Challenges Of Next PLC

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Next Plc faces a swam of challenges. One of the challenges for Next Plc would be keeping up with new technology as they would be constantly updating and maintaining their information systems (Loudmouth PR 2017). If the information systems do not run efficiently, the business will lose sales and will not meet its business objectives. Next would need to train the staff to use these information systems efficiently, they could call upon a third party to train them. Another challenge would be maintaining a competitive a significant enough advantage over the competitors (Uniqlo, H&M), as they lack some features in their information systems compared to competitors, which could lead to them losing customers and revenue.

One challenge is it doesn’t have chat bots (Next Retail 2019 b) which gives ease of information access to the customers (TPS), only uses humans so there is no 24 hours access to chat and help. The Database doesn’t give the users access to their order details (TPS), it could improve customer satisfaction by giving access to records and could add the database with order details.

Another challenge that could cost Next Plc to lose customers is that Next does not store all the information from the previous order in which each customer has made (Next Retail 2019 b, Product Review n.d.). This could be because of their system’s initial design or their database does not have enough storage for this. Their database should also be able to hold large volumes of data for images and videos of their products on their system for the customers to do shopping in modern experience and to maintain customer loyalty. This problem maybe the result of a stream of constant system updates, as mentioned in the first challenge.

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Some reports revealed that customers experience inconveniences related to online order system (Product Review n.d.). The orders usually get an error called order duplication, system connection lost or system error where the interface shows that the order is not placed, but it was placed. When the user comes back to order, two orders are placed in total.

Next’s website does not keep the stock information updated leading to when customers finds an item it shows that stock is full, and it only refreshes and shows “out of stock” after being added to the shopping bag. In conclusion, this is a weakness in the information retrieval proses and poses as a major inconvenience to the customers’ shopping experience.

In conclusion, a few of these challenges are linked to the implementation of Next’s digital asset management system, concluding in issues (Loudmouth PR 2017). Next Plc’s customers may face certain problems and inconveniences when this system is implemented, to help them achieve their business objectives, we could train The. Further changes or improvements to the system and processes may be needed for further development and improvement.

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