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Challenges and Struggles of the Main Character in the Catcher in the Rye

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All through the novel, ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ Holden Caulfield estranges himself from everybody and the world since he can’t fit in with the desires for his companions and his general surroundings. Holden is looked with disavowal and dismissal from all quarters. Holden sees his dejection and segregation and needs to break the limits of his distance by making some type of human association. Estrangement both secures and damages Holden. It secures him by guaranteeing that he won’t need to frame associations with others that may end up causing ponderousness, dismissal, or the kind of exceptional enthusiastic agony he felt when Allie kicked the bucket. Holden’s estrangement ruins his association with different characters moreover. Similarly, as Holden wears his chasing top as an indication of Independence, detachment, and insurance from the world, he makes his very own distance for a similar reason.

Holden dodges contact with individuals marking them as ‘fake.’ This makes him be estranged and along these lines never truly associates with anybody. Depicting individuals as fake is only Holden’s method for maintaining a strategic distance from to draw near to different characters. Holden fears to impart his sentiments to anybody; he has built up an insurance technique, which is to not draw near to anybody and you are protected. He does this not just on the grounds that he believes he is definitely not a fake dissimilar to the remainder of the grown-up world yet he doesn’t enable himself to draw near to others as a self-assurance component so he can’t be harmed when they leave him. This is a consequence of the demise of his more youthful sibling, Allie, who Holden was extremely near and adored profoundly.

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Holden’s distance winds up influencing something beyond himself. Holden feels just as he is in solitude caught on the opposite side of life and as much as he attempts to push individuals away he is always feeling desolate and longs for connections. He pushes others away and separations himself for assurance and he doesn’t get injured when individuals leave. A few characters influenced by Holden’s distance are Jane and Sally. Holden’s estrangement influences his beloved companion Jane as he needs to call her yet never really gets around to as he is frightened of dismissal which at last finishes their fellowship. Despite the fact that Holden attempts to separate himself for insurance regardless he can’t resist the opportunity to feel forlorn. At the point when he does he calls up Sally in spite of the fact that in the run of the mill Holden style he figures out how to make Sally distraught which makes her leave and he calls her a major agony.

The symbol of alienation as self-protection is Holden’s red hunting hat. Holden wears his chasing top as an indication of autonomy, partition, and insurance from the world. He wears the cap as an image of his uniqueness and independence. The cap is freakish, and it shows that Holden wants to be unique in relation to everybody around him. Simultaneously, he is reluctant about the cap he generally makes reference to when he is wearing it, and he frequently doesn’t wear it on the off chance that he will be around individuals he knows. The nearness of the cap, along these lines, reflects the focal clash in the book: Holden’s requirement for detachment versus his requirement for friendship.

In Conclusion, the issue, however, is that Holden is human. Despite the fact that he swears against human get in touch with it is important. So while the distance ensures him, it additionally seriously hurts him, making him strongly desolate and discouraged. You can likewise observe by the way Holden detaches and removes himself from his very own recollections and flashbacks that he is attempting to shield himself through separating himself from those recollections as they are unreasonably excruciating for him to experience. His estrangement influences himself, different characters and through his cap, it is related. Holden has gotten himself trapped in a cycle of implosion: his dread of human contact prompts distance, which prompts depression, which makes him connect with someone else. Since he fears human contact, this prompts awful encounters. This persuades him that individuals are nothing worth mentioning, or fake which prompts his feeling of estrangement.

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