online, spending at least six hours per day on social networks compared to real life contact being considerably low compared to online use.

Addiction to immerse environments or virtual words is virtual reality addiction. Interactive virtual media virtual reality to the use of drugs, bringing with these comparisons the concern that, like substance abuse, users could possibly become addicted to the online world called virtual reality making them forget about the real world. There are arguments that interpersonal drawbacks such as introversion, social crises, and lack of communication skills, often leading to Internet addiction. With symptoms such as excessive use, compulsive Internet use and excessive online time use, withdrawal symptoms including feelings such as depression and resentment, given limited Internet use, patience changes such as the need for better equipment, increased Internet use, and more applications as well as software, negative impacts repercussions emerging in Internet use caused negative consequences in various aspects, including complicated performance in social, academic, or work climate.

Whether something is the best invention of the twenty first century or best thing, since bread will always be an issue with it. The invention of the Internet destroys relationships and causes mental issues, especially among young people, due to misuse and overuse. The consequences are dramatic and are bound to grow with increasing technology use.

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