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Artificial Intelligence Approach In Second Language Learning: Students’ English Learning Abilities

Introduction Teaching is considered to play a vital role as the formal medium for learning competence on the part of students[1]. Considering that effective teaching can facilitate learning, teaching is critical in the formation of knowledge, skills, and attitude. Low-quality teaching could result in unsuccessful learning. In fact, according to data in the Teaching Perspective Inventory by Pratt and Collins [2], over 90% of teachers hold only one or two perspectives as their dominant view in teaching and teachers’ perspectives...
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Low Proficiency In English Language As The Most Significant Barrier For Foreign Students

Language has profound effects on how a person perceives and process a piece of information. For learning purpose, it is indispensable to have the proper knowledge of the language in which one is pursuing a degree. Association of International Student Assimilation (AISA report, 2014) reported that most of the international students show poor academic results and low proficiency in English language is thought to be the biggest reason of their poor academic performance. It is considered that the international students...
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English Assessment for Young Learners in Indonesia

ABSTRACT Since the implementation of the decentralization policy in education management in 2001,many local governments (PEMDA) decide to teach English as’ Local content’ at the elementary school level (or even in kindergarten). This LG problematic because the implementation of this without coupled with special preparatory efforts English teacher to teach in elementary school. This article discusses the profiles of English teachers who are required by proposing five main requirements: understanding the nature of children; knowing how children learn; know how...
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How English And Chinese Languages Affect Thinking

As globalization becomes more and more popular all over the world, more people are able to speak foreign languages. Nowadays, a lot of people are able to speak two languages. For instance, China has considered English as a necessary tool, no matter internationally or domestically, and children have been required to learn it as a second language. Also, people change as they learn a new language and stay in a new country. For example, Americans staying in China over 5...
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Postcolonial Discourse Influences Ideas About English As A Global Language

I highly agree that postcolonial discourse influences ideas about English as a global language. English as the language of the British colonists achieved celebrated immensity during British Imperialism. Since then, English as a language accomplished admiration in educational prospects and in governance structure all along the colonial era. The reverence of English did not stop yet it further intensified in postcolonial era. As the idea of globalisation was being enlightened, English has become the Lingua France of connecting people throughout...
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The Peculiarities Of English Language Teaching

Introduction “Language is the most overwhelmingly dominant perceived problem that international students face in their attempt of studying and living in an English-speaking country” (Robertson et al, 2010), particularly Unaided States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. In the UK context, the majority of the international learners come to England having already decent knowledge of Standard English (minimum IELTS 5.5). “The minimum IELTS score in UK universities for different course types is 5.5-6.5. Some universities may also run a...
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Why English Is A Global Language

Linguistic power comes from the ability to speak a language as well as to listen and understand it. It gives a sense of superiority to the person who possesses this characteristic. Effective communication is the key to gaining attention and dominion over the audience. Through this essay I will speak about the power English language holds over us today with various examples of countries that have English as their national language and some who don’t. I shall discuss the power...
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Ell Learners In English Language Arts

Visuals play an important role in facilitating the student’s understanding the text and the lesson. Whilst the teacher is teaching a lesson, she should keep in mind the diversity of the students and incorporate as many visuals in her lesson so all students will benefit. Although pairing the newcomer with a native speaker is a useful strategy, incorporating visuals into a lesson is an effective tool for teaching ELL learners. Rania Mirza has a different viewpoint and states in her...
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Culture And Language: A Need For Clarity In English Prose

With the modern readers’ insistence on clarity, the demarcation between literature and Journalism has ceased to exist. The edit page of a newspaper, with certain exceptions, has moved away from the Journalistic jargons and bombasts. Literature, on the other hand, has tended to become more friendly to the ordinary readers with its rejection of egoistic efflux and unnecessary verbosity. Literary structures have become simpler to draw the attention of the readers to the subject matter while retaining the life and...
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Language Preferences: Spanglish In Advertisement

Introduction The Hispanic segment is the fastest growing minority with an estimated 57.5 million living in the United States (Facts for Features, 2017). Due to a growing population and increasing purchasing power, advertisers are constantly looking at how to better appeal to this audience (Rodriguez, 2015), however Hispanics are not a homogenous group even though many advertisers take them to be (Burton & Yang, 2014). When advertisers look at challenges they face in communicating with Hispanics, one specific factor stands...
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The Commodification Of Language In The Area Of English Language

Background The term ‘Commodification’ usually can be seen as a topic of Economics but actually, it can be used in every area. Even language can be commodified ,can be used as an economic resource where market value exists . There are many studies which are mainly based on language economics, and this area’s evolution has not deep-rooted history. It is evolving through time and thanks to the scientist now we have lots of educatory studies.Yarymowhich (2006) has used the term...
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Teaching Philosophy of the English Language Teacher

Teaching philosophy is an important statement for a teacher to create a clear portrait of their personality as a teacher. Every teacher has to write philosophy on how, what, and why they want to teach. This essay will introduce a teaching philosophy as English language teacher. Teaching Philosophy I believe that all students have different needs and expectations from education/school. Students in my class should leave school wanting to learn more. All children are unique and need a stimulating environment...
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Comparison of 20th and 21st Century Songwriting English

Music is sound that is composed in such a way that contains rhythm, song, and harmony, especially sounds that is produced by instruments and can produce rhythm. Although music is a kind of intuition, phenomenon, to create, improve and present it is an art form. The reason I chose this topic is because music is important for the balance of our minds, music is also art and as an entertainment. There is a difference in the type of English used...
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Does Language Influence Thought?

The purpose of this document is to provide a critical summary of Boroditsky (2001) paper on linguistic relativity, as well as provide an evaluation of the impacts of the paper’s findings. The paper is part of a mass of literature in psychology looking at evidence of language influencing thought, or how the speakers’ language structure affects cognition. In existing literature, this is also referred to as or the Whorf-Sapir hypothesis. The hypothesis has a strong (language determines thought) and weak...
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Problems And Solution Of English Language Popularity In Education

Globalization worldwide has started from several years ago. Not only in one aspect, but various aspects such as culture, economy, and politics. According to Oxford Living Dictionary (2019), “Globalization is the process by which businesses or other organization develop international influence or start operating on an international scale.” Namely, these organizations open a network with others from the other areas of the world. One of the effects of this globalization is the increasing popularity of learning the English Language. The...
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The Features Of A Customised English

Abstract Recent commercial developments in the South-eastern Sea Islands threaten the survival of African American communities known as Geechee or Gullah. Descended from slaves brought to the southeast United States between the early 17th and mid-19th centuries, the Gullah-Geechee of South Carolina and Georgia in the United States, have developed distinctive, culturally-expressive Creole communities. The African-American people who were brought to the New World during the time of the Slave Trade are descendants of the tribesmen. They live in this...
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The Evolution And Formation Factors Of English Language

The Norman Conquest of 1066 had the greatest effect of the various subsystems of the English Language, leaving a fair amount of French influence in the English Language due to the following reasons. First and foremost, the French Language was responsible for simplifying the originally complex grammar structure of Old English. Furthermore, the English lexicon was directly influenced by French, implementing more vocabulary and changing the English lexicon altogether. Supported by the fact that the French Language was primarily the...
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Legal English And Legal Language

INTRODUCTION Language is the expression of thought by means of speech-sound. It is sum-total of such signs of our thoughts and feelings as are capable of external perception and as could be produced and repeated at will. Language means a system of words and their use and it is a way or communicating, ideas, feelings and desires by means of a system of sound symbols. The dictionary meaning of the word “language is system of sounds, words, patterns, etc., used...
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The Story Of English Language

Philologists in the 17th to the 19th century worked out there was a connection between many European and northern Indian languages by comparing different languages and sound laws to find a common ancestor. For example, in figure 1, the word for ‘father’ is similar in English, Latin (Pater) and Sanskrit (Pitar). We can see that throughout figure 1, this pattern continues. Due to the consistent correspondence of the initial constants, it cannot be a coincidence; therefore, the three languages must...
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Will The English Language Ever Wipe Out Every Other Language Of The British Isles?

In this section of my Extended Project Qualification, I will be discussing the potential viewpoints surrounding my question; namely whether or not the English language will ever become the only native language of the British Isles to still be in use. For clarity’s sake, I will be considering native languages to include English, and the Insular Celtic languages- except Breton.I will not, however, be including immigrant languages like Urdu, Polish, or Hindi, or Norman languages in the Channel Islands, simply...
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English First Additional Language Didactics

Introduction EFL is the place the educator instructs English to students in a nation where English isn’t the local language. For instance, a Chinese understudy learning English in China would fall under this class, (William, 2009). Since the commencement of showing dialects, a few distinctive training approaches and procedures have been attempted and tried with some being more famous and compelling than others. The purpose of takeoff here is that to advance correspondence and understanding, it is important to know...
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Impacts Of Social Networks On Construction Of English Language

The intent of this paper is to analyze the impacts of social networks on construction of English language. According to Pop Culture Universe, ‘Social network is an umbrella term that refers to all online communities or publications that foster and encourage conversation between users and allow them to develop critique, publish, and interact with a vast array of online content.” More importantly, it acts as a watchdog to the surrounding world. It was evident that English was originated and advanced...
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Essay on Importance of English

1. Introduction Not many people use English as a language to be spoken the most, but it’s the official language in many countries. 2 Billion people in the world use English as their communication language! That’s why English is the main language in influential countries. It is also used as a dominant language for business matters and it has become almost a necessity for people to speak English if they are to enter a global job, research from all over...
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Gamification In English Language Teaching

What is Gamification? Gamification is introducing elements of a game to a language learning activity. Game is a form of play that includes game rules, goals, competition, and an element of chance [4]. The main aim of gamification is engaging and motivating students. Basically, the outcome is developing intrinsic motivation by associating learning with fun, and thus enjoyment [3]. Game elements that engage and motivate can be points, badges, levels, leader boards, and challenges [2, p. 21]. Points give students...
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The Effect Of Multilingual Instructors On English Language Learner (ELL) Students’ Learning

INTRODUCTION While it is known that learning and development for a child begin in the home and is furthered in the classroom, the structure and tools available to a student in the classroom are equally imperative to their cognitive development. One of the primary tools is the same provider of structure: the instructor. The instructor serves as the nexus from which all student academic learning derives. With proper attention to the instructor’s attributes, skills, and diversity, one can note that...
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Development Of Creative Writer Identity By English Language Learners

Creativity is the most sought after 21st century skill (P21, 2019) in the workplace today (LinkedIn, 2019). At the same time, language teachers continue to search for new and innovative ways to increase students’ skills and confidence in order to become capable and independent learners (Hisatsune, 2012). As such, reading literature and writing short stories in small groups are creative activities which can help students to acquire and use new language through meaningful, collaborative language exchanges (Maher, 2018), transferable skills...
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Do English CV Is More Marketing Than The Other Languages?

Nowadays, there is a huge demand for the English language. Almost all the individuals in the world are struggling to fluent in this language due to this demand. Actually, there is no way to become a successful competitor in this busy society without becoming an updated as well as adapted personnel. Therefore, if you really need to be a success you have to show your talent in English. Sometimes, this may not that much compatible with rural villages. But, this...
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The Changes In The Structure Of The English Vocabulary Over Time

There are two focal methods of how we can take a gander at the historical backdrop of a language: remotely – where, why and by whom the language was used; the political and social variables causing an alteration – and inside – the elocution, punctuation, jargon and composed part of the language; the inspirations for adjustment ascending from the structure of the language itself. All dialects experience change, after some time, and there can be numerous unmistakable purposes behind this....
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A Comparison Of English Language Used In Texting And Formal Writing

Throughout the years, the methods of communication have evolved very quickly. There are two of the methods will be compared in this research paper, which are texting and formal writing. Texting is communicating that involves creating and sending short messages between two or more mobile devices. While formal writing is a message from one person to another that is strictly kept professional in nature and directly address the issues concerned. It is believed that there is a big difference in...
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How Has technological Developments Have Changed And Continue To Change The English Language

English is a global language, which dictates the various aspects of the world such as culture, diplomacy and tourism. It is the official language in 63 countries with 2017 statistics record showing that English is spoken everywhere throughout the world by very nearly 1 Billion individuals, 600 Million of which are non-native speakers, or second language, speakers (Favilla, 2019). Today English functions as a lingua franca employed as a method of correspondence between speakers of different national origins. Additionally, due...
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