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Personal and Academic Achievements from Challenges

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Over the course of my life, leading to the day I wrote this essay, numerous opportunities came my way, some of which I seized by the horn and many of which I look back and wish I had. Looking back at all the events I took part in where I won recognition, it’s hard not to think about all those missed opportunities and events that I chose not to participate in. Now we have ourselves a bunch of achievements and one glaring struggle to be revealed. The stage has been set and the diecast.

Throughout my life, I was more well known for my personal achievements than academic ones. This was best showcased in my primary school years. My classmates and the people around me knew me for my artistic and vocal skills and the awards I would win for these abilities as well as my knowledge and passion for animals. I was not particularly poor at academics but surely it didn’t seem my strength. Primary school was a time when my parents coaxed me into participating in events that I was not too comfortable at, but found myself doing well when I did.

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As I got into middle school, my parents’ grip on me loosened and as the pressure disappeared, so did my will to push myself and achieve. I never liked the idea of competition and comparison especially as academic pressure mounted. However I realised that it was an inevitable aspect of school life and most likely, life in general. It started to occur to me that all my creative talents, were not getting me anywhere in school. I couldn’t help but compare myself to the others in my class and much to my chagrin, grades were what mattered most. At that point I started to gradually give up my hobbies and all things I was good at. I didn’t realise that I was making a terrible mistake as it only worsened my grades. My low self-confidence and insecurities were in fact my biggest struggles.

However, this also marked the turning point in my life. My friends and family began to take notice of my downward spiral and decided to step in. With their help, I began to realize that this was no time to wallow in past mistakes but rather time to strive to make the best of what I had and make an impact. I picked myself up, looked around at the opportunities I hadn’t noticed, and started to take part in plays and other school events which helped me embrace a more outgoing and proactive side of me. I began to get recognized for my flair for theatre, athletics and began rekindling my passion for drawing and music. I even pursued my passion for animals by adopting a dog as well as caring for stray dogs in my locality. The new found confidence helped me balance my academics with my extra curriculars, which was something I learnt a bit later than I should have, but once I did, I began sharing my experiences with my peers and helping others like me to do the same .

Overcoming my insecurities and low confidence and channelling it to create a positive influence among my friends and peers has been my greatest personal achievement and in my opinion, the only one that really matters today. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support I received from my friends and family. Overcoming these difficulties opened the door to new opportunities which have changed my life forever and for the better. Now I feel confident that I can make a significant difference anywhere, if I focus on leveraging my strengths and agree to push myself beyond my comfort zone.

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