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The jaw dropping, stomach clenching and palm sweating experience that is never seen before. Thousands of people from different race and religion join in a stadium with one aim, too see their rivals lose. Whether it be hockey, basketball, lacrosse or even soccer, Canada is united by its sports because it builds nationalism, motivates us to do better, and brings us together. Hence, these speculations justify how Canada is unified by sports. There are several sport related historic moments that...
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The decade of the 1980s was well known for their wild tastes of fashion and music. Due to the materialistic lifestyle, there were different economic problems the 1980s had to face. Technological advancement and the interpersonal and business relations with other countries like the US were made and improved. The events that have happened in the 1980s had a role in changing Canada. Therefore, the social, economic, and political events in the 1980s had a significant impact on the formation...
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Terry Fox was born on July 28 1958, during his life he was a cancer activist up until his unfortunate death due to his cancer spreading to his lungs on June 28 1981. Terry Fox was the second child in a family of four, his parents’ names were Betty and Rolly Fox who met in Winnipeg where all four of their children were born Terry, Fred, Darrel and Judith. The Family then moved west and settled down in Port Coquitlam...
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When people think of Canada they think of a country having basic safety and security, human rights and freedoms among other things and overall great living conditions. However, this is not true as it has not always been this way. Canada was not always as accepting or welcoming to its current progressive and liberal values in the past, and it took a lot to get to where it is now. Although, Canada still is no way close to being the...
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Introduction This task is all about the stories of the people who became successful along with their disabilities and still proved their selves to be an ultimate example for everyone else. So, that they can also move forward optimistically no matter how hard it becomes. Some people in the past have encountered such problems and disabilities yet refused to stop and gave their best to set examples, to prove that even along with disabilities, milestones can be achieved, and one...
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