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Politeness is a controversial term, relevant to linguists in two basic terms. The first is taken from people's ideas about what constitutes polite or disrespectful behavior, and because it is a value-laden and culturally sensitive term. The second is as a technical term that has gained currency in the field of linguistics since the early 1970s to study phenomena, whose character so far has been understood as a more abstract and cultural feature of human behavior and communication (Diani, 2014)....
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Politeness is sometimes a reflection of our own personality. The word ‘politeness’ originated from the simple word polite, which is showing good manners toward others through our behaviour and speech. Politeness could also be defined as the application of good manners or etiquette towards other people no matter familiar or unfamiliar. Politeness is also a culturally defined phenomenon. Thus, sometimes what is considered as polite in one culture can be interpreted as quite rude or simply eccentric in another cultural...
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Politeness, in many attitudes, is a universal phenomenon. However, based on numerous cross-cultural studies, understanding of politeness and norms of politeness vary across different cultures [Larina 2008] [Leech 2005] [Leech and Larina 2014] [Reiter 2000] [Sifianou 1992]. The purpose of the study is to scrutinize how British and Persian cultural values construct the style of interpersonal interactions in family setting. We aimed at analysing the norms and politeness strategies with concentrating on the speech act of making request which are...
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There are many definitions for the word gratitude but combining them we can say that gratitude is the feeling of appreciation towards people for something they have done. Historically, gratitude has been a matter of thought for philosophers as well as it has had a special role in religions. For example, there is a “Gratitude to God” in the Bible and in Koran and in Buddhism gratitude is expressed by the concept of independence. (https://bit.ly/2IusO32). The ways of expressing gratitude...
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According to Brown and Levinson’s theory, in order to avoid acts that can potentially threaten one’s face or their interlocutor’s face, people employ either positive politeness strategies, which emphasize familiarity and similarity in order to minimize social distance or negative politeness strategies, which exhibit respect and non-imposition, so as to maximize the social distance between interactants. The use of diminutivized forms is a way to manifest politeness in both Greek and English. However, it is a process that occurs much...
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Abstract Language has been proven to be inseparable from socio-cultural interaction. Recent empirical studies on conversation in a discourse of a multi sociocultural group observe the need of politeness strategies to ensure smooth conversation among the interlocutors. Even though Nigeria has made English Language as a language of unity, the controversies, division and distrust among the various ethnic group that make up Nigeria exacerbate. However, the problem could be traced to inability of the ethnic groups to understand and accommodate...
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Abstract In understanding each communication either cross-cultural or interpersonal are convey the utterance as well as comprehend the meaning. When both of them are not accomplished, misunderstanding gonna happends. In case of this, the role of Politeness and impoliteness pragmatics in EFLTW are needed to be applied. Those two things are needed to be applied in order to implement The role of EFL student on Politeness & Impoliteness expression in classroom context toward the usage of speaking English appropriately Introduction...
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Abstract This research discussing politeness in Helen Van Slyke's novel by the title Sisters and Strangers. The researcher found that there are positive politeness and negative politeness in the novel. The researcher use conversations in chapter 13 of the novel to collect the data. A descriptive qualitative method is used to analyze this novel. In doing this research, the researcher does an observation by reading and understanding the conversation in this novel's chapter. The result of this research shows that...
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The active participation of youth in politics is vital for injecting new ideas and enthusiasm into the political landscape. Young individuals are increasingly leveraging digital platforms to express opinions, organize social movements, and demand change, addressing issues from climate policy to social justice. Their involvement is crucial as they stand to inherit the outcomes of today's decisions, yet they often face barriers such as cynicism, lack of experience, or institutional gatekeeping. Empowering young people through civic education, lowering voting ages,...
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